Arizona’s election audit deliberately sullied by county officials

Are Maricopa County officials complicit in possible criminality?

Scrutiny of Maricopa County’s election audit has been front and center news, but not in the local press which has held firm to the idea that it is suspect, and should not be taking place, despite the fact that other states including Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania are investigating their 2020 election results.

The Gateway Pundit (GP), a reliably conservative national blog has been relentless in its coverage of the audit, and has become the go-to site for Arizona truth seekers.

Today we direct our readers to “Arizona Audit War Room Points Out Possible Crimes Committed by Maricopa County Officials,” by Jordan Conradson.

The team at GP obviously has an inside track on the proceedings and the players involved. We are grateful for the site’s ongoing diligence.

With democrats seriously fighting to control our state, Arizona Republicans are living in perilous times. Our state legislature breakdown is too close for comfort as the 30 member Senate consists of 16 Republicans and 14 democrats. The 60 member House is similarly tight with 31 Republicans and 29 democrats.

Prior to Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly, the last time Arizona had two democrat U.S. Senators was when Ernest McFarland and Carl Hayden represented the state. Hayden had been the territorial sheriff and first ran for congress in 1911 in anticipation of Arizona’s 1912 statehood. He was born in Hayden’s Ferry, Arizona Territory, which was later renamed Tempe.

McFarland, born in 1894 had the distinction of being the only Arizonan to serve in all three branches of government. In 1924 he was elected Pinal County Attorney. He was a U.S. Senator, Arizona Governor and Arizona Supreme Court Justice. He also owned KTVK Channel 3 which he acquired in a cozy media deal with fellow Democrat Pres. Lyndon Johnson, who also signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. 

To put this timeline in context, both Hayden and McFarland joined the military during World War I.

The sweetheart deal gifting media franchises to political cronies, also established PBS and NPR as the national distribution networks for leftward skewed public television and radio.

For the sake of our future, it’s imperative Republicans take back the senate. If you’ve been complaining but doing nothing, now is the time to get involved. It‘s never been more important.

13 Responses to Arizona’s election audit deliberately sullied by county officials

  1. Observer says:

    I expect nothing from demoncrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, but the Republican-led Board of Supervisors and MC Recorder Stephen Richer are beyond disappointing. They all need to be primaried by solid conservatives.

  2. no one says:

    Maricopa County Supervisors posted an article in the Briefs that show 100% disregard for the rule of law. They should be held accountable under the law. Some time in solitary (just like the Jan 6 folks) might do them some good. What makes them think they are above the law?? Richer is just a parrot; too bad – we need to find a legal way to toss him in with the supervisors.

    • Doc says:

      SOLITARY?!?!?!? Nope…GEN POP…put ’em with rapists & murderers…just like the criminals they are! And YES, I DO equate the destroyers of OUR Liberties & Freedoms with rapists & murderers. Lock EVERY DAMNED ONE OF ‘EM UP down in Florence!

  3. State Committeeman says:

    Terrific photo of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors accompanying the Gateway Pundit link!! Behind bars is exactly where they should be! The only Republicans who would vote to reelect any of them and the Maricopa County Recorder, would have to be information deprived ignoramuses or enjoy paying the salaries of liars.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    Here are the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Four of the five are Republicans but they conduct themselves exactly like dem Steve Gallardo.

  5. jojo says:

    This is what happens when we have AZGOP picking our RINO candidates. I just call them McCain stains. MAGA candidates ONLY. LET PEOPLE PICK OUR OWN CANDIDATES AND GOP STAY OUT OF THE PRIMARIES. Mandatory debates.

    • Longtime GOP PC says:

      The whole point of having party aligned Primary elections is to give us the ability to select who moves forward to the General to challenge the opposing party. There ARE debates and they are televised! What rock have you been under?

  6. Clementine says:

    If you’ve ever tried calling your district supervisor, you know they are NEVER in their offices, though they determine the $3,071,744,691 county budget that is underwritten by numerous fees and taxes imposed on residents. They show up to stick it to us and collect their salaries and perks.

  7. Frankly Speaking says:

    Here is Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer pandering to radical leftists Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC, continuing his use of the word “unhinged” to describe former President Trump and accusing him of lying. If Trump is “unhinged” so are all of the Republicans who voted for Richer. Few of us will repeat that massive lapse of judgment.

  8. Ellsworth says:

    The video is disgusting. Watching Richer grovel to the leftists is stomach turning. There are ZERO circumstances under which I would vote for Stephen Richer again.

    • MacBeth says:

      Ditto! You can count on the fact that we are not alone. This arrogant newcomer needs to be shown the door. I’d bet the farm he has been a dem at some point.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      In answering a pre-election questionnaire, Stephen Richer referred to himself as a “No drama guy.”

      We’d never know that by his appearance on MSNBC and hogging the spotlight as an anti-Trumper. His job requires him to be taking care of business. That’s how he earns a taxpayer-paid salary, Why would he agree to go on the leftist Morning Joe?” Conservatives don’t canoodle with Joe Scarborough. It certainly was not to reach conservatives. I wouldn’t be surprised if he runs as a dem.

  9. Rambling Rose says:

    Stephen Richer refers to himself as a lawyer and a former “business person.“ He’s too politically correct to say “businessman.” Sounds like dem-speak to me.
    Does anyone know how long he’s been a Republican? He sounds like a registered Opportunist.