Matt Salmon still chasing AZ governor dream…when not backing China

Though his political time has come and gone, Matt Salmon hasn’t gotten the message. After losing a gubernatorial race to Obama-connected, open-border leftist Janet Napolitano in 2002 and later announcing his retirement from politics, Salmon, a former U.S. Rep. who left congress twice, is once again running for governor. In the intervening years, he’s reportedly earned $336,090 yearly as the chief lobbyist for Arizona State University, notably supporting the Confucius Institute. He was aided in his duties as a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker. He learned the language in preparation for his 1970’s church mission in Taiwan.

The Chinese Communist Party-linked Confucius Institutes are Beijing-run programs that ostensibly teach Chinese language and culture. Initially, more than 100 institutes simultaneously emerged at universities in the United States, plus Confucius Classrooms at the K-12 level. They’re directed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, employ teachers who are trained in China and teach government-approved versions of history, culture and current events to American students — few of whom have any relevant knowledge of either communism or China, as this disturbing Campus Reform article points out. This brief, but startling video provides an insight into the ignorance flourishing on liberal college campuses:

As of July 9, 2021, there are a total of 41 Confucius Institutes in the United States, down from over 100, as schools abandoned the propaganda programs thanks to pressure from the Trump administration amid growing concerns they have become indoctrination centers. This crucial report in the Washington Examiner reveals President Donald Trump’s proposed rule, “Establishing Requirement for Student and Exchange Visitor Program Certified Schools to Disclose Agreements with Confucius Institutes and Classrooms.” But before the rule made its way to the Federal Register or went into effect, the Biden administration withdrew it on Jan. 26, less than a week after Inauguration Day.

We’re all busy, but should never be too preoccupied to lose awareness of ubiquitous indoctrination programs intended to undermine our constitutional republic and using our younger generation to carry out the scheme.

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  1. Hometown Guy says:

    My email has been flooded with messages from Matt Salmon. The latest one alerting Arizona voters to an endorsement from a Wyoming senator I’ve never heard of was sent at 6:03 am this morning, which makes me think he’s hired a DC consulting firm.

    • Trevor says:

      And Matt should not be touting being endorsed by John Giles who supports men in women’s restrooms.

  2. Sally Forth says:

    Watching the ignorance of the college students is stomach turning. Didn’t their parents realize the indoctrination their kids have been instilled with from the earliest grades? Don’t parents talk to their kids about current events anymore? Do they talk to them at all??

    When ours each turned 18, there was a filled out voter registration form on their plate. Breakfast came after it they signed it…as Republicans. There was no rebellion. They were raised having us discuss politics with them, and understood the differences between the two political parties. They are adults with school age families of their own and discuss politics with their own children. That’s how it works! We also went to church together and discussed the sermons in the car on our way to lunch.

  3. Trevor says:

    Some of the support for Kari Lake is quite cultish like Demand Daniel. Kari says she is the only “MAGA” candidate which is not true, how can she say that and has McCain people on her campaign like Sam Stone who helped Ron Barber defeat Jesse Kelly?!

    • Not Buying It says:

      Good point. Kari Lake has no credentials for running the state. She’s been a newsreader putting a face to a teleprompter script. Anyone voting for her based on the fact that they’ve seen her on a screen in their family room is lacking common sense. She’s never shown the slightest interest in anything other than her hair and nails. She’s an empty shell, looking for a high profile career, after she was dumped by Channel 10 for using FU profanity on the air.

      • Trevor says:

        I worry she could be a Jan Brewer with the people she has surrounded herself with. Or a Brian Kemp who is a massive dissapointment. Total Trump traitor by appointing Mitt Romney’s friend to the Senate instead of MAGA Doug Collins.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I don’t recall lobbyist Salmon vocally supporting Pres. Donald Trump. As a conservative, that’s defining for me.

    When you earn your keep promoting the lunacy that is spread by ASU‘s hierarchy and professors, it’s doubtful Salmon would have had a good word to say about the 45th president. When/If he appears at district meetings, that is the first question he should be asked.

  5. Casper says:

    We are at a dangerous point in our history, brought into stark reality by the last election when uninformed Americans actually voted for a feeble old man suffering from dementia…or at least that’s what we’re being told.

  6. Trump Supporter says:

    Did a quick internet search and found this 2013 SRAZ post detailing a Laura Ingraham interview with Salmon which I remembered but not the title. None of the links work….too old, I guess, but the main portion of the interview is pure Laura! She held Salmon’s feet to the fire about his views on amnesty and work visas, which both negatively impact American workers. She then warns him he’s in a “cliché free zone,” meaning no “system is broken,” “people need to come out of the shadows,” “we can’t deport 12 million people,” etc. Laura’s at her all time best!!!

    Laura Ingraham is the bear in Matt Salmon’s stream

  7. Justin says:

    After I watched the Campus Reform video in the post, I watched others. One showed college students denigrating the American flag and saying it shouldn’t be flown since it symbolizes white supremacy! I grew up hearing the national anthem played each morning at my Phoenix grade school and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

  8. Braveheart says:

    That $336,000 salary Salmon made at ASU was several years ago It was no doubt higher when he left. Also, that figure is a base salary, excluding benefits and perks

  9. Realist says:

    The astronomical tuition and other fees at the 3 state universities not only make ASU President Michael Crow one of the highest paid in the nation, but ding parents and students with tuition that is beyond the reach of many. Yet Crow advocated for reduced rates (in-state tuition) for illegals who he welcomes with open arms.
    Karrin Kunasek Taylor Robson, married to wealthy developer Ed Robson, is a member of the AZ Board of Regents. She was instrumental in rubberstamping all of this. Now she’s running for governor? Give me a break!!

    • Trevor says:

      And Crow charges out of state and out of nation students insane amounts of tuition. Crow is one of the most evil people in this state since Janet Napolitano. And any member of the Board of Regents who keeps giving this guy a raise should be nowhere near any public office.

      • Not Fooled says:

        You’re correct! And that would include Ducey appointed Regent Karrin Taylor Robson. who just happens to be running for governor to succeed him. She was rewarded with the Board of Regents appointment because she and her husband were high dollar donors to Ducey. The question is, is he foolish enough to endorse her as his successor?

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