Budget causes ire-based stalemate at AZ Capitol

On Friday, we got a taste of what a foot-stomping, red-faced tantrum looks like when Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey took to Twitter to shamefully brag about vetoing 22 bills including election integrity and anti-critical race theory legislation. Read his veto letter sent to Senate President Karen Fann and House Speaker Rusty Bowers, with copies to legislative leadership.

Ducey’s ire is based on the legislature’s equally petulant refusal to pass a budget that includes a 2.5% flat state income tax which would include a tax cut for all Arizona taxpayers, force the state to live within its budget and stop viewing us as golden egg laying geese. Republican Steve Forbes, a successful businessman, twice ran for president based on this core concept.

The legislators responded by deciding to take a hike and are out until June 10, though the fiscal year ends June 30.

The Epoch Times covers the absurdity of the termed-out governor, who at 57 is not ready to retire. Whatever his aspirations are, he is backing himself into a McCorner that excludes the conservative base he needs. When he initially ran, he gladly accepted the endorsement of RINOcrats John McCain and Jeff Flake, both anathema to GOP stalwarts.

At his core, Doug Ducey is a political opportunist, foolishly miscalculating who we are. When then-President Trump held a massive Phoenix rally on February 19, 2020, Doug Ducey was happy to be called on stage to stand beside President Trump. Trusting this duplicitous character is an act of naiveté.

There’s too much at stake.

7 Responses to Budget causes ire-based stalemate at AZ Capitol

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    We’ve got to commit ourselves to constitution based, conservative candidates or we lose our state as we‘re losing our nation. Electing McCain clones has always been a recipe for disaster. Cindy McCain and the Flake clan all publicly declared their support for Joe Biden. The Ducey’s and McCain’s have been tight friends for years. Cindy gave him his first job at her Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship when he moved to AZ to attend ASU.

    • Fed Up says:

      We’ve already lost. Arizona has become Mexico Norte. Entire neighbors have altered and boast store signs written in Spanish. Grass lawns with in ground sprinkler systems are now dead grass, weeds and dirt littered with tires and trash and cars parked on them instead of on the driveways or in the garages. Before we were forced to sell our paid for home several years ago due to this invasion, one of our then neighbors, (who also moved), told us, “It’s a cultural thing.” What “culture” is rooted in destruction?

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Vetoing 22 bills that have been passed by the legislature is irresponsible. This should end any further aspirations he has. The apple doesn’t fall far from the McTree.

  3. Trevor says:

    This is why we also must reject Ducey’s handpicked candidates like his gubernatorial choice.

  4. Doc says:

    …all mcDooshbag has done is help katie th’ hobbitt’s chances of becoming guvmah…th’ boy is a THIEF, a COWARD, & a LIAR, & I sent him a letter telling him as much…no REALLY…I did.

    • Seen It All says:

      The office of the Secretary of State flies under the radar. It shouldn’t. In Arizona, it is next in line of ascension to the governor’s office. We’ve had several governors who reached the ninth floor by that very route. This is a far more important post than most people realize.

      • Trevor says:

        I agree completely. People need to pay attention to the Secretary of State’s race. Katie Hobbs and Michelle Reagan are the two worst Secretaries of State our state has ever had. Both are unqualified to be Governor.