AZ’s U.S. Senate race: Jim Lamon can defeat Mark Kelly

Political experience can be a plus, vacillating while deciding where to land next is opportunism

After mulling entering the governor’s race, term-limited Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has announced his intent to run for the U.S. Senate, challenging radical leftist and Second Amendment restrictionist Mark Kelly. Democrat Kelly won a special election to fill the vacancy created following the death of Sen. John McCain. He is now running for a full six-year term, a terrifying concept since Kelly is a less than sterling character, who has forged a tight friendship with Barack Obama — the manipulator behind the Harris/Biden curtain — and enriched himself through his dealings with Communist China. Kelly has already amassed $6,009,088.59 according to the April FEC quarterly report.

Last cycle he out-raised Joe Biden who was running for president. Ask yourself why money was flowing into his campaign and who would benefit by his election.  Kelly’s Socialist benefactor George Soros, facilitates Kelly’s fundraising through his over 206 U. S. sub-rosa organizations. Act Blue, which has hosted D.C. fundraisers for Kelly, isn’t on this list. Kelly’s campaign ads slickly omit the word “democrat.”

Mark Kelly, AZ Dem senate candidate wanted ex-wife jailed,” is chock full of information, and definitely worth your time. Kelly’s former astronaut colleagues blasted him in an op-ed.

Meanwhile, former President Trump has called Brnovich “lackluster,” and accused him of  “doing little” in dealing with Arizona’s  election audit. Brnovich responds with his obtuse go-to reminder that he’s the son of Yugoslavian immigrants.

In an effort to generate support among MAGA loyalists, Brnovich is finally taking on his national counterpart, U. S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on issues relating to Arizona’s election audit. Read his letter here.

As his term concludes, Brnovich has also remembered the Second Amendment, suddenly attempting to draw a contrast between himself and gun control activist Mark Kelly. In a pre-election alliance with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, Brnovich is participating in a coalition of 24 states to uphold the Second Amendment at the U. S. Supreme Court. They are urging the high court to review a New Jersey law that limits magazine capacities and requires gun owners to surrender certain magazines to law enforcement. The Second Amendment was not previously a front burner issue for the bearded Brnovich.

These recent moves are calculated to coincide with Brnovich’s senate campaign.

We urge our readers to learn more about AZ GOP Senate candidate Jim Lamon, a constitutional conservative and Fortune 500 solar power executive whose successful business, employing 1,600 locals is headquartered in Arizona. He is right on the issues and not a termed out, vacillating politician hustling his next gig.

15 Responses to AZ’s U.S. Senate race: Jim Lamon can defeat Mark Kelly

  1. VINOAZ says:

    Kelly has to be defeated at all costs. The democrat party is ethically and morally bankrupt and is destroying the America we love.
    Republicans in the primary need to take the high road and focus on issues and what they have to offer. Please, stay out of the gutter and do not give the democrats ammunition! The eventual nominee has to be supported to the hilt. Our state is being invaded by leftists who are so foolish and stupid that they will vote for the trash they left in CA.

    • AZ GOP PC says:

      Your observations are spot on! We are not only being invaded on our southern border but also from the left coast.

      I’ve seen Jim Lamon’s televised ads and they’ve piqued my curiosity. Glad to see these links. He’s impressive. Hope he begins making the rounds to the GOP district meetings so the precinct committeemen get to meet him. We’re the ones who get the candidates messages out with personal neighborhood contacts…when it cools down a bit!!

  2. Trevor says:

    Wonder why Janet Napolitano put Brnovich’s wife as a Maricopa County trial court judge. She usually put radical nutjobs like Andrew Hurwitz (Who McCain loved) and John Hannah. Mark will have some trouble with the base. And frankly Kari Lake might with the Governors race due to her donations.

    • Realist says:

      Susan Brnovich is now a U. S. District Court Judge.

      Kari Lake has nothing to recommend her other than reading news scripts on a teleprompter. Why she would generate any enthusiasm is a mystery.

      • Trevor says:

        I’m not backing Kari Lake. Either she or Matt Salmon will get the nomination though.

    • State Committeeman says:

      What are you smoking? Matt Salmon lost to Janet Napolitano..the worst and most leftist governor. His day has come and gone. Kari Lake has ZERO credentials for running the state of Arizona. Her ego-driven candidacy is a joke.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I, too, like what I see with Jim Lamon. Mark Bnovich’s establishment ties render him unacceptable to me. I view him as more of the same with an “R” following his name. It’s time for a fresh face to challenge Kelly.

    Another consideration is the fact that Mark Kelly suspiciously has deep pocketed former McCain donors onboard his campaign as well as Socialist Soros.

    Jim Lamon isn’t entrenched with seedy operatives. I have already sent him a donation. If you’re tired of more of the same, join me. His donation page is on his website.

    • VINOAZ says:

      Does anyone like Major General Michael McGuire? Looks like a solid principled conservative. Loved the fact that he refused to send AZ National Guard troops for Nancy Pelosi’s farce.

      • Seen It All says:

        The military deserves our respect, but being an officer in the National Guard doesn’t equate to having the ability to fund raise on the level necessary to successfully challenge (yes, that matters) and take out Mark Kelly. We have to look at the big picture.

        Also having too many Republicans in the mix almost certainly guarantees a sole Democrat victory. The Dems would never put obstacles in Kelly’s way. Repubs are not thinking clearly in this instance. The old adage, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” applies in spades here.

      • VINOAZ says:

        McGuire has a lot more in his career than head of the National Guard in AZ. Have to agree that raising money will probably doom him. I am not dismissing Jim Lamon. Appears to be outstanding.

  4. jojo says:

    Nice letter. I met Brnovich’s representative at a meeting where he constantly said illegal immigrants. I asked him if alien is a legal word. He said, “Yes”. I asked him why he didn’t use it. He hesitated before he said, “well, we talked it over in the office and we wanted to be PC”. I smiled and said thank you because I won’t ever vote for anyone that lets democrats define our language. I hope Lamon speaks frankly – I like him. WE MUST TAKE OUR LANGUAGE BACK.

    • VINOAZ says:

      Who was the author and architect of Political Correctness (PC)? We, the children of Stalin, emigrated from Russia and other former Socialist countries know well Political Correctness—we lived through it half of our adult lives. It is a Stalinist policy, driven by a political agenda, a skillfully crafted design and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization and the creation of a One World Socialist Government under the Kremlin’s rule. Today we can call it progressive (think socialist, Marxist) , leftist, or radical. Agree with you, no votes for democrat kiss-ups or cowards.

  5. Doc says:

    SRAZ & All: Oddly enough, I typed & sent a letter This Very Morning to our absentee ?senator?, uncle fester, a.k.a. mark giffo…oops KELLY!!! I MEANT KELLY…really…I’m posting it here. So, it’s a little long winded, but not too much. (If you write too much, you’ll confuse these mental giants) If it’s too much SRAZ, Please feel free to delete it. I’ll understand. Here Ya’ GO:

    Senator Kelly

    My name is David G. I’m contacting you regarding 2 things. David Chipman & S-1. First, Chipman. This person is a gun hating fanatic, & has no business being in charge of a bureaucratic agency like the BATFE. I’d like to remind you that you REPRESENT the First state in the Nation to enact Constitutional Carry of firearms. No one here wants more regulations & laws regarding our Second Amendment RIGHT. Mr. Chipman would regulate Firearms owners out of existence. Which considering your PAC, would probably suit you well. But, I’d like to point out a couple of things. First, regulating Firearms by legislative fiat doesn’t work. Criminals will get the job they want to do DONE, with or without guns. Also, the type of restrictions yourself & Chipman support Only makes Law Abiding Citizens…Your Constituents…into victims…OR felons. Do you believe that all these laws & regulations that you’d like to see enacted are going to make all the criminals to say, “Hey Joey! Lock all the cocaine in the safe & lock all the hookers in the garage! We gotta’ go turn all our AR’s & Glocks to the cops! Oh! But make sure to stash the Molotov cocktails under the house! They were already illegal!!” Respectfully sir, any gun laws that have been passed are already being ignored by crazy people & criminals. The shooting of 8 in Phoenix the other night; do you actually believe ANY gun legislations you’d like to see would’ve done exactly…ANYTHING to prevent that from happening?

    Do you remember about 10 years ago when a Naval Reserve Captain, & Los Angeles Police Officer Christopher Dorner, went nuts & shot people all over So. Cal., WITH HIS ISSUED AR-15 & 30 round magazines….oh isn’t that already illegal? In So. Cal, wasn’t it illegal at that time to posses an actual AR-15 & 30 round magazines? Much less to use that weapon to go around shooting people? Yes. Yes it was. EXCEPT for Law Enforcement officers. Dorner used his Duty Issued weapon OFF DUTY & in violation of Departmental Policy which was a crime in & of itself. So THAT Happened…& people DIED, primarily because AR’s for the Citizens are limited there, they’re more expensive, deterring citizens from buying them, & magazine regulations make them effectively useless. YET, Police are allowed to keep theirs as the government regulated the citizenry. And again Citizens Died, because of government overreach Please refer to the Federalists papers on how & why the Second Amendment was created. You’ll see that during the construction of that Amendment, it was created & written the way that it was to keep a “Level Playing Field” (my words not theirs) between the Citizenry & the government. READ IT. You’ll see that I’m correct.

    Respectfully sir, you may already know that your Beautiful wife Gabby…actually wasn’t a gun grabber. I Checked her voting record, sir. Now, what happened to her is a Disgrace. BUT…loughner was not mentally stable. And because of that, sadly, he shot numerous people, including your wife. She was a VICTIM, as were all the others. Yet it’s illegal to go on a shooting spree taking aim on people. That’s ALREADY ILLEGAL…& yet it happened. At the time of the incident, it was legal in ARIZONA to “open-carry”. Again Respectfully sir, maybe if Congresswoman Giffords had been properly trained & armed, the “Victim” might’ve had the last name of “loughner”.

    In closing this topic sir, No Arizonan wants any more gun laws, period. We want LESS gun laws, & to respectfully remind you, you REPRESENT the Citizens of Arizona, not special interests including The Giffords Law Center, President Biden, Senator Schumer, or George Soros. The Citizens of Arizona, your Constituents, expect you to Honor That, sir. Honoring that means in this case you must NOT vote Chipman, sir. You must abstain from voting due to your prior relationship with him. This relationship makes you biased. Arizonan’s Don’t want this person in charge of ANYTHING.

    Second, S-1. Sir, why in the world would ANY Thinking citizen in these United States, want the federal government regulating elections on what actually is, according to our Founding Documents, a STATES RIGHTS ISSUE? Again, I urge you to review the Documents you SWORE to uphold, & the Federalist Papers to get the background on how & why these Documents were written the way they were. There’s a REASON States control voting. There’s a REASON Washington D.C. isn’t a state. “Stacking the deck” isn’t right & you know it. Packing the SCOTUS Isn’t right & you KNOW it. Removing the Filibuster isn’t right, & you KNOW it.

    i know that “Change is the Only Constant”, sir. But legislative “Change” needs to be carefully reviewed & considered using Reason, Sound Logic, Honesty, & Common Sense, putting “personal feelings & opinions” aside in consideration of Your Constituents BEFORE voting on it. Not after, like Congresswoman Pelosi so famously said a few years back. What she said back then about “…pass[ing] the bill to find out what’s IN the bill”…Uuummm…define “IN”. SERIOUSLY? It doesn’t even make sense when you say those words with your mouth! Now, you’re an Astronaut. You’re supposed to be intelligent. Please act like it. Honor Your Oath & REPRESENT YOUR CONSTITUENTS, Sir. Abstain on Chipman, NO on S-1. Period.


    David G.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Your letter is long and takes up space reserved for comments, but we would not remove/delete it. We’ve just put it at the end of the queue, so it can be read, but not impede dialogue.

      You are a valued friend of SRAZ!

      • Doc says:

        SRAZ – Thank You for leaving it. And I consider the education I get here SO IMPORTANT! Thank You ALL for that!

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