Merrick Garland supporter Kari Lake goes mute as he mobilizes FBI against parents

Fake Lake donated to the presidential campaigns of democrats Barack Obama and John Kerry

Lacking a single relevant credential, democrat Obama and John Kerry donor Kari Lake is inexplicably running for governor of the state of Arizona — as a Republican. The former television newsreader, who ridiculously compares herself to onetime democrat-turned-conservative Ronald Reagan has been a party switcher extraordinaire, drinking whatever Kool-Aid suited her at any particular moment.

Her political experience is nil, having never been elected to any office, but now aspiring to run the state of Arizona. Deceptively using her married name Kari L. Halperin, she and her husband, Jeff, generously gave nearly $1,000 to John Kerry’s and Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2008. Then employed as a news anchor at KSAZ-Channel 10 TV, Lake deviously listed her employer as Zen Video, the name of her husband’s business. She left the Republican Party, reregistering as an Independent before switching again to become a democrat in 2008 — opportunistically changing back when she thought it would benefit her. This former democrat now absurdly refers to herself as the most conservative Republican in the governor’s race.

Kari Lake donated to John Kerry‘s presidential campaign as well as Obama‘s. We should never forget John Kerry, a Vietnam phony who joined Jane Fonda siding with the Communist Viet Cong enemy, entered into the disastrous nuclear enrichment deal with America-hating Iranians, on behalf of Barack Obama. To sweeten the agreement, which removed sanctions against the hostile regime and ultimately enabled Iran to become a nuclear power, the U.S. made available $1 billion in frozen assets. After the initial part of the deal was cut, the Iranian dictator led mobs in chants of “Death to the United States!” Heritage Foundation ran this fact-filled report: “Truth as the Victim of Kerry’s Promise to Iran.”

National Review exposes Biden’s U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s radical agenda in this revealing article, Hawley Calls for Merrick Garland to Resign over FBI School-Board Memo.” This is Republican U. S. Sen. Josh Hawley’s tweet exposing the disastrous Garland’s conflict of interest with his son-in-law’s business dealings and characterizing concerned parents who spoke up against the educrat extremist agenda being promoted in schools as “potential domestic terrorists.” Garland mobilized the FBI against them.

This is then-democrat Kari Lake promoting Obama’s pro-abortion selection radical leftist Merrick Garland for the U.S. Supreme Court to replace conservative icon Justice Antonin Scalia who died unexpectedly in the waning days of Obama’s presidency. Foolish Lake said Garland had “an impeccable resume.” Biden has since appointed Garland U.S. Attorney General, with disastrous results:

These are a few revealing posts about unqualified, teleprompter reader Kari Lake:

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Aug. 3, 2021: GOP hating newspaper promotes former dem Kari Lake as GOP governor. New video explains why

Sept. 23, 2021: Fake “conservative” Guv candidate Kari Lake’s moral compass is broken

Sept. 29, 2021: Pres. Trump gets bad advice in AZ Gov’s race

Oct. 3, 2021: Fake conservative Kari Lake fails trying to speak Republicanese

Seeing Red AZ endorses exceptionally well qualified Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee for governor, She previously served in the state House and Senate. Watch as she introduces Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention:

* Since this endorsement of Kimberly Yee for governor, she has announced her intention to remain as AZ State Treasurer, where she has done an outstanding job managing the state’s finances during the COVID-19 pandemic that has set less fortunate states in a tailspin.

19 Responses to Merrick Garland supporter Kari Lake goes mute as he mobilizes FBI against parents

  1. Trevor says:

    Fake Lake will lose to Hobbs for sure. Good news is that I believe once voters pay attention they will know she is a fraud like Jeff Flake, who also was a supporter of Merrick Garland!

    • Regular Guy says:

      Jeff Flake is now the Biden administration’s Ambassador to Turkey. No joke. Flake is in Turkey now. That’s where Fake Lake should go and join him. I’m for Kimberly Yee, long time KNOWN conservative Republican.

  2. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    With all of her party switching, Kari Lake must suffer from a chronic case of political whiplash. We are conservatives. She’ll never get our votes. We are grateful to Seeing Red AZ for keeping us informed.

  3. Braveheart says:

    While still at Channel 10, not-so-classy Fake Lake was put on leave for using the “F” word on air when she thought her mic was off.

  4. Not Fooled says:

    The reason Kari Lake used her married name and husband’s business rather than her network employer is due to the prohibition reporters are under restricting overt personal political involvement.
    The Society for Professional Journalists (hard to believe there is such an organization !) states, “reporters [should] avoid political and other outside activities that may compromise integrity or impartiality, or may damage credibility.”

    • Seen It All says:

      “Avoid” sounds more like a suggestion than a directive. True Journalism has gone the way of White Out correction fluid. Today’s news is leftward- opinion-laced rather than fact based.

  5. covidrefugee says:

    Kimberly Yee is amazing. I hope president Trump endorses her after Fake Lake looses the primary.

    • Trevor says:

      I do believe Fake Lake has a limit. Once voters (The ones who don’t pay attention as much as we do) start thinking about who to back I can see other candidates get traction. Fake Lake only spouts problems and not solutions on how to solve them.

  6. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Juxtaposing the Fake Lake video and that of State Treasurer Kimberly Yee is spectacular!! It tells the whole story. No one running for governor can match Yee’s statewide credentials.

    I will not vote for anyone who campaigns with Kari Lake, regardless of how conservative they claim to be. She’s a farce.

  7. Jack says:

    Matt Salmon has had his day. He lost the governor’s race to Janet Napolitano, for Pete’s Sake!! More recently he’s been a lobbyist for ASU and far too cozy with vastly overpaid liberal president Michael Crow, who gives in-state tuition to illegals while continually hiking the tuition and fees for legitimate citizens.

  8. StetsonXXX says:

    We are an integral part of a family of conservatives. That fact precludes us from voting for pompous leftist Kari Lake. Treasurer Kimberly Yee is definitely impressive in the video! I’m sending today’s SRAZ post out to our local GOP Clan.

  9. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Kari Lake has nothing to recommend her for the job of governor. Her “career” is reading off a teleprompter screen what others have written…like Joe Biden.
    Her only experience is in the field of arrogance, in which she obviously majored.

  10. jakesez says:

    Thank you for this article. I have had trouble convincing even friends that she is a fake. They like what she she has to say and it is hard to convince them otherwise. I advise them that all politicians lie and the only way to get close to what they really think is to look at what they did prior to running for office. In this instance, Kari Lake has lots of activities to look at to see she is not a true republican at heart.

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Bottom line? Having been reading scripts on TV for years, Fake Lake knows how to perform before a camera and an audience, as do quick to catch on toddlers, puppies and trained seals. Outside of that “talent,“ she is completely unqualified to be in charge of the state of Arizona. I think her candidacy is the brainchild of dem campaign consultants who first thought it up as a joke over too many after work beers.

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Meant to add, I’ve been involved in the political process for years and have known and worked with many candidates and elected officials. I don’t agree that “all politicians lie.” That’s definitely not the way to win voters over to our side.

  11. Villanova says:

    This is an updated version of the Arizona Constitution. Article 5 refers to the Executive Department and the duties of the governor:

    The right side of the page delineates the specific duties that fall within the oversight of the governor. Click on the vast array, everything from commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces, filling statewide office vacancies, commuting death sentences to having veto powers over bills passed by the legislature, which he or she convenes, and appointing judges and justices to name a few.

    What conscientious, conservative voter would ever trust a continually party switching newsreader to make the decisions required of a governor who is elected to a four-year term? Kari Lake, with zero governmental background, is an absurd candidate.

  12. Realist says:

    The choice for Arizona Governor is what was previously called a “no-brainer.” Treasurer Kimberley Yee can run circles around Lake. Supporting inexperienced and unprincipled democrat-turned-Independent-then-democrat and finally Republican Kari Lake would be better known as a recipe for disaster. She’s done nothing to put her in the driver’s seat of Arizona government. These are the zaniest of times.

  13. Patriot PC says:

    Can she tell us that being a Dem for most of her adult life and assuming she was/is a pro choice type, as we don’t even hear her mention her stance on abortion, But as Jakesaez we all know when a candidate like her moves their lips we know they are lying, Zilch political experience and performing from a script towing the network’s line is hardly preparation to govern a state, We don’t need another Diva like her good friend Kelli Ward who she would team up with. As for the rest of the candidates they are all not up to snuff but then we haven’t had a decent Gov for a very long time. I am still wondering how that is going to shake out,

  14. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    This hilarious cartoon of Merrick Garland was featured in the Arizona Daily Independent:

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