Mark McCloskey, representing us all, announces for U.S. Senate

Republican Mark McCloskey made his campaign announcement on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s show Tuesday evening. The Federal Election Commission’s website shows “Mark McCloskey for Missouri” is registered, and a website,, seeks campaign donations.

Incumbent Missouri Republican Roy Blunt has announced he would not seek a third term.

If the name Mark McCloskey sounds only vaguely familiar, a bit of a memory jog is in order. Last July, he and his wife, Patricia, both Missouri lawyers, responded to a mob of several hundred Black Lives Matter marauders who initially broke down the barrier to a private residential street in the St. Louis suburb where they lived. Then, after hearing a commotion they saw the thugs, some armed, break down their private iron gate and congregate in their yard issuing threats.

As they watched the trespassers advancing through their property toward their home, the McCloskey’s grabbed their firearms and headed outside to confront them. Rioters, copying other anarchists across the nation, were using the death of newly martyred, multi-incarceration criminal George Floyd, to destroy swaths of St. Louis, burning buildings and looting stores.

Mark McCloskey said he feared his home was going to suffer a similar fate, and felt he needed to act to protect his family and property. He said the protesters were coming toward his house and didn’t stop until he displayed his AR-15, and his wife pulled out her pistol. McCloskey said both safeties were engaged on their guns. The rifle was later seized by police during a search.

The protesters with the guns told them they “were next” as the McCloskey’s demanded that they leave their property. Police did not respond to the couple’s calls for help, nor did the property’s private security. The couple felt they were on their own. The protesters even threatened to kill the couple’s dog. 

“Not a single person in the out-of-control mob you saw at our house was charged with a crime,” Mark McCloskey said. “But you know who was? We were.”

Video of the incident drew the attention of then-President Donald Trump, and the McCloskey’s were invited to speak at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

SRAZ covered the criminal invasion here, including background on Soros-funded — by nearly $200,000 — St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, whose office filed felony charges against the couple, and the comments in support of the McCloskey’s by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt.

6 Responses to Mark McCloskey, representing us all, announces for U.S. Senate

  1. Observer says:

    The fact that the riot on the McCloskey’s property caught the attention of President Trump, who then invited them to speak at the National GOP Convention will not be lost on Republican voters. I hope that will aid in bolstering his campaign donations.

  2. Trevor says:

    Missouri has two great choices not only McCloskey but also Eric Greitens the former Governor who Soros targeted because he was keeping his promises.

    • Paying Attention says:

      Greiten’s campaign is definitely bolstered by Kimberly Guilfoyle joining his US Senate team. He also has some personal baggage that will likely dog him, but that seems to matter less and less to fewer and fewer voters. We’re not looking to elect perfect people. We want those who will govern right.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    We need more people like Mark McCloskey to run for office. His legal background will most certainly be a plus, but his real life experience with criminally aggressive thugs on his own property will definitely resonate with Americans who have had their fill of mobs of looters, arsonists and violence in American cities. He and his wife have experienced it first hand

    • hoi polloi boy says:

      The real criminally aggressive thug is Soros-funded St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner. She oughta be disbarred.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        She’s part of a litany of Soros-funded leftists who he either tried to or was successful in installing in various law enforcement related offices across the United States. Here in Mariopca County, he funded democrats who ran for Sheriff (Paul Penzone) and for Maricopa County Attorney,

        This has been reported on for years nationally , but the local news doesn’t give it any time or space.