The left perverts forgiveness, compromises the law

Only credentialed psychoanalysts are qualified to analyze what propels certain thoughts or actions. But as observers, it’s difficult to comprehend what would motivate two of Robert Kennedy’s 11 children, one a toddler at the time of his father’s 1968 assassination, to tearfully plead with a California parole board to grant freedom to their father’s assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. Ethyl Kennedy, their mother was pregnant when her husband was gunned down. Another brother, ironically bearing his father’s name, also pled for the release of his father’s murderer. He was 14 when his father was slaughtered and became a drug addict. Despite their fame and wealth, the family was plagued with problems.* Another son died of an overdose.

Douglas Kennedy, the toddler at the time of his father’s murder addressed Sirhan Sirhan with these words:

“I’m overwhelmed just by being able to view Mr. Sirhan face to face. I think I’ve lived my life both in fear of him or his name in one way or another. I am grateful today to see him as a human being worthy of compassion and love.”

Robert Kennedy, Jr. wrote a letter to the board, “Strongly encouraging Mr. Sirhan’s release because of his impressive record of rehabilitation.”

The point of a life sentence is to keep violent offenders from recidivism. Robert Kennedy, Jr. is an environmental lawyer, clearly not familiar with criminal law.

At the time of his murder, New York U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy was a democrat presidential candidate who had just delivered a victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after winning his party’s California primary. President John F. Kennedy, his brother, was assassinated while in office in 1962.

Prosecutors could not oppose “Mr” Sirhan‘s release under a policy imposed by radical leftist Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who sides with criminals over law abiding citizens.

*H/T New York Post

7 Responses to The left perverts forgiveness, compromises the law

  1. Hometown Guy says:

    Never lose sight of the fact that the Kennedy’s are liberal democrats. Regardless of the family tragedies they’ve suffered, they support the perpetrators or have contributed to others themselves, as when John F. Kennedy Jr. was determined to pilot through a dense fog with his wife and her sister as they were planning to attend a Kennedy cousin’s wedding that weekend. He was cautioned not to take off and though he was an inexperienced pilot, he was a Kennedy and knew better. Unfortunately all three died.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Robert Kennedy, Jr. who is showing so much compassion for his father’s murderer, left his wife Mary and their 4 young kids. She hanged herself earlier this year after being in alcohol rehab. His compassion was misplaced. Better to have spent more time at home than hustling other women

  3. Jack says:

    Alcoholism is rampant in the Kennedy family, and even afflicts those who marry into the clan. Remember Ted was a renown drunk and womanizer. His once beautiful wife, Joan, ultimately went down that same path, being arrested for numerous DUI’s after she tried to help him cover up his part in the needless drowning death of Mary Jo Kopeckne, who he abandoned when he drunkenly drove off a bridge. He could have saved her but it would have raised too many questions so he only saved himself and attempted to mischaracterize the circumstances, sleeping off the booze and emerging the next morning with a neck brace to set up his scheme to generate sympathy…for himself. When he died, the dems were worshipful, referring to him as “The Lion Of the Senate.” He was actually the “Liar.”

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      Ted Kennedy, who was known to take his nephews on drinking binges, was one of John McCain’s closest pals in the Senate. Tells a lot about the McCharacter.

  4. Realist says:

    dems have a different molecular makeup in the brain cells. It’s an abnormality that is exhibited here with the tearful Kennedy’s blubbering over their concern for their father’s murderer. It’s not misplaced compassion, but malfunctioning reasoning and raw ignorance. That’s why they vote as they do.

  5. Villanova says:

    George Gascon has had an appallingly negative impact on the law. According to California’s 2020 revised Penal Code what was previously charged as grand theft is now reduced to petty theft and rarely even charged as a crime if the stolen property is $950 or less. Mesa, AZ was lucky to get rid of him, but he’s doing serious damage in California.

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