Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s political aspirations explode in boos at Trump election integrity rally

Scandal-plagued* Arizona state senator Michelle Ugenti Rita (R-LD23) received a roaring reception at Saturday’s capacity crowd Trump election integrity rally, but it definitely wasn’t what she was hoping for. 

Ugenti-Rita, who has said she no longer supports the Maricopa County ballot audit, and has ridiculed AZ Senate President Karen Fann, was booed repeatedly and finally left the stage in disgrace before finishing her prepared statements. Attendees were furious at her petty refusal to support SB 1241, an election integrity bill proposed by another Republican, Sen. Kelly Townsend — opting instead to join the democrats and Republicrat Sen. Paul Boyer. She‘s currently a candidate for Arizona Secretary of State and will likely be withdrawing rather than face a humiliating Primary Election loss.

Ugenti-Rita’s disgrace was widely reported nationally:

Gateway Pundit: (Scroll all the way through…past ads)

State Senator Michelle Ugenti Rita HasTGP Reporter Removed From Trump Rally And ARRESTED after She is Booed Off Stage (VIDEO)

Conservative Treehouse:

Perfect — AZ GOP Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Who killed election reform bill, destroyed by audience, booed and run off stage

 BPR/Business and Politics:

GOP state senator mercilessly booed off stage at Turning Point rally in Ariz., after killing election bill

Watch the Booing video HERE.

* Complete and shocking coverage by Julia Shumway in The Arizona Capitol Times.


5 Responses to Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s political aspirations explode in boos at Trump election integrity rally

  1. Southwest Cincinnatus says:

    Looks as if the “Political Dictionary” can add this video of Michelle Ugenti-Rita to the definition of “delusional.”
    Of course, her ego and her “urges” have been suspect for quite some time!
    Her efforts to lecture the assembled throng of Conservative Activists proved as futile as her Clintonesque “social overtures” to a female lobbyist whom she tried to persuade into discovering a “third way” a few years ago.
    It is past time for her to depart political life and concentrate on her kids.
    Her chances of becoming Secretary of State are as likely as being named “Mother of the Year!”

  2. Anthem Al says:

    Michelle Ugenti-Rita’s political career has finally taken the nose dive it deserves. Not only is she “petty” …not wanting to work cooperatively with other legislators, but she is pure sleaze, packaged in a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her mouth facade.
    Just finished reading the Capitol Times exposé. She’s a disgrace!

  3. Seen It All says:

    I’m betting the first thing Ugenti-Rita does tomorrow is be first in line at the Secretary of State’s Office….to withdraw from the SoS race! She’ll never win another political office in AZ, which is good. Her young kids need her and she needs to clean up her tawdry act.

  4. Observer says:

    What makes her think she could function as governor? Two terms in the state Senate? Pulleese.

    In 2017, Ugenti was the only Republican to oppose a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill that toughens penalties for assaulting off-duty police officers

    The SoS is one heartbeat or impeachment away from the governor’s office. What does she have to recommend her? She might try pole dancing.

  5. East Valley Conservative says:

    Ugenti-Rita would be the first Secretary of State known to have invited a female lobbyist to join a “threesome” and laid on a bar and had people drinking salted Margarita shots out of her navel and suck a lime from her mouth.

    Ugenti-Rita confirmed the body shots in her own sworn deposition, but said the woman asked to do them.

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