Slo-Joe instructs parents about man on the moon, aliens


9 Responses to Slo-Joe instructs parents about man on the moon, aliens

  1. Realist says:

    How proud the dems must be of their votes.

  2. Marianne says:

    This man is not fit to be out without a caregiver. Instead he’s the President of the United States? I have no respect for anyone who voted for this pathetic, mentally feeble old man.

  3. AZ GOP PC says:

    I actually thought this was a joke until I saw the stunned look on CNN’s Don Lemon’s face as he nodded in obvious disbelief at Biden’s blather. Lemon is a leftist but knew something was very wrong with Biden.

  4. D.B. Cooper says:

    How long before this pitiful figurehead will be replace by hyena laughing Kabala the ineffectual “border czarina,“ which of course, was backstage manipulator Obama’s get-go plan.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    If this scenario was described to me I would have thought it was an exaggeration. Seeing it with my own eyes is shocking! He needs sedation and a straight jacket…not a chair in the Oval Office.

  6. East Valley Conservative says:

    I had to watch this repeatedly to make sure I understood the point Biden was making. I never did!

  7. Paying Attention says:


  8. Doc says:

    Ya’ know, while his supposed “wife” is doing obasturd’s bidding in Japan, (which was just threatened with NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION by th’ chicoms) this poor man is put on this kind of display. It’s “elder Abuse”, & these people connected with him, & Especially mrs. biden, should be PROSECUTED as such!!

    • StetsonXXX says:

      You nailed it, Doc! Joe Biden needs to be institutionalized and his greedy political and family exploiters, including “Dr.” Jill, should be incarcerated.