Biden addresses congress, sets stage for economic disaster

When President Donald Trump gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress Feb. 28, 2017, outlining his goals for his administration, it was downplayed by the Hillary adoring media who still hadn’t gotten over the fact that she was soundly trounced by the man they blatantly discounted.  

Congressional democrats’ visceral hatred was evident when many boycotted his inauguration, setting the tone for their contentious relationship. As a non-politician, they expected to run roughshod over him, but he antagonized them all by keeping his campaign promises, which endeared him to Americans who value the U.S. Constitution.

Blunderful Joe Biden should be given credit for being well prepped by his understandably apprehensive staff. He remained upright and read the teleprompter without major gaffes, though stumbling over several words. In stark contrast to her offensive disrespect when Trump spoke, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seated behind Biden didn’t meticulously rip up her copy of his speech or overt her eyes from him. She repeatedly stood and applauded. Vice President Kamala Harris, seated beside Pelosi, ditched her ubiquitous, dour funereal black pant suit for a pastel pink outfit.  Biden said he has tasked her with leading the job plan. Over a month ago, he appointed Harris to oversee the border crisis, though she has yet to even schedule a visit to the southern border, laughing when questioned about her mission.

Though mainly MIA since his inauguration, Biden declared his first 100 days have been about “rescue and renewal,” enthusiastically urging, “Go get vaccinated, America!”

Emulating his string-pulling mentor Barack Obama, who famously derided  business owners, stating, “You didn‘t build that.” Biden parroted, “Wall Street didn’t build this country,” ridiculously declaring climate change as a means of creating jobs.

Biden, lobbing an indefensible insult at President Trump, irrationally claimed he “took over a nation in crisis,” as he touted his $1.8 trillion economic plan after recently unveiling a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan paid for by “taxing the rich,” or punishing success, setting the stage for class warfare.

Economists warn the scheme could damage the economy as detailed in this Washington Examiner report by Brad Polumbo. The Heritage Foundation’s Parker Sheppard explains the disastrous long-run economic effects of raising the corporate tax rate to 28 percent.

America is in for a rough ride. Thank those you know who voted for this unmitigated disaster that will adversely affect future generations and set the U.S. up for third world status. Leftist partisans deserve our contempt for ignoring the historically greatest economy and lowest unemployment rates delivered by businessman Trump. 

Read “10 Reasons Trump Economy Is Best in 50 Years,” detailed on NewsMax/Finance by international lawyer and economist George Mentz.

6 Responses to Biden addresses congress, sets stage for economic disaster

  1. hoi polloi boy says:

    Whenever I listen to Joebama speak, the song “The End” by the Doors plays quietly in the background of my mind.

  2. Villanova says:

    When he initially announced for the presidency I thought Trump was in the race as a lark. It didn’t take long to realize he was a serious candidate with a plan to restore American greatness.

    Obama never saw this nation as great and his wife actually said so. It was a travesty those two were in the White House.

    Now we have his hand-picked, easily manipulated successor Joe Biden, who has already exhausted his half-shelf life. Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings and has shown her inability to accomplish anything other than perfect her well known cackle. The complex job of running America is only a laughing matter when trying to divert attention from inability.

  3. Doc says:

    Shockingly enuff, joe-bama made it through the speech last night without bombing too badly. That sed, his (Ok not ACTUALLY “his”…) marxist views were on Full display, & PROVE to me that joe-bama wasn’t elected (as we’re all about to see due to the AZ Senate’s audit) but was in Fact, installed.

    …joe-bama…NOT MY PRESIDENT

    • Patriot Mom says:

      I agree, Doc!

      We have decided to not just limit time with those who are insuring a vastly different America for our children and ultimately theirs, but to permanently cut ties with them. We have nothing in common with those who prefer a socialist dictatorship to individual liberty and a booming economy. Their Trump hatred has overtaken rational thought. Some of these folks are relatives who eaten countless holiday meals at our home. Not surprisingly, they have never reciprocated. Democrats think they are entitled and their company is glorious.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    History will view Trump as a patriotic hero and future generations (if they’re even being taught factual history) will wonder how Americans could have elected a frail radical, well past whatever prime he might have had.

    If we don’t act soon to fix our union-run public schools, we lose America.

  5. Observer says:

    Joe Biden has long been outed as a liar and plagiarizer.
    This show has the video clips of Biden’s deceit and even far left Eleanor Clift declared him as “politically dead.” It’s one of the rare times I wished she was right!