Is AZ AG Brnovich gearing into campaign mode?

Unmistakably sounding like a candidate, Arizona’s term-limited Attorney General Mark Brnovich emphatically stated in this May 7, 2021 press release, “It is illegal and unconscionable for the federal government to force the release of dangerous criminals into Arizona communities when they are required to be deported by statute. Upholding the rule of law and preserving public safety must always come before any political or special interest group agendas.”

In a border state bearing the brunt of Joe Biden’s politically motivated, lenient policies, this is a winning issue. Biden appointed VP Kamala Harris to head up the border crisis investigation on March 24, but she has yet to visit the southern border and laughingly dismisses the topic  (video) when questioned by a reporter.

Brnovich has not been complacent regarding Biden’s border leniency. On February 3, 2021, within a month of Biden’s inauguration, AG Brnovich filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and federal officials over its new administration’s flagrant policy to halt nearly all deportations for 100 days. The Attorney General’s Office, alleging the new policy violates federal law and Arizona’s existing agreement with DHS requested a ruling from the U.S. District Court in Arizona. Federal Judge Susan Bolton denied the request, as reported by the Arizona Mirror.

With a likely under-reported*171,000 illegal aliens having surged through our sovereign Southwest border in March — including “more than 18,800 unaccompanied minors” and “more than 53,000” adults traveling with children — the crisis is explosive.

Despite his actions Brnovich has some fence mending to do with the Trump-supporting Republican base. He stepped out early, before the presidential ballot count was completed, telling Fox Business host Neil Cavuto, “It does appear that Joe Biden will win Arizona, there is no evidence, there are no facts that would lead anyone to believe that the election results will change.” At that point the vote was 49.9% for President Trump and 49.39% for Joe Biden.

There were sufficient questions raised by the slim margin that a ballot recount is currently taking place in Maricopa County, the nation’s fourth most populous county

* It is the leftist Washington Post, after all.

11 Responses to Is AZ AG Brnovich gearing into campaign mode?

  1. Trevor says:

    From what I hear Brnovich is leaning towards running for Senate. All I know who is running for Governor is the arrogant Daniel McCarthy, and I have heard Matt Salmon will jump into the Governors race. Brnovich was gonna run for Governor but who knows what changed his mind.

  2. hoi polloi boy says:

    Concerning the audit of the Maricopa County 2020 election…

    Katie Hobbs stated, as quoted in The Arizona Repulsive today in an article located on page A3 “Then a man who I’ve never seen before chased me and my staffer outside of our office.”

    In fact, the man was Jordan Conradson, a reporter for, asking legitimate questions of Secretary Hobbs as she ran away and hid in a government building with signage that read “Authorized Access”.

    You can see a video of the encounter where Ms Hobbs is running away from a real journalist asking valid questions for yourself in the link below.

    What is Secretary Hobbs scared of? The half of the voters that supported Donald Trump whom she called neo-Nazis?

    • Clementine says:

      Katie Hobbs is a hard line radical one heartbeat away from the governor’s office. The video is very telling of her deception. Not quite the story she told that convinced Doug McDucey to provide her with round the clock security…that we, the taxpayers, are underwriting. Ducey recently sold his $multi-million PV golf course home with a guest house bigger than most average homes. If he wants to provide her with unnecessary protection, he should pay for it. I don’t want to!!

  3. Just the Facts says:

    Pres. Ronald Reagan stated, “A nation without borders is not a nation.” Then he signed the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act deceptively titled “The Immigration Reform and Control Act” that legalized millions of illegal aliens with the proviso that if they entered the United States before January 1, 1982 and had resided here continuously they were granted citizenship.

    Included in the deceptive legislation was a never enforced promise that they would pay a fine, pay all back taxes due, and sign an admission of guilt. They were required to prove that they were not guilty of crimes, which was a joke, since their initial crime was breaking and entering …into the USA. They needed to possess at least a minimal knowledge about U.S. history and assert they were minimally proficient in the English language, other unenforceable farces.

    Reagan, a trained Hollywood actor with a great sense of humor, fooled a lot of us with his conservative talk, while he acted as the democrat and union president he had previously been. I voted for him TWICE and was a newly minted college Republican because his rhetoric appealed to me. Older and wiser now, I clearly see that we have had no better president in recent history than Donald Trump. He was not the glib speaker Reagan was, but his actions were monumental, he clearly loves America and kept his promises, including building a border wall, which is now being ripped down by Biden’s and Harris’ operatives.

    • Trevor says:

      Al Simpson is a pathetic old fossil from Wyoming who is as out of touch as Liz Cheney. Simpson, looking like a pathetic fool, tried to speak against Cheney’s censure only to get booed which he deserved. And Simpson, of course, as you said fooled Reagan with amnesty.

    • Casper says:

      Whatever office Brnovich is eyeing, he should keep in mind that Republicans are symbolized by an elephant, highly intelligent animals known for their long memories. Democrats are represented by the donkey, alternately known as an ass.

  4. Patriot Farmer 1 says:

    Some buzz going around he’ll be running for U.S. Senate for Arizona, and the RNC likes him like that, although some out there imagined him more of a governor candidate. We’ll see… T

    • Sally Forth says:

      Brno heeds to divest himself of the Rasputin-like facial hair disguise, unless he’s running for Russian mystic in Arizona. That’s not a winning strategy.

  5. Doc says:

    Congressman Andy Biggs HOPEFULLY will run against uncle fester…& Brnovich will get run off, & Biggs will mop th’ floor with uncle fester’s gun-grabbing face…

    • Trevor says:

      I hope he runs as well. I know he has not made a final decision yet. But right now there is no candidate Lamon has no name ID whatsoever and you need that in a statewide race in Arizona. Biggs has name ID.

      • East Valley Conservative says:

        The fact is, you can buy name ID. Many have and will. There is nothing nefarious about that. Even Trump, though known by his business ventures and TV show, had zero name ID as a politician. In fact, he had meandered back and forth between being a registered Democrat, Republican and Independent, which ordinarily would have put any other such candidate in the political dumper. He invested heavily in his presidential race, beat out the assumed winner Hillary Clinton and is now regard by most conservatives as their “favorite” president. Congressman Andy Biggs is terrific. The problem he has is matching or exceeding the $multi-millions available to Kelly. We’ve got to be smart, and the risk of losing a solid conservative is one I’m hoping we won’t be faced with.

        The leftwing media is already beating up on Jim Lamon, since he presents a threat to gun-grabbing leftist, and Soros-funded Mark Kelly.

        Don’t sell him short.