Associated Press gives official pass to criminals

News agency will no longer cover “not newsworthy” crimes

Associated Press is back to its old tricks, determining what is now too offensive for general consumption while attempting to manipulate American’s attitudes via language. It has become the self-appointed arbiter of communication, with no one to challenge its leftist perspective. SRAZ has written about the agency’s overreaches intended to cunningly alter the vantage point of readers, now utilizing loaded language techniques while ignoring minority perpetrated criminality.

In 2019 AP reporters were instructed on retooling language in an effort to reconfigure opinions. In 2021 deceitful word manipulation has become even more emboldened. We noted at the time that what was once heralded as the free press, has grotesquely transmogrified to purveyors of mind control. This is an important link which is worth your time.

Claiming its mission is to “inform the world,” and “setting the industry standard for ethics in journalism,” AP boasts it’s been on the scene since 1846. Its former rival United Press International (UPI) has all but dried up and bitten the dust.

AP’s latest gambit is deeming certain names too objectionable to be seen in print. Naming crime suspects or showing mug shots of minority criminal perpetrators is now considered racist, although their presumably loving mothers bestowed the monikers on them.

John Daniszewski, AP’s Vice President for Standards, ignores the fact that crime stats are highest among minority perpetrators, since that doesn’t fit into the leftist perspective as it skews the news. He writes, “The names of suspects are generally not newsworthy beyond their local communities. We will not link from these stories to others that do name the person, and we will not move mug shots in these cases, since the accused would be identifiable by that photo as well. We also will stop publishing stories driven mainly by a particularly embarrassing mug shot, nor will we publish such mug shots solely because of the appearance of the accused.”

In a world inhabited by leftists even those calling themselves “journalists,“ charged with delivering the news, showing or naming the perpetrator is now racist or too embarrassing.

It’s worth considering if John Daniszewski would be so generous if either he, his wife or children were brutally victimized by those whose violent crimes he is intent on ignoring.

7 Responses to Associated Press gives official pass to criminals

  1. Realist says:

    Does the AP have any explanation for the fact that Black Americans comprise an estimated 13% of the US population yet disproportionately engage in criminal behavior. Not completing education guarantees lower income and poverty. Fatherless homes are a driving force.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    The information regarding the foolishness of Associated Press is yet another reason not to subscribe to the newspaper, which relies on the AP feed. The news is skewed to fit the propagandizing. Last year one of my grandsons told me he was thinking of attending ASU’s Cronkite Journalism School. I told him if he wanted the same financial help I gave his brother, if he followed that path he shouldn’t expect it. He’s now pursuing a electrical engineering degree. Much better choice.

    • Seen It All says:

      Smart moves…both yours and your grandson’s. I hope you explained the reason behind your decision to him. ASU is astronomically high priced and turns out radical leftist robots. It’s all part of Michael Crow’s scheme, plus you’d be footing the bill for his outrageous salary and perks.

  3. Justin says:

    Associated Press is showing the effects of inbreeding, which creates low IQ folks like the ones we saw in “Deliverance.” The only difference is the APers drink highballs and the folks from the movie downed moonshine.

  4. no one says:

    “Associated Press is back to its old tricks, determining what is now too offensive for general consumption…”

    Naw, they are just following California’s lead wherein any crime/shoplifting concerns less than $950.00 value it will not be DETAINED, CHARGED OR ARRESTED, but rather – IGNORED!!!!

  5. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.,

    Arrgh…We did it again, and after your excellent tutelage we definitely know better. Actually, we probably knew better in 5th grade, but get sloppy with lack of sleep. Your watchful eye is very much appreciated. Properly placed apostrophes are not only important, they keep SRAZ from lapsing into the ordinary. Sincere thanks.