Biden does Redford with a twist: He’s the Hoarse Whisperer

In 1998 a movie titled, The Horse Whisperer, starred Robert Redford when he was still recognizable. Redford played a horse trainer with a talent for understanding and communicating with horses.

America is witnessing its own version, with a twist. Pres. Joe Biden, who is no longer recognizable due to the blank stare in his eyes and his increasing tenancy to inappropriately shuffle off both subject and stage, is now trying to emulate Redford. Biden has bizarrely morphed into the Hoarse Whisperer. While in Great Britain recently addressing U.S. troops, his wife, Jill, had to admonish him, scolding, “Joe, pay attention!” (video under link) as he tuned his back to her as she spoke.

Biden then compounds the calamity by admitting, “I keep forgetting I’m president.” If this clearly diminished man is supposed to represent America on the world stage, we are in “big trouble” — as he often admits he is. But, with whom? He never says. Could he have abusive caretakers?

7 Responses to Biden does Redford with a twist: He’s the Hoarse Whisperer

  1. Mr. and Mrs. America says:

    Joe Biden’s infirmities were clearly on display during the campaign. His operatives hid him in the basement for a reason, giving him abbreviated scripts to read from. Still the dimocraps who put party above country, voted for him. We’ve curtailed our interactions with such people, regardless of who they are. COVID gave us an excuse not to host holiday events, but we will not be resuming them, which means they will permanently end, since the attendees are takers who never reciprocate.

    • Trump Supporter says:

      Typical dems! You have made the correct decision! We began by limiting time with democrats. Have totally stopped socializing with them, which was made easier during the pandemic, but our contacts will not resume. There is no other way to view them than as enemies of our democracy. Some are relatives, which is more difficult, but we have told them that political discussions are out of bounds. Can’t come to terms with their ignorance. If a single word is uttered, we will leave without making any excuses.

  2. no one says:

    And, just like the uber-liberal Redford’ ‘talks’ with horses, only the horse-faced liberals can hear and understand his rambling baloney!

  3. Maggie says:

    Those who voted for the Biden-Harris ticket were voting for the third Obama term, since he is the behind the scenes puppet master. Many of Biden’s advisors were in the Obama administration. They are so bonded to leftism that our liberty takes a back seat.

    Our nation is suffering with riots and anarchy under this administration and met with silence. Our kids are taught “Critical Race Theory” in government schools, which pits Americans against one another, based on historical distortions. We are the only nation that fought within our own borders to eradicate slavery, losing 100’s of thousands of our own young men.

  4. Doc says:

    SRAZ, I believe your last statement makes a Valid & Concerning point! Ya’ DON’T have to have a Harvard Medical degree to Plainly see this poor man is “not here” with us. His handlers may in fact be his abusers. I don’t hold him accountable for ANY of the disaster we’re ALL experiencing. He doesn’t have the cognitive ability to say or do ANY of this. It’s my hypothesis that his wife could Very Well be on the “Abusers” list. But the puppeteer obasturd is DEFINATELY Behind ALL of it. I mean, think about it. That man is the (half) black version of a “Grand Kleagle”. He is Far & Away the most racist, bigoted, & maniacal deviant ever. And now…he’s got an old white guy to control & abuse…does it GET ANY BETTER for a guy like him?

    …and he’s getting AWAY WITH IT!

    • Clementine says:

      I view “Dr.” Jill as the Abuser-in-Chief. She wanted so badly to go down in history as a “First Lady,” if only briefly, that she was more than willing to subject her obviously mentally disabled husband to the humiliation he is receiving. He’s unaware of most that goes on, but she should be protecting him rather than exposing him to ridicule. Her recent public reprimand to him illustrates how she talks down to her ailing husband.

      • Doc says:

        Agreed…but check her crack smokin’ offspring…who slept with his own dead brother’s widow….Th’ apple didn’t fall far from th’ tree…