AZ ballot deception exposed in U.S. House hearing

It’s not often SRAZ links directly to another site as in this post, but today is an exception, not just for substantiation, but in an ardent quest for the truth.

The important link to Conservative Treehouse aka The Last Refuge, is definitely worth your time:

During Testimony Maricopa County Officials Admit to Deleting 2020 Election Data to Avoid Election Subpoena.” The videos featuring AZ CD-5 Congressman Andy Biggs are excellent — and very revealing. Integrity is a disinfecting bright light, all too rare these days in D.C.

6 Responses to AZ ballot deception exposed in U.S. House hearing

  1. Trevor says:

    Bill Gates supported/voted for traitor Heather Carter over conservative Nancy Barto. While Jack Sellers is knee deep into the CCP.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Andy Biggs is doing a great job. Ditto, David Schweikert. Paul Gosar and Debbie Lesko. Arizonans are fortunate fo have these dedicated congressional representatives.

    • Observer says:

      Yes, but it’s not just enough to realize what we’ve got, we also have to commit to keeping them in office and ousting the dems. The dems are energized and working to decimate Arizona’s U.S. delegation. We’ve also got to prioritize getting rid of “Uncle Fester” look-alike, radical Sen. Mark Kelly. Pay attention to Jim Lamon. He looks like a winner!!

      • jojo says:

        Blake Masters is the one YOUNG candidate that isn’t doing it for service. He wants to clean house. He and business partner Peter Thiel were on PDJT’s transition team representing Big Tech. We are in an information war right now and he’s the only candidate that has been in the belly of the beast and knows how to take ’em down. I don’t want another retired guy who is nice but knows NOTHING about information wars. PDJT took ’em on economically because he was tired of killing people in our continually hot wars. Times have changed folks and Blake is the only candidate who fits the current bill.

  3. Tucson GOP says:

    Since gaining the senate seat through Soros’ nefarious financial assistance, Mark Kelly has become a multifmillionaire through his slippery dealings with China. Do yourself a favor and read, “Mark Kelly Silent on Firm’s Windfall From Chinese Tech Giant,” on Real Clear Politics. His involvement has only deepened since this was written:

  4. D.B. Cooper says:

    Mark Kelly is also financed to the hilt by Socialist George Soros. During his initial congressional race (last cycle), Kelly “raised” more money than any other candidates, even leadership and long time members of congress. Soros was willing to go to the mat for Kelly. Obama, always behind the scenes, also aided his fundraising efforts .
    Ask yourself why this guy is so important to the demoncrats?.

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