Biden the Slo-mander-In-Chief is unfit to lead in dire times

Republican communicator Matt Whitlock calls this, “A Defining Image.” We call it terrifying.

Biden’s handlers issued this statement Saturday, August 28, 2021 regarding the evacuation mission in Kabul, claiming, “Despite the treacherous situation in Kabul, we are continuing to evacuate civilians.”

This came despite the same day Security Alert issued by the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan warning: “All U.S. citizens in the vicinity of Kabul airport (HKIA), including the South (Airport Circle) gate, the new Ministry of the Interior, and the gate near the Panjshir Petrol station on the northwest side of the airport, should leave the airport area immediately.”

The Biden-supporting Arizona Republic buried an Associated Press headlined report on page 22 of the Sunday, August 29 edition: “Taliban seal off airport in Kabul.”

Trusting agendized and senile news sources is a recipe for disaster.


It was not our intention to have the screen shot of Joe Biden in duplicate. Try as we might to correct it, it was mysteriously beyond our control.

5 Responses to Biden the Slo-mander-In-Chief is unfit to lead in dire times

  1. Realist says:

    Yes. These are “dire times.” But inept Biden would be unfit to lead during the best of times. I wonder if those who voted for him are proud of what the’re imposing not only on the United States, but all of the Western World.

    Not only are his policy makers bankrupting us, but they are destroying us with open borders. Millions are entering through our southern border, many are previously deported criminals and none are being tested for the deadly COVID virus.

  2. toughterry says:

    Correct your headline to: Biden not fit to lead in ANY time.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Excellent suggestion! As you can see, we’re having problems with the duplicate screen shot, so won’t try any editing.
      We appreciate your readership and spot-on comments.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    The double screen shot, though out of SRAZ’s control, becomes even more burned in our minds. In these times, we should not allow ourselves to forget even briefly, what has befallen our nation. It’s not a leap to imagine the election was not on the up and up.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Here’s Joe Biden admitting “they” gave him a list of which reporters to call on. He is incapable of even trying to sound smart and definitely can’t think for himself. No wonder the Taliban waited until this demented fool was in the White House before re-energizing their mass murdering spree. They feared Donald Trump.

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