California: Where cows are smarter than voters

California stands as a pathetic example of what becomes of a state where voters have repeatedly elected radicals as governor,* U.S. Senators, (both are democrats), U.S. Representatives, (41 out of 53 are democrats), a disproportionately leftward state assembly/legislators (59 dems, 19 Republicans, 1 registered Independent) and state senators (31 dems, 9 Republicans).

If they are still capable of doing so, Californians should emulate dozens of mooing cows headed for the slaughterhouse. They have taken matters in their own hooves. Not willing to stand idly by awaiting their own demise, they made a run for it. CBS News provides coverage and video.

With democrats in control, it’s no surprise that California, at 13.3%, has the highest state income tax of any state.

*Arnold Schwarzenegger elected in 2003 was the last Republican governor. Current Gov. Gavin Newsom, a democrat, is facing a recall.

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9 Responses to California: Where cows are smarter than voters

  1. VINOAZ says:

    California is dominated by liberals and leftists. There are many smart and rich people proving there is no relationship between intelligence and wisdom and that money can’t by character. Add the ignorant, the mentally ill, the stupid and the illegals and you get democrats boldly promulgating one idiocy after another. I feel sorry for the wise, for conservatives and the morally upstanding because they are getting the government they don’t deserve. Predicting that Newsome will not be recalled.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      I’m betting Newsome will not only lose, but will lose by an indisputable margin. The gathering of petition signatures was done by volunteers statewide which should have been disorganized, but wasn’t. Not only did they collect sufficient signatures, but also a very comfortable cushion.

  2. Observer says:

    This is interesting reading:

    I suggest it to any doubters. The anti-Newsome, recall forces are on a roll. They’ve accomplished what was regarded as impossible. A fed-up populace is akin to a wet hen.They will certainly vote and encourage others to, also.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    In San Francisco, gas prices are averaging $4.23 a gallon, up 7.5 cents from last week’s average and 19.1 cents from last month’s average, according to data from fuel analysis website

    Combine that with skyrocketing food prices (all due to OBiden making us energy dependent again, and I predict Republicans will be on a roll.

    The OBiden administration is banking on illegals, early released prisoners having their voting rights restored, and those still receiving government checks making them disinclined to work.

    Dregs love the dems, who they view as indulgent parents

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Great headline!! Also appreciate the research. I figured the D’s and Rs would be lopsided, but had no idea of how bad the situation is. No wonder they call it the “Land of fruits and nuts.”

  5. VINOAZ says:

    Patriot Mom, Observer and Frankly Speaking I sincerely hope you are right! Imagine Newsome surviving and eventually running for president! Unfortunately he isn’t the only lunatic in CA government.

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    The problem with Californians is that they are flooding Arizona and bringing their politics with them. Their home prices are so inflated, they arrive here with loads of cash and drive up our market making home ownership unaffordable to many locals.

    • Doc says:

      It seems like there’s more californication license plates than there are ARIZONA Plates anymore. I’m having bumper stickers made that say, “From CA.? Dem? GO BACK!”

  7. jojo says:

    We’ve had fruits and nuts in Pima County for toooooo long. HELP!