Kyle Rittenhouse: Cleared of all charges by unanimous jury

…despite Biden unconscionably labeling him a “white supremacist

Yesterday, Nov. 19, 2021, now 18-year-old Kenosha, Wisconsin resident Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of multiple felony charges by a unanimous jury, after three days of weighing all the evidence in the high-profile homicide case. Rittenhouse shot three men, fatally wounding two and injuring one, during a violent street riot. At the time, Joe Biden bizarrely referred to him as a “white supremacist,” though the then-17-year-old and the victims were all white.

Rittenhouse’s defense team asserted he was in fear for his life as he was charged by a 36-year-old aggressive man — lighting fires in nearby dumpsters, who grabbed for the rifle held by Rittenhouse — posing an eminent threat to the teen.

This descriptive paragraph is from the New York Post report by James Gagliano, which should be read in its entirety:

“Rittenhouse attempted to avoid and evade each one of his attackers — none of whom he targeted. Whether verbally threatening and attempting to disarm him (Joseph Rosenbaum), using a skateboard as a weapon with attempted disarmament (Anthony Huber) or pointing a pistol (Gaige Grosskreutz), each man shot was the aggressor in the encounter. The jury certainly recognized these facts.”

This is Biden mouthpiece Jen Psaki trying, and failing miserably, using the royal “we,”as she attempts to answer reporter Peter Doocy, who asked, “Why did President Biden suggest that Kyle Rittenhouse … is a white supremacist?”

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10 Responses to Kyle Rittenhouse: Cleared of all charges by unanimous jury

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a lifetime member of the NRA. While I’m glad that this young man will not be spending years behind bars, I do have a problem with a 17-year-old kid traveling across state lines to attend what would assuredly be a violent street brawl, and bring an automatic rifle with him. Could his parents, with whom he undoubtedly lives as a high schooler, have approved of this lunacy? There seems to be a major disconnect in this story. There are troubling details that far surpass this trial and verdict. Two men died and another was seriously injured.

    • Maggie says:

      Good points you’ve made. I’ve had similar thoughts. Where were his parents in the lead-up to this disastrous scenario? Did they approve of their armed 17 year old traveling across state lines to what was surely going to be mayhem?

  2. lowadobian says:

    Also interesting to note is the fact that Joseph Rosenbaum spent more than 10 YEARS in prison in Arizona as a convicted Child Molester. During that time, Rosenbaum racked up over a dozen disciplinary charges for Assault against staff including Assault With Weapon. This fact appears to have escaped the eyes of the Main Stream Media. Now they’ve shown that they pity and sided with a violent convicted child molester. How WOKE of them!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      WiSCONSIN RIGHT NOW exposes with public records, the criminal histories of all of Rittenhouse’s victims. They are definitely worth reviewing, The news has made them all out to be innocents, which they are not. Normal people with jobs and families don’t show up at these “events.” They are havens for aggressors…on both sides.

      Read this for the shocking account the media doesn’t tell since it doesn’t play into its agenda:

  3. Jack says:

    According to this report in the ASU State Press, Riddenhouse has played fast and loose with the facts pertaining to being an ASU nursing student.
    Contrary to his testimony, he is not enrolled in the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.
    He enrolled as a non-degree-seeking ASU Online student for the this semester’s B session, which started on Oct. 13th. Rittenhouse said during his testimony he is still living in Wisconsin with his family.

  4. LD 23 PC says:

    Amid the rejoicing over tearful Kyle’s acquittal, there are families who will never see their loved ones again, thanks to this kid bringing an AR-15 across state lines. Is that even legal for a minor to do? Would like to know more about his family,

  5. Tucson GOP says:

    The truth is none of us know all the facts behind this tragedy, other than it did not have to occur. Rittenhouse’s youth and tears were compelling, and his defense team did a good job on his behalf, but he was where he did not belong and armed. In my mind he is as responsible for the violence as the marauders he shot. He should have been home. We haven’t heard the last of this guy.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. The word “punk” comes to mind. I’m a conservative and a dedicated supporter of the Second Amendment, but Kyle Rittenhouse is not symbolic of either one. He’s a troubled young man.

  6. D.B. Cooper says:

    This entire case had nothing to do with race. Rittenhouse is White as were those he shot defending himself. Yet he idiotically brought race into the equation when went out of his way to tell Tucker Carlson he supports BLM. I’ll lay it off to his ignorance, but it was weird to interject that into the exchange. He was fortunate to have a good defense team!

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