Obiden admin. pushes mass amnesty to fortify dem party

Federal Judge halts DACA scheme in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina and West Virginia 

Nearly a decade ago, when Barack Obama pushed for DACA for illegal aliens, he claimed, “This is not amnesty, it is not immunity, it is not a pathway to citizenship.” Most Americans knew he was lying through his pearly whites. Now blatantly pulling the strings on the Biden administration, saying Joe is “finishing the job,” of his presidency, VP Kamala Harris is brazenly calling for a “pathway to citizenship” that gives “relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people.”

The charade needs to be exposed for what it is.

In 2018, SRAZ wrote “…most are adults, not “kids,” which reveals the truth about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients. There is no accurate means of verifying if they were brought into the U.S. as infants by their illegally invading parents or arrived last year after hoisting themselves over the border.” We noted that many of them are grandparents, not babes in arms. One category they surely fit is a large, reliable democrat voting bloc.

At the time, The Washington Examiner exposed the amnesty scheme for what it was. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), still under the spell of John McCain, joined with Jeff Flake and Dick Durbin (D-Ill) on pushing the measure that ultimately failed.

Fast forward to July 16, 2021. A federal judge in Texas on Friday ordered an end to an Obama-era program that prevented the deportations of what cunningly became known as DREAMERs supposedly brought into the United States as children. In 2006, Kris Kobach, constitutional law professor, former Kansas Secretary of State and author of Arizona’s SB 1070, wrote, “The Senate Immigration Bill Rewards Lawbreaking: Why the DREAM Act Is a Nightmare.” Kobach is currently running for Kansas’ Attorney General.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen, nominated by George W. Bush and confirmed by a 97- 0 senate vote,  ruled in favor of Texas and eight other states that sued to halt the DACA program, which provides protections to an estimated three-quarters of a million illegals.

Our votes matter. Among their many duties, U.S. Senators confirm federal judges, who are often on the bench for decades.

Conservative businessman Jim Lamon is challenging far-leftist, 2nd amendment restrictionist, benefactor of nefarious China deals and Obama insider Mark Kelly, who has been funded by Socialist George Soros. We have a chance to make a difference.

6 Responses to Obiden admin. pushes mass amnesty to fortify dem party

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Neither Obama nor his convenient stand-ins, Cackling Kamala or Slo Joe Biden have any concerns about what ultimately happens to the USA. They are all for the moment, and illegals provide continuation of the demoncrat party.

  2. Fed Up says:

    Thank God for the wisdom of U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen. He sees the big picture and realizes the long range implications of the hordes of illiterate and unvaccinated illegals invading our country. They will replicate here what they are leaving in Central America and Mexico. Drive through any south or west Phoenix community where homeowners sold to these people.

    The city no longer enforces residential neighborhood zoning restrictions, so multiple families are residing in single family homes. The once neatly groomed yards are now dirt, littered with junk and beer cans. Cars are parked on them instead of the driveways. Many have turned the garages into living quarters to accommodate the large, extended illegal families, none of whom speak English.

    These conditions worsen as original homeowners with paid off mortgages, hoping to enjoy their retirement years, are forced to move and are replaced with more of what I just described. It happened to us, so it’s a topic I’m familiar with.

  3. Tucson GOP PC says:

    We’ve got to clean house in Arizona’s U.S. Senate. Both Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema hid their party affiliations when they campaigned. That trickery must be taught in dem campaign sessions.

    I’m glad you mentioned conservative Jim Lamon who is challenging radical leftist Mark Kelly. I hope he’s making the rounds of the district meetings so precinct committeemen get to meet him, ask him questions and and ably discuss him with neighbors in their precincts. We’ve got to get our senate back!!

  4. Jack says:

    To those who voted for Biden because they didn’t like President Trump’s “style” YOU are responsible for the endless giveaways (cunningly called “stimulus” programs) that this administration is funding on the backs of our grandchildren and theirs. In his first few months in office, Biden has added $TRILLIONS to our debt, which ultimately is owed to China, our self-declared enemy. I have no respect for democrats, even if they are relatives or friends. We no longer limit our time around them. We have ended it!

  5. D.B. Cooper says:

    Obama questioned Biden’s fitness for office: ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F–k things up’

  6. no one says:

    Where are our Congress folks? When was the last time they introduced legislation on this and other serious issues. I seem to get emails from them telling me all about their “Awards/Recognitions” given to local Arizonans — you know what I mean: “Look, here’s an award, vote for me!” Before you vote in the next go-round make sure you look at their accomplishments!!