Election audit exposé: BoS chair Jack Sellers is linchpin

Once again, Gateway Pundit (GP) proves to be the go-to site for information on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors which has fought tooth and nail against the election audit verifying the results of the 2020 county votes.

Now we know why. The first paragraph follows this lede:

“Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Jack Sellers, has unique connections to China and American companies.”

“Jack Sellers is the Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. He has refused or delayed compliance with judge-ordered subpoenas related to the Senate’s audit. He’s supposedly a Republican…so what gives? A look into Sellers’ other roles and those organizations may shed some light. We know he participated in trade missions to China. Trump was tough on China and curbed much of the illegal immigration. Is it possible Jack Seller’s loyalties lie elsewhere?”

Read the entire, enlightening GP report by Joe Hoft, complete with a photo of Chairman Sellers being cordially greeted by the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party in China. It’s news you won’t find in the audit disdaining, increasingly radical local newspaper, which has been losing subscribers at an unsustainable rate.


7 Responses to Election audit exposé: BoS chair Jack Sellers is linchpin

  1. Stetson says:

    Thanks for this revealing background on the audit. Other states and counties are now following Maricopa County’s lead. There are too many reasons not to submissively accept the vote tally. When Republican candidates were retained down ballot, why should we meekly accept that those same voters would suddenly switch their presidential vote to a dem who was hidden away by his handlers throughout the election cycle due to his cognitive decline? It has worsened in the past 7 months. Biden is a mentally and physically declining man. He won’t serve out his term.

    • Disgusted says:

      You nailed it! Obedient dems won’t care. Their backup Kabala will continue to do Barack Obama’s bidding, recklessly leave the border open to all comers while actually ensuring the expansion of the dem party. America as we know it will be dead thanks to the dems. We will become a third world country rather than a beacon of liberty. Thank those you know who voted for brain-dead Biden.

  2. Trevor says:

    One of Kari’s advisors named Tim Mooney blamed Trump for the so called “Insurrection”. Those Never Trumpers around her clearly only care about $$$$

  3. Not Fooled says:

    The entire Board of Supervisors is tainted and needs to be replaced. The problem is, their terms are staggered.

  4. the quiet one says:

    Thanks for revealing this information on Sellers. Looks like if he has his way, we will be speaking Mandarin in a few short years. ALL of the Supervisors MUST GO! They are not doing the will of the voters they are supposed to represent. I, for one, think they should right now be sitting in jail for failure to respond to the legal subpoena issues by the Senate. Ask yourself this: If YOU had been served such a subpoena and failed to respond, where would you be now? In jail or out on bail?

    ‘Nuff said!

  5. Longtime GOP PC says:

    We have repeatedly been conned by posers who will say anything to get elected. The best way to avoid a repeat of this this scenario is to become a precinct committeeman and ask the tough questions when the candidates come to your district meeting. Those who don’t schedule an appearance or give loosey-goosey answers are not deserving of our votes when elections roll around.

    This is not rocket science, but it requires effort on our parts.

  6. Fed Up says:

    Sellers is perfectly named. He’s sold out.

    It won’t be difficult to remember his name on the ballot. He needs a conservative challenger!

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