Jeff Flake: Biden picks turkey as ambassador to Turkey

Appointment is reward for Flake’s support of Biden’s presidential campaign

In what is surely one of the most appropriate appointments to come out of the Harris/Biden administration Arizonan Jeff Flake has been nominated as ambassador to Turkey. Cindy McCain, who also campaigned for the democrat ticket, was similarly rewarded with an ambassadorship.

Flake, a former congressman and single term U.S. Senator, perfected his role as show-boater extraordinaire, colluding with democrats, though elected as a Republican. He posted photos of himself writing checks to democrat candidates, and was avidly anti-Trump,* to the point that his relatives who make up a majority of the conservative LDS town of Snowflake, AZ named in part for his great-great-grandfather, refused to support his candidacy according to a report in the local newspaper. Flake, who was born and raised in Snowflake, opportunistically moved to Mesa to launch his single issue, opposition to “earmarks,” congressional campaign.

Flake’s unprecedentedly low 18 percent approval ratings in his home state, convinced him not to seek a second senate term. Not only was Flake John McCain’s protégé, he was also Barack Obama’s weekly basketball teammate and traveling buddy, accompanying Obama and the democrat black caucus on a junket to Kenya.

A man of unparalleled deception, Flake’s pre-political past, which he tried to obscure, included working as a registered foreign agent lobbying on behalf of Iranian uranium mining interests in Africa. There was no room for this disclosure or his open border positions on Flake’s resume.

* The Washington Times’ Cheryl K. Chumley exposed this 2019 anti-Constitutional secret voting scheme to remove President Trump from office, topped by a photo of the lead instigator, Jeff the Flake.

9 Responses to Jeff Flake: Biden picks turkey as ambassador to Turkey

  1. Trevor says:

    At least he had the courage to call it quits because either Dr. Ward or Kyrsten Sinema would have destroyed him. To this day he fails to realize why he was forced out of office and it was mainly due to his support for illegal aliens over Arizonans. I mean remember this guy put on a cowboy hat and protected the illegals on the ranch in Snowflake by harassing the border patrol.

    • State Committeeman says:

      It wasn’t “courage,” Trevor.
      It was seeing the results of his dilapidated career and acting out of prudence rather than having to endure the humiliation of being kicked to the curb by irate Republican voters who realized they’d been duped by this McCain ally. His relatives in Snowflake couldn’t even tolerate his antics.

  2. Paying Attention says:

    Cindy McCain and Jeff Flake are not worthy of being called Republicans. They are embarrassments. Both of them have been censured by the elected state delegates at the statutory Republican state meetings. John McCain was previously given the same back of the hand for his career defections. He retaliated by colluding with out-of-state Obama donors to remove the elected committeemen from their posts and replace them with compliant Rinocrats.

    • Mr. & Mrs. America says:

      Their actions are what we would expect from dims. They should reregister, but such an action would lessen their ability to sensationalize their treachery.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I well remember when Jeff Flake and John McCain made a “surprise” visit to a GOP Statutory State meeting. It was not a rarity, it had never before occurred! They were booed and jeered and met with elected state committeemen standing and turning their backs to the two phonies. Others walked out. It was a display of raw rage at the two then-senators.

    • Trevor says:

      I’m surprised they even showed their faces. Any Republican official who does not attend these proves they are out of touch.

  4. jojo says:

    Flake/Turkey. Both words fit.

  5. Clementine says:

    I’m so sick of defectors such as Jeff Flake and Cindy Hensley McCain and her now dead husband. None of them deserve to be called Republicans. They used us and our party for their own advancement.

  6. Just The Facts says:

    Biden is a brain dead figurehead, who does the bidding of puppet master Obama. The appointments of Cindy McCain and Jeff Flake are examples of his gratitude for John McCain assisting Barack Obama’s presidential campaign (even though they were supposedly political rivals) and Flake working to get BO’s legislation through. Cindy the addict who stole opiates from her own charity, has suddenly morphed into a “humanitarian. What a farce!!