Biden gets anesthesia as he undergoes rectal exam… we don’t (& UPDATE)

This past Friday, Joe Biden was given anesthesia as he underwent a colonoscopy. Since he assumed office January 20, 2021 the American people have been enduring similar treatment of having our intended to be inalienable rights and incomes probed on a daily basis without the benefit of being anesthetized.

Biden began his presidency by signing dozens of pre-assembled, leather-bound executive orders which he never read — circumventing congress — put together by his handlers. The sole focus of many of them was to negate policies put in place under the able leadership of his Republican predecessor, President Donald Trump.

The doctors at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center pronounced the less than fully cognizant Biden, “vigorous,” a diagnosis that detracts from the reliability of any other pronouncements they issue.

And though VP Kamala Harris did nothing, as usual, we were also given an insight into the future as she assumed the top job for 85-minutes while Biden’s rectum and bowels were inspected. She spent her first few months in office overseeing the redecoration of the Naval Observatory, the official vice presidential residence.

Biden, taking heat for his inaction on securing our southern border, appointed Harris the “border czar,” where she did less, not even visiting the major portals where hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens caravan from numerous countries besides Mexico, Central America and Haiti, routinely surge across our sovereign southern border. In fact, the situation has become so horrendous, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website has stopped posting border apprehension numbers, routinely updated for years, as the Biden administration does its best to obscure the truth from the American people.

Biden’s most recent absurdity to incentivize even more invaders is promising $450,000 each of those who claim they suffered hardships breaking into our country. They will be grateful democrat voters, which is integral to the lunatic scheme. And though Biden’s handlers have mandated COVID vaccines for U.S. citizens, restricting us from jobs, school and travel without compliance, there are no such restrictions imposed on unvaccinated illegals who are being bused and flown to cities and towns across America.


This letter from his personal White House physician reveals Biden has a “pre-cancerous lesion” in his colon, which they do not intend to remove…most likely because he is too feeble to be a candidate for surgery. It was released to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend when it is less likely to receive attention.

6 Responses to Biden gets anesthesia as he undergoes rectal exam… we don’t (& UPDATE)

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    There is nothing that can convince me that today’s dems respect our country. They exploit it for their own purposes. Generations ago that was the case. Nothing could convince me otherwise today. My grandparents were grateful and LEGAL immigrants to this country. They were patriots who sent their young sons to WWII to fight for freedom.

  2. Realist says:

    We’ve hosted Thanksgiving for years. This year since no invitations were issued, we’ve been receiving calls asking what time dinner is. We’ve told all the callers we are no longer cooking for, serving and cleaning up after Biden voters, Sometimes there is weak protestation, other times a gasp followed by “what’s our politics have to do with enjoying gathering as a family?” Our answer (which I typed out for both of us to repeat clearly) is:
    “You have voted for the destruction of America, the country we love. We can’t and won’t celebrate or forgive treachery.” We’ve not heard from any of the Trump hating freeloaders again. We and our son, daughter, their spouses and kids are going out and letting other people serve us and do the clean-up. It’s our pleasure to make this a new holiday tradition. BYW, our grown “kids” are Republicans and so our their spouses.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Obiden could have forgone the colonoscopy. We all know he’s full of s^#t. What he really needs is a brain transplant.

  4. jakesez says:

    I heard that the doctors did a brain scan on Biden when he came in their office and when he was under the effects of anesthesia. They found no difference in the brain wave patterns.

    • Marianne says:

      No doubt this was was intended as a joke, but it’s probably closer to the truth then we can even imagine.

  5. Patriot PC says:

    I have always enjoyed the articles of Seeing Red and the commentary that is submitted in response, but I just have to say to my fellow America First Patriots, the current comments are not only on target but provided me with appreciated entertainment. You are all awesome and proud to be associated with such astute folks.

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