Biden’s farcical double standard on immigration

Comparing Biden to Paul Revere: Biden comes up short

The tower of Boston’s Old North Church is immortalized for being where Paul Revere’s “One if by land, two if by sea” lantern signal was sent. The phrase is related to Revere’s midnight ride of April 18, 1775, alerting the colonists, preceding the Battles of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolutionary War. When American history was still taught, we learned these facts.

Things have changed dramatically in the intervening years. Today the leftist educrat members of the teacher’s unions are committed not to our history, but rather to instilling divisiveness — dedicated as they are to indoctrinating Critical Race Theory, where one group of Americans are victims and the other are victimizers, based solely on genetic characteristics over which we have no control.

The Biden administration is energized at the prospect of separating us and laying blame.  It’s their red meat. But there is now what at first blush appears to be an impossible to understand component.

Though the dismantling of the wall on our southern border has been prioritized by the democrats who welcome all comers breaching our southern border* from Central America and Mexico, there is a decidedly different approach to Cubans living under communism 90 miles south of Florida. This past week, they have been marching for freedom from the repressive regime that turned the once popular destination country to a dictatorship run by Fidel Castro and his brother Raul for more than six decades. Communist Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez is currently in charge.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, is another slippery Obama administration cohort now reshuffled over to Biden. He helped implement the DACA program and will be responsible for strengthening it, along with other Biden immigration programs. He also has a short memory. Mayorkas’ own family fled Cuba in 1960 after Fidel Castro’s communist takeover of the country. This was his tweet on the topic.

Mayorkas is not all that concerned about our nation’s security as he welcomes uneducated, unvaccinated and often known criminal invaders from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.  However, his and Biden’s message to Cubans hungering for freedom among increasing domestic turmoil along with food and medical shortages is, “Let me be clear. If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.”

Why the different treatment? There’s no mystery involved. Cubans are reliably Republicans. Mexicans and Central Americans most often walk lock-step with the democrats.

* U.S. Customs and Border Protection provides these shocking and most updated numbers for Fiscal Year 2021 to Date Stats for June 2021. Check out the percentage increases. Between February and March 2021, after newly installed Joe Biden assumed the presidency, 1,076,242 illegals entered the United States. The numbers have not abated.

7 Responses to Biden’s farcical double standard on immigration

  1. Kimball says:

    The statement from Alejandro Mayorkas is a travesty and clearly displays the political double standard of the Biden administration. Mayorkas said that anyone from Cuba or Haiti trying to escape to the U.S. by boat will be intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard and returned immediately to their homes. He and his family weren’t treated that way.

  2. StetsonXXX says:

    The dimos must have written the language of “double talk.“ Although Mayorkas benefited immensely from his arrival in the United States, he denies the same opportunity to others living under the same Cuban Communistic regime he and his parents escaped. Cubans have assimilated into American culture and see the benefits of conservative politics. That’s a bridge too far for the dems

  3. Braveheart says:

    For a bit of perspective…Key West Florida is closer to Cuba than to Miami, Florida.

  4. Jack says:

    Has anyone seen this? Our “good neighbor” Mexico is seeking to strengthen ties with Communist North Korea! Maybe they can fly their citizens in the North Korea instead of shipping them to US?

  5. Mohave Mike says:

    Those stats from U.S. Customs and Border Protection are more than disturbing. This is what we’re getting from the Obiden administration. Crime is rampant and illegal workers undercut American wages, so the now reemerging homebuilding and commercial construction industries will toss John aside for Juan, who will accept lower wages and won’t expect benefits.

  6. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Joseph Bickley, Sr.,

    We are grateful for your editing suggestions. Also appreciate your excellent point about capitalizing communism when we intentionally keep democrat in lower case. You are a gem of an editor!