Biden claims victory in surrender to Taliban

In what can only be called a full-scale retreat, while abandoning hundreds of Americans who are desperate to leave Afghanistan, Joe Biden has declared victory.  He has done so while leaving the Taliban armed with sophisticated U.S. military equipment and what has been described as more Blackhawk helicopters than the nation of Australia has in its arsenal.

This disaster can not be spun into a success. This is the dodgy statement (pay attention to the preposterous third paragraph) written for the incompetent Biden and distributed to the press by his handlers, as he avoids having to deal with the aftermath of the monumental catastrophe he has created.

As an afterthought at the end of the statement, the man SRAZ will never refer to as “president” insultingly states, “Finally, I want to end with a moment of gratitude for the sacrifice of the 13 service members in Afghanistan who gave their lives last week to save tens of thousands,” before listing their names.

Unforgivably, they died needlessly, due to the ineptness of the ill-planned and chaotic withdrawal, engaged in just prior to the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2021 for what the democrats viewed as creating contrasting political optics. Republican George W. Bush was U.S. President when members of the Islamic State (ISIS) commandeered commercial airliners into New York’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon and downed a third into field in Pennsylvania, killing over 3,000 and injuring tens of thousands of others. The Taliban, along with ISIS and al-Qaeda are Islamist extremist terror networks seeking to form authoritarian states under strict Sharia law. They are unreliable and unable to be dealt with in a conventional manner.

Biden’s statement also says, “The Taliban has made commitments on safe passage and the world will hold them to their commitments.”

If Biden trusts Taliban commitments, he’s even less competent than imagined.

“I have asked the Secretary of State to lead the continued coordination with our international partners to ensure safe passage for any Americans, Afghan partners, and foreign nationals who want to leave Afghanistan.”

Biden refers to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who honed his political teeth in the Clinton and Obama administrations and mentions “our international partners” enmasse, since none of them individually will be entering Afghanistan or attempting to deal with the corrupt international thugs, bungling Biden views as trustworthy.

Even leftwing CNN recently mocked Biden’s claim that al-Qaeda is gone, citing the Pentagon’s confirmation it still exists.

6 Responses to Biden claims victory in surrender to Taliban

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    The undeniably painful fact is the United States of America is flailing, and rudderless without a leader.

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    In a direct quote from Biden-supporting Associated Press, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “The U.S. will continue to try to get Americans and Afghans out of the country, and will work with Afghanistan’s neighbors to secure their departure either over land or by charter flight once the Kabul airport reopens. We have no illusion that any of this will be easy, or rapid.”

    “Ya think?

    • MAGA Hat Man says:

      Dimocrap’s fragile pipe dreams are crashing

      • MAGA Hat Man says:

        By the way, I still wear my hat and no longer just get “thumb’s up.” I now get pats on the back and often conversations from like thinkers. Have met three who told me they were d’s who have recently reregistered! One guy told me he felt like a lifelong alcoholic who sobered up!!

  3. Mr. and Mrs. America says:

    This is what those who didn’t like President Trump’s “style” have brought us. Unless this debacle can be turned around quickly, our global preeminence is gone. On the increasingly rarer occasions we discuss resuming gatherings with democrat family and friends, we think of the future they are relegating to our grandchildren and future American generations, and confirm we are correct distancing ourselves. They mistakenly think it’s due to COVID. They are partially correct. It’s due to their disease….known as Leftism.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    America, under the Obiden-Harris administration, is regarded as untrustworthy. Who can blame any country for viewing us with a jaundiced eye with these unreliable lunatics in charge?