Arizona Republic admits it’s dying

The disseminator of leftist spew is making an offer that is so outrageous, it almost — but not quite — elicits sympathy for the failing,* Hillary Clinton endorsing newspaper.

This pathetic plea is copied exactly from its website:

$1 for 6 Months

Limited-Time Offer

Sale Ends Soon

Save 97%

We at SRAZ are writers, not mathematicians, but it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out this is a final act of despair. True, most of their newly-unionized staff have been replaced by ASU Cronkite Journalism School students, happy to toil for a byline — using free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s, since there is no longer a bustling newsroom.

The desperation “offer” is sold as an “e-Edition, a digital replica of the print edition.” A pitiful attempt to lure readers is by offering, “Exclusive local sports reporting from USA TODAY.”

The once well-regarded, conservative newspaper, which actually carried an Op-Ed page was previously owned by Eugene and Nina Pulliam.  At its inception in 1890 it was originally named The Arizona Republican, but with its increasingly radical leftist tilt, those facts are all but lost. Now there is only a single opinion, which is venomously anti-Trump, rabidly Republican-hating and absurdly Biden-supporting. It is also bent on reconfiguring the United States by advocating for an open southern border and supporting Biden’s plan to gift illegal invaders who claim they encountered hardship while violating our sovereign border $450,000 per person. This is a single-focused contrivance to incentivize more illegal alien crossers, who will morph into democrat voters, which is, of course, the basis of the preposterous scheme.

Poynter, a media research organization, exposed a “series of cuts and employee “unpaid time off, implemented by Gannett last March.

On January 1, 2019 we reported on the dire shape the local newspaper found itself confronting in, “AZ Republic: homeless vagrant on borrowed time.” By its feeble attempt to lure potential readers into its dilapidated web, it has acknowledged the truth. On Labor Day it did the unthinkable for a newspaper and cancelled home delivery in order “to give its employees the day off to celebrate the holiday with their families.” Seriously,

*H/T Phoenix Business Journal  

6 Responses to Arizona Republic admits it’s dying

  1. Seen It All says:

    Following the newspaper’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, it claimed it received “death threats,” in order to engender sympathy. In fact more people dropped their subscriptions.

  2. Maggie says:

    With disastrous policies and unparalleled inflation, the democrats are getting what they deserve. The rest of us are victims of their ignorance. The economy soared under President Trump, the border wall was being built and we did not abandon American military personnel to the murderous Taliban. CRT was not being taught in schools and protesting parents who showed up a school board meetings were not referred to as “domestic terrorists.”

  3. Jack says:

    The AZ Repugnant has been exposed as an overpriced leftist farce, which is a major component of why it’s in the condition it’s in. It does not deliver news. It is nothing more than an arm of the dimocrat party. Receiving a newspaper in your driveway is the equivalent of getting mail via the Pony Express, besides being a day old when it arrives. This is the instant information age. Any news source is available free of charge in our pockets.

  4. jojo says:

    Isn’t this the paper that supported McCain?

    • Seen It All says:

      The very same, though “supported” is too glib a word for the newspaper’s coverage of Señor Juan McAmnesty. He was worshiped by the amnesty-supporting newspaper.

      McCain’s first chief of staff and later AZ Attorney General Grant Woods was elected as a Republican but. like McCain, only used the party apparatus to get elected. He finally reregistered as a democrat which is why the newspaper carried Wood’s recent death and funeral as that of a hero. Republicrats are celebs in the bizarre world of political radicals. Since they love the left so much it’s never made much sense that they conceal their true allegiance.

  5. Jacqueline Leslie says:

    It is taking a much longer time for the vile AZ paper to fail. I stopped my subscription decades ago and it still is surviving. What a shame

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