Dem AZ US Sens. Sinema, Kelly hammered by leftist columnist

The dem duo is not leftwing enough to suit radical local newspaper columnist

Judging from the number of songs dedicated to the topic, there are few things as wrenching as a romance gone wrong. Still the ache can turn to rage, as we witness with local newspaper columnist, Elvia Diaz.

A committed leftist, Diaz is solidly on board with elected democrats, both local and national. Republicans elicit her bile spews. Conservatives are doused with her contempt. Now, however, in a column headlined, “Sinema, Kelly just opportunistic,” she disgorges her fury at democrats who dare to veer, ever so slightly, from marching in her jack-booted lockstep.

Diaz saves her most vicious revulsion for democrats who stray from the hard-left line she has drawn in the sand that makes up her brain’s cerebrum, which normally controls senses, reasoning and judgment.

She first rips into Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who she refers to as a “self-declared border czar” for issuing this Declaration of Emergency at Arizona’s southern border and deploying 250 National Guard troops to deal with the illegal alien invasion. Dias refers to them as “asylum seekers” and knocks President Trump’s effective border policies, without having to taint her fingers by typing out the name Donald Trump, instead referring to him multiple times as “the former president.”

Kneeling at the Biden altar, Diaz inconceivably saves her strongest ire for democrats and former objects of her affection, Arizona U.S. Senators  Krysten Sinema and Mark Kelly (he faces reelection in 2022), who she now accuses of “scoring political points by rushing to back” Ducey’s decision. “But they didn’t stop there,” an irate Diaz rants. She accuses them of having the audacity to send this letter to the White House, using the forbidden word “crisis” and asking for financial reimbursement from the flawed president she voted for.

SRAZ wrote, AZ Sens. Sinema, Kelly suddenly want Biden to fund border troops,” last week.

Citing the recent Quinnipiac poll we previously posted (3rd paragraph from the bottom) Diaz begrudgingly admits, “Border security is Biden’s weak spot and that can hurt Democrats with some voters.” Notice the equivocal “some” inserted as a calmer to fellow leftists. The poll shows a overwhelming 55% disapprove of Biden’s neglect of the U.S./Mexican border, compared to 29% who approve.

VP Kamala Harris, Biden’s appointed border czar has been too busy redecorating the vice presidential mansion and shopping for her ubiquitous black suits to travel to the border, although she does find the topic worthy of one of her now famous cackles.

10 Responses to Dem AZ US Sens. Sinema, Kelly hammered by leftist columnist

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Blind hatred blinds the hater. Elvia Diaz follows in the same footsteps as her predecessor Linda Valdez, who was one of the primary reasons we stopped subscribing to the AZ Repukelick.

    As Republicans, it began to make no sense to us to pay increasingly exorbitant rates to have our intelligence insulted on a daily basis.

    • Trevor says:

      Linda Valdez praised that traitor Ethan Orr who was a RINO who backed Obamacare. She called him “The future of the GOP” and yet 2014 was a great year for AZ Republicans, Orr lost to a gun grabbing psycho named Randy Friese.

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    My brother and I earned extra money for ourselves and to supplement our parents household expenses when we were kids by delivering the morning Arizona Republic and afternoon Phoenix Gazette. That was in the days before paper delivery was done by adults after two local delivery kids (a girl and a boy) were murdered, one whose body was never found.

    It was also when the Arizona Republic was a dependable news source owned by Gene and Nina Pulliam, who cared about the state and the nation. Both of our parents were democrats who saw the light and reregistered! All of their kids grew up to be active Republicans, since our dad discussed politics with us over dinner. He was our Rush Limbaugh in the pre-Limbaugh days. He explained issues and guided our thoughts from young ages, encouraging us to ask questions. How fortunate we are that our parents weren’t too busy for us and the schools were not bastions of left-wing indoctrination. We learned history and were taught to be proud Americans. There was a flag raising every morning at our school as we recited the Pledge of Allegiance lined up by grades in the school yard before classes began.

  3. Patriot Mom says:

    No wonder Diaz is a fan of open borders and Socialism. This excerpt from her Arizona Republic bio explains her background, though the glaring omission is if she and her family applied for US Citizenship and came legally:

    “Elvia Diaz is a columnist and opinion editor. She was born and raised in Michoacan, Mexico. She and her family settled in northern California, where she began her journalism career as a Spanish-language radio newscaster.”

  4. Braveheart says:

    I looked up Diaz’ hometown of Michoacan, Mexico. It‘s on a list of the most impoverished states in the entire country of Mexico. The chances of her family applying to legally immigrate to the United States are zero to none. When they illegally sneaked into the United States they proceeded on to Northern California which is as far from the border as they could get in the western states. The Arizona Republic very likely has a criminal alien on its staff who arrogantly tries to exert influence over our politics and elections.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      If Elvia Diaz has a college education, a fact which is omitted on her bio, no doubt she was able to access it by virtue of her status. The rest of us had to foot the bill for it. That’s what’s been going on at AZ’s universities (and others) for years. ASU Pres. Michael Crow is a big proponent of advancement based on ethnicity, though it’s a public institution funded by tax dollars. Between his salary, housing allowance, other perks, bonuses and benefits, he hauls in over $1.5 million a year and he and his activist wife Sybil Francis live in a Paradise Valley mansion.

  5. Patriot PC says:

    no surprise they got hammered by the dims but the surprise is they went against their Party since we all know how corrupt they are but then they see the writing on the wall with re election right around the corner but we gotta oust them both no matter!

    • Kimball says:

      Absolutely! I view the Diaz piece as skullduggery, meant to alert democrats to rally behind Kelly and Sinema. Kelly has made $millions with his business connections in China. We need a conservative who can raise ample funds to counter the Soros-connected Kelly. Not only is he also an Obama connected liar and a radical leftist, but he heads an anti-Second Amendment PAC.

      If you value your Constitutional rights, you’ve got to commit to working against Mark Kelly.

      • Doc says:

        So, it’s been tossed about that Congressman Andy Biggs may take a run against uncle fester. Unless the cheating occurs again, Biggs SHOULD “Mop th’ Floor” with sed creepy uncle! But AZAG Mark Brnovich is also sniffing around a run as well…which would probably mean 6 more years of Marxism ‘cuz I don’t believe Brnovich could beat sed creepy uncle…

      • Patriot PC says:

        You got that right Doc Brnovich is bad news