MC Attorney dismisses charges against anti-police rioters

This statement from Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel regarding the dismissal of charges for the Oct. 17, 2020 riot case against Phoenix Police raises far more questions than it answers. Acknowledging the fact that crimes were committed, she then goes on to convolutedly address the issue in the third person, stating, “It is the decision of this office that it is in the interests of justice to not proceed.”

Scrolling through the links following the statement, it appears the Maricopa County Attorney is more attuned to distributing community service announcements than to prosecuting criminality, which is the fundamental duty of the prosecutor’s office in the fourth largest and fastest growing county in the United States.

Phoenix Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Ann Justus stated at the time, “As officers began making arrests, incendiary devices were thrown at them. Due to the ongoing criminal activity and assault, the Phoenix Police deployed less lethal munitions in order to safely make arrests.”

The marauding gangs, using the death of repeatedly incarcerated George Floyd 1700 miles away in Minneapolis, to assault Phoenix Police, faced numerous charges including aggravated assault on officers, criminal damage, unlawful assembly, rioting, resisting arrest and obstructing a roadway. They knocked over barricades, “causing a fully marked Phoenix Police patrol vehicle to sustain damage,” Justus said.

Rioters attempted to conceal their faces from view with black umbrellas as they set off smoke bombs in the road and flung them at officers. When police finally declared an unlawful assembly, they were ignored. Fifteen adults and three teens were arrested.

It was reported that flyers for the protest were posted on social media prior to the rampage, boasting, “Phoenix PD underestimates the power of the people. March with us to occupy Washington Street and remind PD who they serve. We will not stay silent. Until we get justice, Phoenix will have no peace.”

Protests against the police have not been isolated incidents and nationally efforts to defund the police have gained momentum resulting in officers leaving and crime rates rising. Yet these are the people Maricopa County Attorney Adel thinks are worthy of having their charges dropped. Violent rioters do not respond to weakness. It emboldens them.

9 Responses to MC Attorney dismisses charges against anti-police rioters

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    Allister Adel is the one who fell on her head election night and was hospitalized and required surgery for a brain bleed. Sounds like she still needs to recuperate. She needs a good challenger who will prioritize police over criminals.

  2. no one says:

    Maricopa County has a LOT of “cleaning up” to do — County Atty, County Supervisors, County Recorder — not to mention quite a few Legislators from within the County!! Talk to your friends and neighbors, because the news media will not tell the facts!!

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    I just finished reading the Maricopa County Attorney’s bizarre statement. If I hadn’t seen it on her letterhead on the County Attorney’s website, I would have thought this was a bad joke. She is blatantly showing the rioters that it’s not worth her time or resources to pursue their criminal actions, including assaults on police officers, property damage and disregarding orders to disburse. This weak-willed woman needs to find a job suited to her bent. She should be working for the Pima County Public Defender’s Office.

    • Doc says:

      Circle K called & they sed, “NO Thank You.” to her application to be a cashier…NOT that I’m bashing Circle K cashiers…but not very many of ’em are LAWYERS…

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    I’m at a loss for words…a rarity for me! I hope there is someone with experience and a strong dedication to the law rather than political correctness, who will step up to challenge this Republicrat dolt! I had to verify her party affiliation. I would have swore she was a demoncrat.

  5. Paying Attention says:

    What a travesty! This woman is not up to fulfilling the job. My dad would have called her a “weak sister.” She needs to go!

  6. Clementine says:

    I’ll donate to and volunteer for any conservative challenger. Regardless of the “R” after her name, this woman is clearly on the wrong side. Letting anti-police criminals go empowers them and sets us up for more of the same. Officers are leaving police forces across the nation. They not only risk their lives to deal with the worst elements in our society, but now we see that even those who should be most supportive of them are coddling the criminals. I’m thoroughly disgusted. I wonder how she came to this decision and who she consulted with. It sounds like Ms. Adel had a visit from the BLM representatives.

  7. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I sincerely hope an experienced prosecutor is gearing up to mount a challenge to her. Ms. Adel is on the wrong side of the law. Maybe her brain bleed was more serious than even reported. She will never get my vote.

  8. Maggie says:

    The fact that Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel dropped the charges against those attempting to harm our police officers is utterly amazing. I’d never heard of her when she was originally appointed. Now I see why. What were the Board of Supervisors thinking other than it had to be a woman…so they could claim another first.