Pres. Donald Trump schedules Phoenix rally July 24, 2021 & Update

“Rally To Protect Our Elections!” expected to draw capacity crowd

For those who have attended any of President Trump’s rallies, to say the enthusiasm is extraordinary would be the height of understatement. No one generates the level of commitment among Republican supporters as does Donald Trump.

America’s 45th president is scheduled to make his first appearance in the Valley since the 2020 election. Radio talk show host and Turning Point Action‘s Charlie Kirk is hosting the “Rally to Protect Our Elections,” event at the Arizona Federal Theater on Saturday, July 24, 2021. The 5,000 capacity venue is located at 400 West Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85003. The specific time has not yet been announced, although the website says “Doors Open: 9:00 am and doors Close: 4:00 pm.” Click here to register.


5 Responses to Pres. Donald Trump schedules Phoenix rally July 24, 2021 & Update

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Bravo!! Donald J. Trump is the best president in my life time…yours, too.

  2. Doc says:

    President Trump is STILL the President, as Our Audit is about to Prove. And even with other states having as much trouble as they are getting their own audits done, they ARE getting a “Hard Look”. Our ACTUAL President having a rally in Phoenix is just like adding Nitrous Oxide to the 2021 807 horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Baby!!!

    I’ve only got 2 questions though: 1~What happens when Arizona’s, Georgia’s, Pennsylvania’s, & Michigan’s audits “Flip” the end result BACK to the actual President? And 2~Does Col. McSally get re-instated? ‘Cuz everybody knows that uncle fester couldn’t get elected to the high office of “Dog Catcher” in Arizona. A “Gun Grabber” got elected to the U.S. Senate in Arizona…RREEAALLYY…tell me AWL About that….

    • Braveheart says:

      If the election audit and manual recount proves the election results were manipulated, I predict nothing will happen. They can count the ballots repeatedly from today to doomsday and even if each set of results show the election was rigged in Arizona or the other states you mention, there is no process I’m aware of to undo a national election. How do you envision this working. I’d like it to.

  3. D.B. Cooper says:

    I predict the event will be another packed house. President Trump remains immensely popular with Americans who benefited from his successful economic programs and his fulfilling his promise to build a border wall. Pres. Trump’s stellar Supreme Court appointments are younger and will hopefully be there for decades.

    Those new justices so inflamed the left that they now want to expand the number of justices on the SCOTUS and give statehood to DC and Puerto Rico to ensure four new dimo US Senators to PERMANENTLY change the configuration of the senate AND the courts.

    When the game is being lost, dims seek to change the rules.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    President Trump did what no other president has done. He kept his promises.

    Obama, who has said that Biden is his third term, is the obvious manipulator behind this administration. Funny, we never see photos of Obama playing golf, though that was all we saw during his term in office. Now he’s too busy running the country through Jill, Kamala and Jen Saki, who sounds like him every time she opens her mouth.

    Those who voted for this travesty deserve what they get. The rest of us, our children and grandchildren don’t.