Illegal aliens being housed in Scottsdale hotel

The headlined news item, “Migrants could be detained at Valley hotel,” must have warmed the metaphorical cockles of nearby residents. The now closed Hilton Homewood Suites located at Scottsdale Road and Mountain View, is in the upscale 85253 zip code.

Now it’s a done deal.

There are currently negotiations underway between the property owner and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to operate the property as an “Emergency Family Station Center,” for what they blandly refer to as “migrants,” and the rest of us know to be illegal aliens, who have violated our sovereign national border as they furtively invade our nation.

Woodbridge Hospitality, the property owner, has filed for bankruptcy, and is negotiating to sell the property to a company that intends to convert it into an apartment complex. The price of $17.5 million would be negatively impacted following the use of the hotel to house illegals.

On Wednesday evening, hundreds of people assembled in front of the hotel, waving American flags and carrying signs protesting the plan to house and feed lawbreakers in the shuttered facility. Several of the signs focusing on the worsening border predicament read, “Secure Our Border,” and “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump.”

This June 2, 2021 letter from Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to the law firms representing the lender and borrower of the property, expresses his “grave concerns” over the use of the property. He writes, “The root-causes of the current crisis are problems of the Biden administration’s own making.” Copies of the letter were sent to Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel and Scottsdale City Attorney Sherry R. Scott.

The City of Scottsdale issued this terse, buck-passing communiqué from its Office of Communications.

The hotel, located between two apartment complexes and a block away from Chaparral High School, will house 1,200 illegal aliens — referred to as “migrants.”

These are migrants. They go home. Don’t confuse them with invaders, who stay and expect accommodations.

10 Responses to Illegal aliens being housed in Scottsdale hotel

  1. Mr. and Mrs. America says:

    Varying political views are no longer just a difference of opinion. The democrats are intent on destroying America as we know it. We started limiting our time with dems, but some are relatives which made it difficult.

    Interestingly, they are all leeches. Not one of them has ever hosted a holiday dinner. We have long had a full house for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We shop, cook, decorate and ultimately clean up, as they all leave rather than assist, even knowing that the china, crystal and silverware have to be hand washed. During COVID we received calls asking what time the meals would be served. We told them we were not hosting during that time. Some of the group got huffy. That did it for us. No more dem leeches.

  2. Maggie says:

    Just read AG Brnovich’s 4-page letter. It was excellent! Thanks for including it. I don’t always agree with him, but this time he got it right.

    • Doc says:

      …just as a reminder, A.G. Brnovich is connected to mcSkidmark…mcDooshbagg’s gotten things “right” in the past but i wouldn’t vote for him for Love Nor Money!!

  3. jakesez says:

    We have reached a point where Federal government desires supersede any state regulations or concerns. State rights are suppose to be sovereign within the constitution. Yet the federal government seems to think they are the KING and the rest of us are peons. What is the old saying, “Every once in awhile a revolution is needed to clear the air”.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Your points are well made, except for the “revolution” part. In today’s America, they are probably more who want to defeat our Constitution based democracy than save it. As an example, everyone who voted for Bernie Sanders supported his Socialist ideas. Ditto as it pertains to those who voted for Hillary, Biden and Kamala Harris.

      I lay the blame on our public schools which are filled with leftwing union supporting teachers who indoctrinate our kids away from the watchful eyes of their parents. Their unions give $millions to democrat candidates across the USA. This is not a supposition. It’s a fact.

  4. VINOAZ says:

    Barack Obama is orchestrating all of this. He is trying to destroy America as we know her. One party rule is in the works with “migrants” groomed to vote democrat. The illegals are migrants and those of us born in the USA are aliens according to the idiot mayor of Scottsdale. Maybe someone can identify a state or country where one party rule is not tyrannical. Illegals are in hotels, with multiple amenities and Americans are living in the streets. We are living in the twilight zone! Since the majority of Americans have rejected God, don’t expect blessings anytime soon. The worship fake gods like Dr. Fauci and Barack Obama.

    • Clementine says:

      Exactly. I can’t deal with democrats anymore. Not only can’t I…I no longer want to.

  5. Doc says:

    Here’s another question, Strictly ON POINT: as Scottsdale’s “mayor” questions Arizona’s citizenry while happily housing illegals here for ANY REASON…we have HOMELESS VETERANS WHO VOLUNTARILY SERVED!

    …just sayin…

    • Hometown Guy says:

      How much more on point could you be? What you say is the truth. Vets who are down on their luck should take precedent over anyone, especially illegals, who are no different from burglars who “break and enter” our homes. The only lodging they deserve and should get from society is a jail cell. The illegals should all be deported. We owe them nothing but contempt for having no respect for us or our laws. Once here, they are advised how to tap into all kinds of benefits, paid for by hardworking taxpaying Americans. I will NEVER support a candidate for any office who tiptoes around this basic truth.