Your tax dollars and the AZ Board of Regents at work

“Diversity and inclusivity” reign supreme at University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is advertising for an open position: Director of Native American Student Affairs. It comes complete with “4+weeks of annual vacation, 88% of health benefits (including for domestic partners and their families) paid for by UArizona, and 6 weeks parental leave for both parents.” Check out the compensation and benefits.”

Not any applicant will do. They are specifically seeking someone with a Master’s degree in higher education, with a specific focus on Native American and Indigenous students and/or other student populations from marginalized groups…or equivalent work experience.

Topping the list, overseen by the shameless educrats and elitists on the Arizona Board of Regents, is “Experience in engendering and integrating the values of diversity, inclusion and teamwork across various groups. Experience working with and leading Native American and Indigenous students.

Experience partnering with Tribal Nations and Leadership. Previous experience working with intersectional identity groups (i.e., LGBTQ, gender identity, race and ethnicity, multiracial, disability, socioeconomic class).”

The selected candidate needs “previous experience in revenue generation and/or grant writing,” necessary to raise more funds from leftwing entities to keep bogus programs like this one going.

The notice goes on to state: “At the University of Arizona, we value our inclusive climate because we know that diversity in experiences and perspectives is vital to advancing innovation, critical thinking, solving complex problems, and creating an inclusive academic community. As a Hispanic-serving institution and a Native American/Alaska Native-serving institution, we translate these values into action by seeking individuals who have experience and expertise working with diverse students, colleagues, and constituencies. Because we seek a workforce with a wide range of perspectives and experiences, we provide equal employment opportunities to applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information. As an Employer of National Service, we also welcome alumni of AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other national service programs and others who will help us advance our Inclusive Excellence initiative aimed at creating a university that values student, staff and faculty engagement in addressing issues of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Yearly tuition costs are steep, approximately $60,000 for a state university primarily known as a party school. UofA President Robert Robbins, whose base salary in FY 2019-20 (list of all UofA employees‘ salaries*) was nearly $900,000 excluding benefits and perks, yet was dwarfed by Sean Miller, the head basketball coach making a base of $2,400,000. Bouncing and running with a ball and shooting it into a basket is paramount.

Even more egregious is the fact that in 2018 UofA paid radical Hezbollah-supporting, Communist propagandist Noam Chomsky, 89, $750k to teach “politics.” Read this linked Seeing Red AZ post exposing the insanity.

*H/T The Daily Wildcat

12 Responses to Your tax dollars and the AZ Board of Regents at work

  1. Patriot Mom says:

    Americans are getting fed up with efforts to categorize us by color and ethnicity. We are a unique nation because we are an amalgamation of all backgrounds who have come together as Americans.

    As I read through this University of Arizona job posting, I was disgusted that such a position even exists. Tucson is known as the “People’s Republic of Pima” for a reason. There was no defense for paying an outrageous salary to bring in Noam Chomskey, an elderly, well known Communist, as an authority on politics. That makes my point.

  2. Doc says:

    Ya’ know, my 10 year old daughter is SUPER SMART. I don’t just say that because she’s MY Daughter, I was actually told this by her 4th grade teacher last Thursday during a Parent/teacher conference. I mean, th’ kid’s reading at 7th grade level already, & I Really wanted to encourage her to go to college. NOT ANYMORE!!! I’ll be pushing for a Good Trade school!

    And Patriot Mom ~ your post, Especially the first paragraph, couldn’t have been better stated!!!

    • toughterry says:

      Patriot Mom also reminded us of Noam Chomskey’s presence at the UofA; this Communist is celebrated as a educational icon at this worthless school. And, AZ taxpayers are paying Chomsky BIG BUCKS to hold sway there. Outrageous.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      Thanks, Doc and toughterry I also read and agree with your comments. Conservatives have found a common bond on this site. As a new election cycle nears, we need to stay informed on the local level. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin and Victor Davis Hanson are my reliable sources for insights, but none of them routinely cover Arizona. Our Maricopa County ballot audit has changed that, but though critically important, that’s a single topic.

      BTW, did you notice that the link to the Board of Regents in this post shows Karrin Taylor Robson, who has just announced for Arizona Governor. Money can buy a lot, but it shouldn’t be able to buy the top job in the state for a wealthy political novice.

      I’m onboard with AZ State Treasurer Kimberly Yee, who is a known entity. She’s doing a great job as Arizona Treasurer and previously was a state legislator who articulated conservative perspectives and worked diligently to serve her constituents and the state.

      • No Name Please says:

        I’ve known the Kunasek family for decades. “Karrin Taylor Robson” is the daughter of Carl and Fran Kunasek (she passed away last year). Her father is two years younger than her husband! Her husband is 35 years older than she is. Vast wealth makes old men appealing.

    • jojo says:

      I spent my grandson’s college $$$ on private grade school. Upon HS graduation he joined the military. He is a SGT., learning a marketable skill, responsibilities galore, has a retirement fund and no bills. He’s now 22. EVERYONE should do it. He misses PDJT.

      • Frankly Speaking says:

        Sounds like your plan worked out well for your grandson. The job market needs those with hands-on skills. I’ve read there are more vacancies than those able to fill them, which is driving up wages for those in the construction trades. The jobs lost when Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline, were paying six figures.

        John Kerry who married the Heinz heiress, after his first heiress wife died, arrogantly told those who lost their jobs in the oil and gas industry that they can can start over, learn new skills…and make better choices.

  3. Doc says:

    I have a name for th’ arrogant commie Lurch…”KETCHUP~EATER” (spelled wrong on purpose)

  4. Braveheart says:

    Actual qualifications and suitability for a job are trumped (dare I use that word when describing leftists?) by inborn genetic markers over which we have no control, such as ethnicity and gender. This is the absurd state we have reached in 2021.

  5. StetsonXXX says:

    Question? How can UofA claim to disregard race of applicants when the next sentence makes no attempt to conceal those undeniable factors are what are valued? What a load of garbage!

  6. Jack says:

    Dennis Prager has long said that radical institutions of higher learning are poisoning the minds of American’s youth. With so much evidence amassed, his views are impossible to dispute. Plumbers, electricians and other trades are greatly needed as construction resumes.