Joe Biden’s bait and switch presidency

Although a late find, it was entirely appropriate this commentary was published on April 1st — April Fools’ Day. We disagree with Charles Lipson’s description of former President Donald Trump, but the rest of his analysis is spot on. Americans who voted for barely cognizant, Obama-puppet Joe Biden got exactly what they deserved. The rest of us didn’t.

We urge you to read “Biden’s Bait-and-Switch Presidency,” originally posted on Real Clear Politics. Since this was written, matters have worsened. Leftist rioters have once again taken to the streets, creating havoc. Police are reviled and  have morphed into the enemy, as radical mayors and councils have appallingly called for them to be ’defunded’ and their forces dismantled. ‘Secure America Now’ has a list of the 11 major cities marching in lockstep off the cliff and into the abyss of criminality. This was the Phoenix mob demanding defunding, as covered by the local newspaper, including a gallery of 40 photos.

Despite our southern border being beyond crisis mode, the administration’s spokes-mouth Jen Psaki refuses to make any such admission. VP Kamala Harris, charged with overseeing the disaster, has yet to venture south though GOP members of congress and reporters have made it a priority. Taxes, which were reined in by President Trump, have surged due to astronomical and unsustainable spending by obliging marionette Biden. He has bowed to the radical Climate Change/Green New Deal agenda currently bearing the preposterous price tag of $93 Trillion, dramatically impacting U.S. households — while requiring no concessions from major global polluters China, India and Russia (which top the list). Biden pledged to cut the US’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, doubling the US’s goals under the Paris Climate Accord. It was a cinch for him to make that commitment, since closing in on octogenarian status and weakened with declining cognitive acuity, in addition to having suffered recent falls, he will be long gone by then and will not have to answer for the destruction of America he and his partisans are attempting to ensure.

The term “systemic racism,” which has become the holy grail of the left, is debunked by the fact that Americans elected and reelected Barack Obama as U.S. President. Kamala Harris is now Vice President, likely to be in the Oval Office before frail Biden‘s term has officially concluded. Minorities are a presence in every aspect of American life, from medicine, government, law, education and science to policing. PragerU features Larry Elder, Carol Swain, Candace Owens and others bringing clarity to the topic. Each brief but enlightening segment is worth your time.

6 Responses to Joe Biden’s bait and switch presidency

  1. Realist says:

    It’s impossible to imagine what drove anyone to vote for patheic Joe and cackling Kamala. Pres. Trump was a real leader, who masterfully addressed the issues he campaign on. Are democrats incapable to rational thought or do they hate America so much they want to guarantee its demise? If that’s what drives them, they ought to move to Cuba. It’s closer than China, Russia or Venezuela.

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    Just finished watching the Larry Elder video at Prager U. He does a terrific job! Will watch more!

  3. MAGA Hat Man says:

    I never viewed Pres. Trump as “divisive,” nor was I “repulsed” by him. Author Charles Lipson is either a committed leftist or lives in an alternate universe.

    Lipson must not fully comprehend we have a right and obligation to protect our sovereign border. He also might suffer from short term memory loss and doesn’t understand he benefited from our historically high employment rate and sound economy.

    He’s on to Biden but missed Trump by a country mile.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      How right you are! Exposing Biden doesn’t necessitate bashing the best president in our lifetime. I was a Reagan fan, but businessman Trump out shown him on many levels. It’s true he’s not a glib speaker like a trained actor, but he was invested in the success of America and wanted the best for U.S. citizens. Reagan signed the Simpson-Mazzoli Act in 1986, opening the floodgates to illegal aliens. Trump was building a border wall. It should be remembered that Pres, Trump’s own Scottish mother was an immigrant…a LEGAL one. He was protecting our border from an illegal invasion.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    From David Horowitz: Systemic racism was outlawed by 1964 Civil Rights Act.
    If there was or is systemic racism, it would trigger a tsunami of law suits.
    “They’re racists, they’re enemies of America,” Horowitz told War Room, Wednesday. “They’re friends of criminals. It’s a criminal party the Democrat Party”.