Law firm’s cheery farewell to do-nothing Rodney Glassman

Fake conservative, pro-abortion Glassman is no Reagan or Trump

On its website, Beus Gilbert McGroder law firm refers to itself as “a boutique law firm concentrating on high stakes litigation, real estate, zoning law, and catastrophic personal injury…demonstrating a relentless commitment to represent our clients’ interests.”

The listing of lawyers is impressive but also notable for one stand-alone designation. With the exception of the Founders, all 23 other attorneys are listed as members or associates. The sole exclusion is perpetually losing candidate Rodney Glassman, who is designated as “of counsel.” The term is a loose one, frequently used to designate casual relationships with firms.

We raise this issue due to the fact that founder Paul E. Gilbert has sent out a effusive and glowing mass email stating what a loss it will be to the firm to have Glassman pursue a race for Arizona Attorney General.

Gilbert, it is rumored, hired Glassman after his Fresno-based, wealthy agribusiness parents paid handsomely to have their son find a respectable landing spot from which to launch yet another campaign for which he is ill-prepared. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is the largest law office in the state, with over 400 attorneys and 1,000 employees. Being Attorney General is an enormous responsibility representing government agencies as well as overseeing the Solicitor General’s Office, Child and Family Protection Division, Criminal and Civil Litigation Divisions and State Government Division. In addition to the Phoenix office there are also offices in Prescott and Tucson. Heading this office is not the place for a novice.

As contrived, Glassman responded to Paul Gilbert’s email with a pompous thank you, and a video in which he claims, “Like Presidents Trump and Reagan, I have experienced a political awakening to conservative thinking.” This is an odd claim since he gladly accepted Planned Parenthood’s endorsement just last year. He was also happy to take the UFCW Union endorsement.  Scroll through the union’s homepage to see his smiling picture alongside other democrats.

Glassman is a fraud, who is desperate to win after repeatedly losing every office he has ever run for except a Tucson City council seat, from which he resigned mid-way through the term.

No doubt the firm is weighted down by the egocentric, chronic political aspirant who has nothing to recommend him other than a burning desire to attain an office…any office. Paul Gilbert is likely all too happy to cheer Glassman — who hosts political soirees in the firm’s grand conference room — out the door, and make room for a lawyer who will actually work.

Acquaint yourself with Rodney Glassman. It’s critically important. SRAZ has been exposing the deceitful poser for years: We’ve posted these links previously, due to their level of importance:

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8 Responses to Law firm’s cheery farewell to do-nothing Rodney Glassman

  1. Trevor says:

    Paul Gilbert is backing Karrin Kunasek Taylor Robson so that is telling.

    • Villanova says:

      Interesting. Since Paul Gilbert is a partner, he can be considered as speaking for the firm. He’d be wise to stay out of the political area, where he can drive off clients with his RINO support. Conservatives will not be happy to find their fees supporting candidates they abhor.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Thanks for staying on top of fake conservative Rodney Glassman. It’s important that this con man is exposed as he’s gearing up for yet another race. The Attorney General’s post is too important to leave to chance. It’s not for sale to the highest bidder. I hear good things about Andrew Gould who is running for Attorney General.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Rodney Glassman’s parents, Robert and Linda Glassman, through their living trust, are cosigners on his $multimillion Biltmore Estates home. That’s more than a bit odd for a middle-aged lawyer. He’s been babied so long he delusionally thinks the voters will finally do the same. He’s wrong again.

  4. hoi polloi boy says:

    It appears that democrats are adopting fake conservative Republican personas in an attempt to fool ill informed voters into voting for them. Kari Lake, among others, comes to mind.

    Keep up the good work SRAZ for keeping us informed. As a newbie (2015) I appreciate it. It takes a long time for one to become familiar with the intricacies and personalities of a state’s politics.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      You’ve nailed it! We have to stay on top of who the players are and what their actual agenda is. it’s becoming more difficult to know who to trust, since the Lame-stream Media (as Rush called them) is overwhelmingly left wing. If characters like Glassman and Kari Lake (to name just two) fool enough conservatives with their false personas, we’re doomed. I also appreciate the information that SRAZ provides. I’ve read it for years and found it to be a trustworthy site


    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thank you for your kind words and your readership. Welcome to Arizona. Hopefully you purchased a home before the Biden economy destroyed the market,

  5. PV PC says:

    I also received the email from Paul Gilbert. They somehow had access to the AZ GOP list, which is not to be used for personal benefit. Elected Precinct Committeemen use neighborhood walking lists to contact potential voters. This is far more comprehensive, including email addresses, which we do not have access to and, in this case, are being used for personal gain.

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