Desperate border state Guvs Ducey, Abbott request help…

Gov. DeSantis responds

Governors Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) recently sent this 2-page letter (click to enlarge) to their fellow governors urgently requesting help securing the border that they describe as “a disaster” and “a crisis” ignored by the Biden administration. The two governors cite the Emergency Management Assistance Compact that empowers states to help one another in times of disaster or emergency. It was originally enacted in 1996.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, (R-Fla) was first to respond, stating:

“America’s border security crisis impacts every state and every American. Governors Abbott and Ducey recently sent out a call for help to every state in the nation, needing additional law enforcement manpower and other resources to aid with border security. I’m proud to announce today that the state of Florida is answering the call. Florida has your back.”

When the federal government shows no commitment to protecting our sovereign border or ensuring the safety and security of American citizens, it’s good to know that this crisis is not a back burner issue for governors who have to deal with the illegal invasion by providing benefits to those who wantonly disregard our laws. Rewarding lawbreakers only encourages more of the same, depraved pedophiles and deadly drunk and wrong way driver’s, among them. On March 24, — three months ago — Biden appointed VP Kamala Harris as border czar, but she has yet to give more than lip service punctuated by her notorious cackle, to the border.  Former President Trump has been invited to the border by Gov. Greg Abbott, and will be visiting it again Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

These numbers provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection show the staggering upsurge in illegal alien invaders. Be aware that “encounters” do not translate to “apprehensions.” Illegal crossings have surged by 674% in a year, with 180,034 reported in May.

7 Responses to Desperate border state Guvs Ducey, Abbott request help…

  1. Trevor says:

    DeSantis is the best Governor in America no question!

    • Mr. & Mrs. America says:

      He will be running for president and will have our votes! A winning GOP ticket would be Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Since our inception as a nation, we’ve engaged in wars to keep freedom alive here at home and around the world. We’ve always known the enemy, whether the British in the Revolutionary War or WWII targeting the Japanese who bombed us or the Nazis or North Vietnamese who were slaughtering millions.

    Mexico and Central America are more subtle, overtaking us by invasion. We are the powerful nation, but sit by idly as we let uneducated peasants overtake us, while we educate their kids and give them access to unlimited benefits. Corporate America is also to blame. When was the last time you called your bank or utility and didn’t get a recording that first included a Spanish version?

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Right On!

      The wall that the leftist press derisively called “Trump’s Wall,” is what is needed to keep our nation safe. It is OUR wall. People from all parts of the world, many our declared enemies, are entering through Mexico. It’s self delusional to regard Mexico as passive. It is actively engaged in facilitating all comers, regardless of the false piety it presents. We should cut off all foreign aid to resource-rich Mexico and every one of the Central American nations, regardless of their poverty. America is not the sugar daddy to the entire planet. We have needy people here.

  3. jojo says:

    Ducey won’t lift a finger because he is nothing but a McCain stain and can’t run again. Abbott has been a total RINO until an opponent for Gov showed up to primary him. All of a sudden he’s a MAGA Trumper. Funny how that works.

    • Tucson GOP PC says:

      What’s your definition of a RINO? Gov. Abbott is pro-life and recently signed a “Constitutional Carry gun bill, allowing open carry without licencing.

  4. Braveheart says:

    When I was growing up in Phoenix, my parents always took visiting relatives down to Nogales for a bit of foreign flavor and well-priced leather goods. They were charmed. I wouldn’t go down there now on a bet! It was a hell hole the last time I was there over 20 years ago.