TX Gov. Abbott accuses Biden of creating a “public health disaster”

President Trump’s border wall construction has been systematically dismantled by cognitively impaired Biden and his incompetent “border czarina,” VP Kamala Harris

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, frustrated by the Biden administration’s unwillingness to control the border, has issued this Executive Order directing the state’s Department of Public Safety to assist with arrests of illegal aliens and to allow state troopers to stop vehicles suspected of transporting them.

The troopers can stop vehicles “upon reasonable suspicion” and can reroute them to their point of origin or impound them if they are found to be carrying illegals.

The Republican governor specifically called out Biden’s failure to enforce the Title 42 Order, combined with his refusal to enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress, which he declared is having a predictable and potentially catastrophic effect on public health in Texas. Gov. Abbott cites reports detailing that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recently seen a 900% increase in the number of illegal detainees who tested positive for COVID-19 in the Rio Grande Valley. The Executive Order cites busloads of illegals, an unknown number of whom are infected with COVID-19, being transported to communities across the State of Texas, exposing Texas citizens to the ravages of the highly communicable disease. Infected illegals are also being transported across the entire United States.

Giving precedence to illegals and disregarding the very real threat of infecting even more Americans with COVID-19 and the new Delta variant strain,  Biden’s U. S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Justice Department he heads, utilizing NINE U.S. DOJ lawyers, sued to block Gov. Abbott’s transportation order, calling it “dangerous” and “contrary to federal law,” when Abbott refused to rescind it.

Merrick Garland was Barack Obama’s unconfirmed choice for the U.S. Supreme Court. Former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, a Republicrat compliantly doing Obama’s bidding, personally escorted him to the offices of other senators soliciting their support for senate confirmation. Fortunately radical leftist Garland was not confirmed, and the aptly named Flake, who carried a meager 18% approval rating in his home state, opted out of running for reelection rather than face an embarrassingly lopsided loss. He then joined Cindy and Mega McCain in endorsing mentally incompetent Joe Biden for president.  

H/T Bill Melugin, FOXLA

6 Responses to TX Gov. Abbott accuses Biden of creating a “public health disaster”

  1. Trevor says:

    Jeff Flake was not the only one praising Garland. Kari Lake was too.

    • Constitutional Conservative says:

      That video is another example of the leftist Kari Lake’s actual political bent. She can call herself a “conservative,” but she has no real knowledge of what that word actually stands for. I wouldnt vote for this nitwit for dog catcher!

      As to the border crisis…Texans should be very proud of their Governor, Greg Abbott. He “stands tall” although he is wheel chair bound due to an unfortunate accident.

  2. State Committeeman says:

    AZ Gov. Doug McDucey could learn a thing or two from Gov. Greg Abbott.

    Ducey was a longtime McCain loyalist and despicable McCain was the original open border proponent, relentlessly working with democrats to push through what he called “comprehensive immigration reform.” That farce was nothing short of a dual pathway. He wanted an unhindered pathway into the United States AND a pathway to citizenship for those who had no regard for our nation other than what they could siphon from it in benefits and displacing American tradesmen. Contractors were onboard due to the fact that they could undercut John’s salary by paying less to Juan.

    One of my red letter days was when I voted to censure McCain at the Statutory Republican state meeting.The vote against him was overwhelming and made national news.

    He came after us with a vengeance and through his surrogates, attempted to displace many of us.

    We’re still here. He’s not.

  3. Realist says:

    I wish we could clone Texas Gov. Greg Abbott!! ALL of the border states need someone like him in command.

    He’d be an unbeatable Presidential Candidate. A Greg Abbott / Ron DeSantis ticket would be a winner.

  4. Marianne says:

    As shocking as that video is, what it depicts is recurring along our nation’s southern border every day. Thank the dems who welcome them and want to turn our country into Mexico Norte and replicas of Central American countries the so-called “migrants” are fleeing. Many of them will bring the criminality they honed at home to the USA.

  5. jojo says:

    Abbott is nothing but a professional politician. Why isn’t he loading ’em up and sending ’em back for trespassing? Let the fed’s come after him? He’s only barking now because he has 2 formidable candidates in the primary that are TRUE MAGA candidates. I’m done with “conservatives” The example of McCain is a good example why.

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