Whiteness morphs into insidious crime, as students taught self hatred

Critical Race Theory is a term we hear bandied about with increasing frequency, invading not only our culture, but our schools. It is anything but benign. Its main objective is to alienate Americans from one another, cast blame, and instill guilt, while elevating some by blaming others through insidious indoctrination. Taking pride in our country is regarded as the purview of racism. Voices raised to defund the police have become de rigueur.

At its core is the word “theory,” which is not a fact based premise, but rather a conjecture based on hypotheticals.  AZ Senate Bill 1532 has been introduced to address these overreaches in classrooms.

The bill’s wording mirrors that of Idaho’s recently passed landmark legislation HB 377 (Dignity and Non-discrimination in Public Education) that was signed into law by Republican Gov. Brad Little. The Daily Wire headlines its report, “First In Nation: Idaho’s Republican Gov. Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory.” Arizona Gov. Ducey should do no less.

Victor Davis Hanson, a leading conservative historian has written, “Is Racism Moral Now?” posted on American Greatness. The left is attempting to silence us into submission. This is an important commentary that is definitely worth your time. As SRAZ has often reminded our readers, Knowledge is power. These are unprecedented times that require vigilance and solid responses to the deceptive madness that is endorsing repression as equality. Silence is acquiescence.

4 Responses to Whiteness morphs into insidious crime, as students taught self hatred

  1. Jack says:

    Lots to read here today, but the links are all top notch. Thanks for keeping me/us informed.

  2. VINOAZ says:

    This Marxist anti-American garbage has to be stopped. Contact the governor and your legislators. You parents, challenge your school board, run for the board. Heard on the radio today that the U of A is responsible for bringing this to Arizona. Heads should roll down there.
    Here is a great article.
    Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It …

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    This headlined article is a perfect illustration of the injustices of Biden’s racial politics. I found it after being directed to the Daily Wire in today’s SRAZ post.
    ‘Out And Out Racist’: Dairy Farmer With Two Prosthetic Legs Sues Biden Administration For Basing Loan Forgiveness On Race.


    I pray this man wins the lawsuit. It will go a long way in exposing the lunacy of the left and the racial and gender based polices that drive brain-dead Biden and his cackler-in-waiting, who never changes her clothes.