AZ now has $billions in magic money to spend

Arizona is on fire. But the devastating flames that are consuming vast numbers of homes and acres in rural counties are not the sole reason. Rational citizens are inflamed over the $trillions the radical OBiden administration* is spending. The leftwing Arizona Republic newspaper calls it “federal money,” never acknowledging that it’s money taken from taxpaying citizens in ever-increasing amounts.

An example in today’s edition is this headline, “How Arizona plans to spend federal COVID relief money.” The article’s first sentence? “More than $1 billion in federal COVID-19 relief funds has flowed into Arizona’s health department, and state officials are working to spend it over the next two to three years to make sure the state is better prepared for future health crises.”

Get that? “More than $1 billion flowed.” Reporters Stephanie Innes and Alison Steinbach never question the source of the “flow.” The three pages of radically leftist, sycophantic coverage is an outstanding example of why the Arizona Republic is gasping its last breaths.

* Washington Examiner headline: “Obama says Biden is ‘finishing’ the job of his administration.”

10 Responses to AZ now has $billions in magic money to spend

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    As usual, excellent observations.

    The stock market is in free fall this morning. Investors are quaking in their boots over the astronomical spending as prices on necessities continue to rise.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Any college student who chooses a journalism major is signing on to a dying industry, as print newspapers are going the way of the Arizona Republic. Throwing objectivity to the winds has contributed to its demise. Only the brain dead will mourn its demise.

    • Trevor says:

      And the ASU Walter Cronkite School is a brainwashing camp. Michael Crow fired a reporter for telling the truth about Jacob Blake. It should not be named after Walter Cronkite what a shameful use of his name.

      • Long Memory says:

        Don’t buy into the liberal media’s propaganda about Walter Cronkite. His nightly newscasts were intended to demoralize our troops serving in Vietnam, and their families at home with a daily recitation of of our seriously wounded and those coming home in body bags.
        Check this out:

      • VINOAZ says:

        Actually Walter was a left wing fraud and lied about TET in Viet Nam and Lyndon Johnson famously said “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.” He “reported” we were losing when in fact we were winning. Millions died because of him. BTW, I believed him and watched every night. Hopefully now that I am older, I am also wiser.

  3. Realist says:

    President Trump oversaw the most vibrant economy in decades. Employment was high across all sectors and the USA was thriving.

    This linked article by Deroy Murdock compares the Trump and Biden economic plans comparing them to a well tended or left to rot garden. It’s very well written.

  4. hoi polloi boy says:

    I wouldn’t call it “federal money” or even refer to it as “money taken from taxpaying citizens.” If the money is taken from anyone, it’s our future grand and great grand children.

    But in reality it’s “funny money”, printed out of thin air which leads to ever increasing inflation and will lead to the eventual collapse of dollar, destined to fail as all fiat currencies eventually do.

    China, Russia, and Iran are licking their chops waiting for that day.

    • Hometown Guy says:

      You’re right of course. Future generations of Americans will be on the hook for this. They will never know freedom or entrepreneurship since they are being systematically dumbed down in our so-called “public schools,”which don’t waste time” on history when they can teach recycling and climate change.

      When Biden runs out of our money, he’ll just print some more. It’s a federal crime known as counterfeiting.

    • StetsonXXX says:

      Spot on! The Monday edition is as thick as a crisp piece of toast. That’s because the newspaper IS toast.