As Maricopa County ballot audit proceeds, left goes ballistic and UPDATE

As the audit of the 2020 presidential election votes cast in Maricopa County proceeds, numerous national sites have paid close attention, staying on top of the issue with continually updated coverage.

The local coverage is another story.  A recent headline in the anorexic newspaper, hemorrhaging subscribers blasts, “Some in GOP worry about audit fallout.”

The newspaper’s entire premise in Arizona’s most populous county with an estimated 62% of the state’s population, and the fourth most populous in the United States, is a concocted falsehood. Worry is not a consideration. An accurate accounting of the ballots is. Biden’s slim margin of victory in Maricopa County was the tightest in the entire nation and clearly warrants a recount.

You might wonder who these worried Republicans are and what exactly is causing their angst. Hauled out of obscurity to expound on the audit is Republicrat Betsey Bayless, sounding a lot like Biden-supporting Cindy McCain, Bayless is quoted as saying, “I just want it over. I think Arizona just needs to move on and not be the center of more of this political gossip.” In her mind seeking accuracy has devolved to mere “gossip.”  Having been out of the public eye for years, few people have any recollection of who Bayless is…and even fewer care.

Former AZ Senator Jon Kyl, known for his Mcduplicity on the border, is now a D.C. corporate lobbyist. He also weighed in on the audit, bizarrely saying, he “sees no upside to it.” Single term Congressman Ben Quayle who has not been seen or heard from since his defeat, opined, “I literally think very few people are paying attention.” If he had a better handle on the conservative base of the GOP, he might not be relegated to fleeting memory status. And what exactly does “literally think,” mean?

Literally or figuratively, Quayle denied and then was forced to admit he wrote for Dirty Scottsdale, a publication chronicling the seamy side of the Scottsdale nightclub scene using the pseudonym Brock Landers. This revelation ranked higher as a career killer than trying to run from a district he no longer lived in. A single-term congressman, Quayle was ousted in 2012.

The ballot audit is being conducted scrupulously, and under the public’s watchful eye televised by nine separate cameras. It can be viewed at

We deserve nothing less, regardless of what a collection of has-beens think.


This video features former Arizona Secretary of State and AZ Senate President Ken Bennett as he appears on Conservative Circus with KFYI host James T. Harris. Bennett expertly explains the Maricopa County election audit.  Take time to watch this:

10 Responses to As Maricopa County ballot audit proceeds, left goes ballistic and UPDATE

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    We should all be grateful to the dedicated people who volunteered to be trained in the tedious task of vote counting in this crucial election.

  2. Braveheart says:

    Biden’s surrogates are watching this closely. Biden is busy looking for his drool cup.

  3. Clementine says:

    Unless the recount total is the exact same as the disputed number, it will show that the ballot tabulation is not secure. Nearly or about is not good enough. Identical is the only standard that will return full confidence in the voter tabulation.

  4. Doc says:

    So, listening to James T. Harris this morning, he stated that he WENT to the audit yesterday & interviewed (AND VIDEO TAPED IT! He stated that he had to show his I.D….TWICE to get in!!) Ken Bennett. The entire interview is on The transparency of this audit will be “poo-pooed” by the lame-stream media & dimocraps, But since they all drink L.S.D. Laced Kool-Aid EVERY STINKIN’ DAY…their opinions, lies, & innuendo means exactly bupkiss. The TRUTH is gonna’ come out! HOPEFULLY, as happened in Michigan this morning, a JUDGE issue some DAMNED ARREST WARRANTS! (maybe l’il pauly pen-zaney-zone will be among them!)

    On another note, may I encourage all here to drop an email to uncle fester & remind him that ARIZONA is who he represents, so FORGET the BOOLSHEET gun laws he wants, & to STOP supporting HR-1!

    Lastly, the following from Gateway Pundit (ALSO involving l’il pauly…)

    ….things that make ‘ya go, “HHHMMM”…

    • Seeing Red AZ says:


      SRAZ has added the James T. Harris and Ken Bennett segment. It’s very revealing as to what’s going on and why the audit is so crucial.

    • Observer says:

      Hate to throw water on your “parade” of encouraging Republicans to contact Mark “Uncle Fester” Kelly, but he owes no allegiance to us. He was funded by George Soros and has a longstanding friendship with Barack Obama. He’s made $multi millions through his business dealings with Communist China. Mark Kelly is unprincipled, and Republicans and our views are irrelevant to him. His anti-Second Amendment Giffords PAC exists solely to fund anti-gun ownership democrat candidates. There is no expectation of dealing rationally with a man like this. He’s a democrat. If I thought there was a slim chance it would influence this radical, I’d happily follow your suggestion, but leftists don’t give a rat’s ass about us or our views.

  5. jakesez says:

    I began watching the process of the recount with some dismay. I did not feel the republican party in Arizona was up to the task of this recount. Now that it is underway and following the progress I must give a high five to Ken Bennett and all of those who have stuck with it even though all the liberals, both republicans and democrats, have gone after them tooth and tong. Good luck to our side and I will support them all the way. Congratulations to all those who are fighting the good fight.

  6. Trevor says:

    Ben Quayle shares a lot in common with his fellow VP son Hunter Biden. Both are problem children. Good riddance to Quayle and go back to Indiana! Lot of Bayless supporters did not back Matt Salmon over far leftist Janet Napolitano, which is telling.

    • Seen It All says:

      Daddy Quayle even jumped the gun and announced his son’s candidacy before the candidate did! We benefited by getting a man with actual experience. David Schweikert has done a great job representing the district.

  7. VINOAZ says:

    Democrats, liberals and RINOS are not interested in the facts or the truth. What are they afraid of? And the whining over mail in ballots is just plain stupid along with the letter to Roger Goodell asking to take away the 2023 super bowl. This along with the destructive Biden/Obama debacle shows you how little democrats care about the little guy and the folks that are barely scraping by. Only a fool would vote for a democrat.