2020 Election audit: What’s the AZ Republic afraid of?

The seriously declining Arizona Republic newspaper devotes the majority of today’s front page to deprecating the state senate authorized and judicially approved audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 General Election audit that is currently in progress. Including five Page One photographs and a jump page, the intended to malign coverage is headlined “Tracking the Ninjas” and tries to undermine the legitimate audit with the prominent line: “Conspiracies, suspicions mix as ‘monitors’ on social media track Arizona election audit.”

Cyber Ninjas is the official name of the company hired by the Arizona Senate to conduct the audit of 2.1 million ballots. The audit, televised by nine separate cameras, can be viewed at AZAudit.org.

SRAZ covered the ongoing deceit earlier this week with, Maricopa County 2020 presidential ballot audit: Who do you believe? noting the newspaper‘s fake headline, “Arizona Senate audit gets off to shaky start, with rules finalized on the fly.”

This is the same open-border supporting, Trump-hating newspaper that admitted it lost massive numbers of subscribers (editorial admission removed) with its 2016 Hillary Clinton endorsement, while acknowledging her “flaws and serious missteps.” When reality hit, it vowed to end its longstanding endorsement policy that included lists of contenders for every statewide office as well as ballot propositions. This publicized new posture was a nothing more than a winking hoax. When biased articles and editorials malign Republicans and conservative issues on a daily basis, the need for lists of endorsements is eliminated.

Today’s edition actually has the audacity to print an editorial jointly written by democrat Gabby Giffords and the aptly named republicrat Jeff Flake, titled “Let’s give up bitter partisanship.”

Flake, mentored by Señor Juan McAmnesty, served a single senate term and left in disgrace after he could only muster a bottom-dragging 18% approval rating in his home state of Arizona.  He was reduced to gaining notoriety for writing meager checks to democrats and posting photos of his donations online, making a pathetic spectacle of himself.

The garbage liner passing itself off as a newspaper is epitomized by Phil Boas, the editorial page editor who led the daily assault on his own father-in-law, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — who repeatedly won election as the unprecedented 6-four year term Maricopa County Sheriff.

The national blog Gateway Pundit, has more credibility on the audit than anything in the far-left agendized local newspaper. Today’s must-read edition is headlined:

EXCLUSIVE: The Carnival is Coming to Town! Suddenly Booked and Now Open Right Next to Where the Maricopa County Election Audit Is Taking Place.

9 Responses to 2020 Election audit: What’s the AZ Republic afraid of?

  1. Jack says:

    There is nothing the AZ GOP can do or conservative candidate it backs that meets with the approval of the ridiculous, relic, hard copy newspaper. I honestly don’t know a single subscriber and as an early morning jogger, I see a single edition on a driveway two blocks from my house. It’s dead, but hasn’t been officially buried yet…which contributes to its stench!

    A work buddy told me about Seeing Red AZ, for which I’m grateful.

  2. Maggie says:

    Another fact-filled post, SRAZ! We’ve never subscribed to the local newspaper, understanding it’s bias would be more than we could tolerate first thing in the morning. We no longer watch MSNBC or the other biased alphabet network programming due to the constant spew of the democrat partyline bias. They all despised Pres. Trump, who we regard as the best president in our memory. We voted for him hoping he would keep at least some of his campaign promises. To our surprise and delight, he kept them ALL!

    • VINOAZ says:

      If you watch this great lecture by VDH at Hillsdale you will note Trump and Patton have common traits, some great and some not so great. I am a hugh fan of both men and agree Donald Trump is one of the best presidents ever.
      Subject: Victor Davis Hanson | George S. Patton: American Ajax

  3. VINOAZ says:

    Why are the rag and democrats against election integrity? How about slow Joe? Only 11 million viewers! No crowds during campaign and no crowd in GA yesterday, yet we are to believe he received 80 million votes.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Your conclusion is correct, but I’ll add one word: “Led,” as in we are LED to believe Biden received 80 million votes.

      I also have great difficulty believing 80 million Americans are that ignorant, but have to acknowledge the union-led public schools have been hard at work for years propagandizing our younger generations and too many parents have fallen down on the job of instilling patriotism and a respect for American history, mistakenly thinking their kids are getting that at school

  4. Trevor says:

    We all know Jeff has no support in Arizona whatsoever. We all know he despises Dr. Ward for throwing him out of office but it was his support for amnesty what caused it. Jeff and Ice Cream Man are un electable. I can imagine Jeff’s head exploding if Biggs becomes a Senator that would be a sight to see.

    • Not A McCainiac says:

      I join you in hoping for U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs to represent Arizona as a U.S. Senator. The harsh reality is Mark Kelly has sold his soul to billionaire socialist financier George Soros and has his own lucrative business dealings in Communist China. He is also a longtime associate of Barack Obama who will fund raise for him among the loyal left and Hollywood elites. The best should always win, but evil with deep pockets exists among us. Kelly, it should be remembered, was also the darling of the open border McCain cabal who rounded up high end business interests as donors. Their love of cheap labor, outweighs their love of country.

  5. Doc says:

    So…Off Topic but ON POINT:


    HHhhmmmm….I seem to recall SOMEBODY referring to the ACTUAL, REAL, ELECTED President as a…

    …wait for it…

    …RACIST (!!!!) when HE Banned travel from china to America at th’ start of th’ (dimocrap generated, IMHO) chinese wu-han virus debacle…

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