Honoring America’s fallen heroes: Memorial Day 2021

May 31, 2021

No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

– President Calvin Coolidge, August 2, 1923 – March 4, 1929

Graves of America’s military heroes can be accessed through Veterans Legacy Memorial website.

Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971, during the presidency of Richard Nixon, who rose to the rank of Commander in the U.S. Navy.


Overpaid Postmaster General “lowers expectations,” raises prices

May 30, 2021

Schools have stopped teaching cursive and good manners have taken a back seat in our coarsened society, so receiving a hand written thank you note for a gift or a letter is a likelihood that has mostly been put to rest. Emails have been replaced by text messaging, so even the voice inflections in a phone call are missed as communication is more frequently through brief and distanced filters. 

But U. S. Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, has a brilliant plan to address the problems faced by the government agency he oversees. He recently announced a new ten-year plan, that includes higher postage prices, longer delivery times and reduced post office hours. Not content to raise the price of a one-ounce letter or card by the usual one-cent increase, the new increase will jump from 55 cents to 58 cents. Read the press release announcing these and other changes.

The impact will be crushing for the greeting card industry. We all send and receive fewer holiday cards as prices have continually escalated. Magazine subscriptions, which must reflect the increasing mailing costs, have plummeted. Countless jobs have been lost. 

These concerns don’t affect DeJoy, whose base salary, excluding benefits and perks, is $303,460. He said that he expects these plans will save the post office through the lowering of consumer expectations and costs.

How much lower could consumer expectations plummet?

The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) represents over 200,000 employees and retirees of the United States Postal Service who belong to the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle, and Support Services divisions. It also represents approximately 2,000 private-sector mail workers.

Career letter carriers get a “step increase” every 46 weeks. Other increases are cost of living and yearly increase that occur in November. And your mail carrier who drives a truck and no longer slogs through the snow, rain, heat or gloom of night?*

This is the Letter Carrier Pay Schedule, implemented April 10 2021.

* “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” are the words chiseled in gray granite over the entrance of the New York City Post Office in Manhattan.

Biden: The mathematical genius

May 30, 2021

This would be entertaining if not so serious. Joe Biden is revealed as not only incompetent, but drastically out of touch with reality. His blank stare is truly creepy. WND, a conservative aggregator is a site worthy of book-marking.

Deceptive Biden admin. waffles on requiring vaccine compliance

May 29, 2021

Most people are astute enough to know that when someone says, “Trust me,” you shouldn’t. Armed with that wisdom, Americans should be especially leery of the double-talk emanating from members of the Harris/Biden administration.

When the topic is what has come to be known as Vaccine Passports, requiring proof of vaccination for returning to work or school, attending concerts, sporting events, or traveling, there is widespread citizen resistance.

The far-left network CNN trivializes the term with the addition of the word, “just,” as in this sentence: “A vaccine passport is just proof that a person has been immunized against Covid-19.”

What the “vaccine passport” actually represents is the ultimate in the threatening, “Show me your papers,” in repressive societies that restrict freedom of movement and association. Exempt from the demand attempting to be foisted on American citizens are the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador along with worldwide invaders, many of whom are criminals, untested and transported across the United States for resettlement. They are the democrat’s answer to former President Trump’s wall construction, which ceased and portions have been torn down by the Biden administration, focused on permanently increasing the democrat base.

Although key Biden administration members have repeatedly insisted that there aren’t plans for a federal vaccine passport system, believing them is at our own peril.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, appearing on Good Morning America on Friday, said he is “taking a very close look” at vaccine passports for Americans traveling abroad — which is an integral part of the slippery slope.

Asked whether the U.S. would use vaccine passports for travel in or out of the country as international trips increase this year, Mayorkas using polished doubletalk said, “We’re taking a very close look at that” and “making sure that any passport that we provide for vaccinations is accessible to all and that no one is disenfranchised.”

“Disenfranchised” from being subjugated?

The concept of “vaccine passports” has been the subject of conservative backlash, with numerous states having already acted to curtail or ban documentation of Covid-19 vaccinations.

The White House has repeatedly stated there would be no federal vaccination database or mandated vaccine passport in the U.S., which flies in the face of the data collected when signing up for the vaccine. The form even asks the race of those getting what has engagingly become known as “the jab.”

During a recent White House press briefing, Biden’s mouthpiece Jen Psaki said that requiring proof of vaccination is not in the administration’s “intended plan.” Previously the words used were, “There would be no federal vaccination database or mandated vaccine passport in the U.S.“ The slipperiness and blatant deceit is why many Republican governors, Arizona’s Doug Ducey among them, have opted out of the “Vaccine Passport” scheme.

Becker’s Hospital Review has an updated list of which states have opted out or are in full compliance with a governmental passport mandate.

H/T Becker’s Hospital Review

Maricopa County leads the way as 2020 ballot audit momentum spreads

May 28, 2021

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Montana moving for full forensic audits

These are the recent headlines and linked reports:

Citizens Launch Petition To Audit The Vote In Pennsylvania, Citing ‘Alleged Fraud’

Forensic results in 9 Michigan counties found 66,104 unregistered ballots; Secretary of State stalls

BREAKING: Wisconsin Officially Launches Audit of 2020 Election

Mail-In Voting Audit of Montana’s 2020 Elections Finds Significant Number of Irregularities

Regardless of the attempts to characterize Maricopa County Republican truth seekers as fringe conspiracy theorists, the notion that Americans have a right to verify the November 2020 election results is gaining momentum across the nation. This national map shows the final electoral votes. Move your cursor to individual states to view the final votes:

In Georgia the final vote was 49.5% for Joe Biden vs. 49.3% for President Trump.

Pennsylvania: 50.0% for Biden, 48.8% for Trump.

Wisconsin’s tally was 49.6 for Biden, 48.9% for Trump.

The final statewide Arizona vote tally was a razor slim, hardly confidence inspiring, 49.04% for Biden to 49.01%  for Trump.

Corporate America joins in training to marginalize white males

May 27, 2021

Lockheed Martin embraces diversity, melanin, and mea culpa philosophy

After watching a Fox News interview with Christopher Rufo explaining how Lockheed Martin Corporation, the nation’s largest defense contractor, sent white male executives on a three-day diversity-training program aimed at deconstructing their “white male culture” and encouraging them to atone for their “white male privilege,” it was not difficult to locate his timely report, “The Woke-Industrial Complex,” published in City Journal. This is not local or national news, but an insight into the cultural revisionism that is artificially dividing Americans from one another based on ethnicity and finding entrenching roots in corporations and institutions of higher learning. Sports are exempt since the majority of football and basketball star athletes are black. (70% in the NFL and 74.2% in the NBA according to Statista).

It was that same publication in 2002 where Victor Davis Hanson first predicted the coming of Mexifornia, which he referred to as being worse than he originally foresaw when he wrote, “Mexifornia, Five Years Later.” Mexifornia later expanded into a book.

Allowing our sovereign national border to become an easily breached sieve, high achieving students taking a backseat to others seeking university scholarships based solely on ethnicity, American history being rewritten and replaced with the fallacy of critical race theory where there are only oppressors and victims, along with corporations holding mea culpa training sessions, illustrate the foolishness calling itself “wokeness.”

The radically leftist Arizona Republic newspaper is dedicated to its commitment to diversity, not of thought or qualifications, but of ethnicity and skin pigment, matters over which the new hires have absolutely no control.

Trump takes AZ AG Brnovich to woodshed

May 26, 2021

Jim Lamon, a Fortune 500 exec has announced for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat, challenging Mark Kelly

Even hiding behind a mass of Rasputin-like facial hair, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich hasn’t escaped the notice of former President Donald Trump. And in true Trump-style, he hasn’t been reticent in describing the AG.

Trump urged “The lackluster Attorney General of Arizona, Mark Brnovich, to get on the ball and catch up with the great Republican Patriots in the Arizona State Senate.”

“As massive crime in the 2020 Election is becoming more and more evident and obvious, Brnovich is nowhere to be found,” Trump chastised. “He is always on television promoting himself, but never mentions the Crime of the Century, that took place during the 2020 Presidential Election, which was Rigged and Stolen.”

Trump added: “Arizona was a big part and Brnovich must put himself in gear, or no Arizona Republican will vote for him in the upcoming elections.”

Brnovich is now considering challenging democrat Sen. Mark Kelly in 2022 after initially considering a run for governor.

It took being the third top spender nationally for far leftist Mark Kelly, aided by Socialist billionaire George Soros’ Act Blue, to defeat Republican incumbent Sen. Martha McSally in the November 3, 2020 special election for Arizona’s Senate. Kelly, an anti-Second Amendment proponent, filled the rest of the 2017-2022 term left vacant after the death of John McCain who won in 2016.

The adage, ”Money talks” rings true. Across the board, 88 percent of congressional races were won by the candidate who spent the most.*

According to FEC filings, between Jan. 1, and March 31, 2021 Mark Kelly, who forged a tight friendship with Barack Obama, and enriched himself through his dealings with Communist China, has amassed $4,417,688.93.

Political ads introducing Jim Lamon, identifying himself as a conservative outsider, have been flooding media outlets and even our mailboxes. He has announced for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat. A Fortune 500 executive with more than 30 years’ experience in the engineering and construction of large-scale power plants, Jim Lamon is the Founder and Chairman of DEPCOM Power, headquartered in Arizona. In an article titled, “The Power of Giving Back,” CEO Magazine covered him in 2019. Take time to read it and acquaint yourself with an impressive man.

*Center for Responsive Politics

BLM thugs normalized, US embassies fly their flag

May 25, 2021

Criminal George Floyd mysteriously morphs into a national hero

Today, on the one year anniversary of the death of career criminal George Floyd, we are veering out of form and taking our readers directly to another site, Power Line blog. It headlines its recent post: “US EMBASSIES TO HONOR GEORGE FLOYD.” John Hinderaker has written a stellar piece which includes the State Department memo sent to all diplomatic and consular posts declaring the commemoration and instructs on matters of importance such as remembering to fly the flag of the United States of America above the Black Lives Matter flag.

No kidding!

Recalling the violence, looting, destruction of historical monuments and arson perpetrated across our nation by BLM thugs that followed in the wake of the death of the man, high on drugs,  who died while resisting arrest following the act of attempting to pass a counterfeit $20 bill, makes law-abiding citizens wonder why the BLM flags would be flown at all. 

On March 13, 2021 SRAZ wrote, “Career criminal worth more dead than alive,” detailing the $27 million of taxpayer‘s money unanimously approved by Minneapolis’ City Council as a settlement for Floyd’s family. George Floyd’s brother, Rodney Floyd, preposterously called the $multi-million settlement “a necessary step for all of us to begin to get some closure.”

The same city council, also in a unanimous vote, swiftly withdrew $8 million dollars from the police budget, resulting in an escalated crime wave…with violent uprisings throughout the city.

In the March post, there are also links to Floyd’s actual autopsy report and rap sheet detailing the illicit drugs in his system at the time of his arrest, and the numerous crimes for which he served time. He had recently been released from a Texas prison when he moved to Minneapolis.

The Floyd family will be guests of the Harris/Biden administration today, as the administration looks ahead to the next election cycle and bolstering its minority voter base. VP Kamala Harris, appointed over two months ago as the border czar, ostensibly to deal with the massive invasion at our southern border, has yet to travel there to see the conditions first-hand. Harris finds the crisis laughable.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released data detailing their efforts at the Southwest border in April, noting that border authorities apprehended 178,622 illegal aliens last month alone, with the majority being single adult males. This number represents a new 21-year monthly record. Among the invaders, unaccompanied minors in the company of paid criminal cartels are being exploited in unspeakable ways. The dems remain silent.

Biased coverage of AZ Governor’s race insults voters

May 24, 2021

The local newspaper is not above promoting myth over facts when it is on a mission to advance democrats for public office. That deception took center stage in Sunday’s editorial by leftist columnist and resident race-baiter, Elvia Diaz.  Supporting ethnicity over qualifications, the commentary is headlined, “A Latino and Asian American are front runners for governor.”

The editorial is an insult not only to the candidates, Republican State Treasurer Kimberly Yee, an Arizona native and to naturalized Mexican-born democrat Marco Antonio Lopez, Jr., but also to the remaining readers of the publication that makes no effort to disguise its allegiance to the democrat party. Lopez’ bio is light on specific goals for the state of Arizona, but touts his allegiance to Barack Obama, working for Janet Napolitano and as a page for former U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor (D- CD7). His political experience includes being elected mayor of his hometown of Nogales at age 22, and working for the failed Al Gore presidential campaign, as he seeks the top job in Arizona. Lopez’ association with Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim should be watched. The Federal Election Commission details the prohibited influence of foreign money in American campaigns. Now 43, Marco Lopez’ life is hardly an open book. The only listing under “personal life” on his Wikipedia page is that he a licensed private pilot.

State Treasurer Kimberly Yee is defined by her conservative fiscal and social values and political experience, first as a state legislator and currently Arizona Treasurer, where as Arizona’s chief banking and investment officer, she is responsible for overseeing the cash management of Arizona’s over $40 billion state budget and payments to agencies, local governments and schools while managing approximately $20 billion in assets.

She has won every election in which she has run, and received the second most votes of any Arizona statewide candidate in 2018. Read her impressive bio. Clicking on this link also enables supporters to sign her nominating petition to ensure her placement on the ballot and provides the ability to donate to her campaign.

Implying that this outstandingly qualified gubernatorial candidate is solely defined by her ethnicity marginalizes not only Kimberly Yee, but all of her supporters. Americans are each more than our ethnicity and gene pool. Arizonans deserve an experienced leader in the Governor’s Office. That person is Kimberly Yee.

In 2016, Kimberly Yee was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention.

Your tax dollars and the AZ Board of Regents at work

May 23, 2021

“Diversity and inclusivity” reign supreme at University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is advertising for an open position: Director of Native American Student Affairs. It comes complete with “4+weeks of annual vacation, 88% of health benefits (including for domestic partners and their families) paid for by UArizona, and 6 weeks parental leave for both parents.” Check out the compensation and benefits.”

Not any applicant will do. They are specifically seeking someone with a Master’s degree in higher education, with a specific focus on Native American and Indigenous students and/or other student populations from marginalized groups…or equivalent work experience.

Topping the list, overseen by the shameless educrats and elitists on the Arizona Board of Regents, is “Experience in engendering and integrating the values of diversity, inclusion and teamwork across various groups. Experience working with and leading Native American and Indigenous students.

Experience partnering with Tribal Nations and Leadership. Previous experience working with intersectional identity groups (i.e., LGBTQ, gender identity, race and ethnicity, multiracial, disability, socioeconomic class).”

The selected candidate needs “previous experience in revenue generation and/or grant writing,” necessary to raise more funds from leftwing entities to keep bogus programs like this one going.

The notice goes on to state: “At the University of Arizona, we value our inclusive climate because we know that diversity in experiences and perspectives is vital to advancing innovation, critical thinking, solving complex problems, and creating an inclusive academic community. As a Hispanic-serving institution and a Native American/Alaska Native-serving institution, we translate these values into action by seeking individuals who have experience and expertise working with diverse students, colleagues, and constituencies. Because we seek a workforce with a wide range of perspectives and experiences, we provide equal employment opportunities to applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information. As an Employer of National Service, we also welcome alumni of AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other national service programs and others who will help us advance our Inclusive Excellence initiative aimed at creating a university that values student, staff and faculty engagement in addressing issues of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Yearly tuition costs are steep, approximately $60,000 for a state university primarily known as a party school. UofA President Robert Robbins, whose base salary in FY 2019-20 (list of all UofA employees‘ salaries*) was nearly $900,000 excluding benefits and perks, yet was dwarfed by Sean Miller, the head basketball coach making a base of $2,400,000. Bouncing and running with a ball and shooting it into a basket is paramount.

Even more egregious is the fact that in 2018 UofA paid radical Hezbollah-supporting, Communist propagandist Noam Chomsky, 89, $750k to teach “politics.” Read this linked Seeing Red AZ post exposing the insanity.

*H/T The Daily Wildcat