Fake “conservative” Guv candidate Kari Lake’s moral compass is broken

Merrick Garland, Biden’s US AG, was supported by then-democrat Kari Lake when Obama tried to slip him into a Supreme Court seat. He is now suing Texas over a pro-life bill

As a candidate for Arizona governor, former television newsreader Kari Lake declares herself a “conservative.” The conveniently self-awarded title comes despite the fact that as a registered democrat, using her married name Halperin, she generously donated to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and John Kerry, definitely not where actual conservatives would ever put their money. But her peculiar proclivities get even odder. Her website states: “I am pro-life. Always have and always will be.”

Kari Lake has yet to explain why, in the waning days of Obama’s presidency, she supported his last minute nomination of Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court, which fortunately did not come to pass.

Lake called far-leftist Merrick Garland, who Obama tried to replace distinguished conservative Justice Antonin Scalia — who died unexpectedly during a hunting trip — “someone  you can’t have any qualms with…who has an impeccable resume,” in this video:

Now, Merrick Garland is showing exactly what a “moderate” he is. Joe Biden appointed Garland as United States Attorney General. It must thrill the self-identified “pro-life” Kari Lake that Garland has announced his intention to have the Justice Department he leads, file a lawsuit against the state of Texas over Senate Bill 8, the bill that was passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Sept. 1, 2021. It limits abortions after a doctor detects a heartbeat.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued this statement:

“The most precious freedom is life itself. Texas passed a law that ensures that the life of every child with a heartbeat will be spared from the ravages of abortion. Unfortunately, President Biden and his administration are more interested in changing the national narrative from their disastrous Afghanistan evacuation and reckless open border policies instead of protecting the innocent unborn. We are confident that the courts will uphold and protect that right to life.”

Kari Lake was revealed as a Republican imposter in this report. Be sure to read it.

SRAZ Addendum:

Florida is following Texas with a similar “heartbeat” bill.

Republican Representative Webster Barnaby is a Christian, black conservative, first elected to the House of Representatives in 2020. We wish him all the best!
Here’s his legislative bio:

10 Responses to Fake “conservative” Guv candidate Kari Lake’s moral compass is broken

  1. Not Fooled says:

    Referring to Kari Lake as a fake is too kind. She’s an arrogant opportunist who will do or say anything to have cameras aimed at her again. She misses the limelight of being a local news anchor which she screwed up by using profanity on the air, saying she thought her mic was turned off. Lake’s only political credential is having been a democrat and supporting others of the same ilk.
    She needs to reconsider this campaign, because the results will be embarrassing.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    Just watched the video. It shows how disconnected fake Lake is. What I find amusing is that she somehow thought her views had the ability to influence anyone.

  3. Trevor says:

    I heard President Trump will endorse soon. If he endorses Lake that will not be good. I would advise he stays out!! Lake can’t win.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      The election is a year away. I hope Pres. Trump stays out of endorsing at this point. There are too many unknowns that could arise. Kari Lake is a PRIME EXAMPLE.

      • Trevor says:

        If he endorses her now. The good part is Robson (Who is backed by Brewer and the McCain lovers) will lose and also if it’s an early endorsement anything can still happen. But if it’s a late endorsement that will give her the race.

    • Patriot Mom says:

      Here’s another expose of Fake Lake:

    • Observer says:

      This time around, Karrin Kunasek Taylor Robson married a very wealthy widower who is old enough to be her grandfather. Keeping her happy includes a home in the Biltmore Estates and financing her campaign.

  4. Seen It All says:

    Arizona State Treasurer Kimberly Yee is a true conservative. Here she is introducing President Donald Trump at the RNC.

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