How do your AZ House, Senate members measure up?

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club has a wealth of information that reflects its pro-growth, limited government vantage point.

It is also known for rating the state Senate and House members, a legislative scorecard many fiscally conservative Republicans await each year. 

Additionally, the organization posts timely articles, follows key legislation and is informative on a wide range of issues. Today’s lead article is titled, “Biden Administration Wants to Silence People They Don’t Agree With.”

Start your day with knowledge. Spend some time on the Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s site.

3 Responses to How do your AZ House, Senate members measure up?

  1. Trevor says:

    Great scorecard that exposed RINOS like Heather Carter when she was in the legislature.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Yes! It shouldn’t be overlooked. I’ve paid attention to it for years.

  2. Ellsworth says:

    Several other groups did similar ratings, but haven’t seen them recently. The now defunct Pachyderm Coalition kept many of us updated.

    With the Biden economy in the dumper after the booming Trump years, glad to see a fiscally conservative site.