Biden WH staff resignations surge as dems flee sinking ship

Taking a demotion for a job in the Department of Labor, Emma Riley, White House communications chief of staff, became the second person in the Biden-Harris team to hand in their resignation in a week. “It was an honor and privilege to serve POTUS and the American people at the White House,” Riley tweeted on Friday.

Riley noted that she will be working with Labor Secretary Marty Walsh. She previously worked for the former trade union official as an associate press secretary when he was mayor of Boston.

Riley is following Ashley Etienne, communication director for VP Kamala Harris — known as cackler-in-chiefout the door. Swapped around like a threadbare overcoat, (employment history) Etienne previously worked as an advisor to Nancy Pelosi — twice, between stints with the Obama administration. A White House official initially described Etienne as a “valued member” of the team then used the classic dodge stating she is leaving to “pursue other opportunities.” Both resignations came as recent polls indicate a sharp decline in the administration’s approval ratings.

Ill-prepared Harris is her own worst enemy. Public discontent with her, especially given that Biden is unable to respond to the rigors of the presidency, is evident as Harris’ recent approval rating was a dismal 28%* in a recent survey, an historically bleak number for a vice president, especially after less than a year in office.

This edition of USA TODAY was forced to headline its own polling numbers, showing, A gloomy landscape for Democrats in Midterms as Biden’s approval rating drops to 38% in USATODAY/Suffolk poll.”

The Biden-Harris ticket is evidence that democrats will vote for anyone with a “D” after their names, regardless of their inability to lead.

*H/T The Daily Wire

3 Responses to Biden WH staff resignations surge as dems flee sinking ship

  1. Realist says:

    I’ve previously regarded the democrats merely as “the other party.” No more. It’s clear they have no allegiance to anything other than their radical agenda and are willing to spend American’s future generations into destitution and make us serfs to the Chi-Com financiers as evidenced by the $Trillions poured into what they call the “Build back Better” bill. Itis nothing more than a mega-spending farce we can not afford…either monetarily or as rational Americans who have fought wars against the evils of socialism.

  2. Capt. Marvel says:

    Ashley Etienne’s employment history has what most rational people would omit due to the embarrassment factor. She lists herself as “President and CEO of Etienne & Assoc. (a lobbying firm consisting of 1 person…her) from 2009 – 2009.

    She was later recruited to work for Kamala Harris by Anita Dunn, a longtime leftwing communications strategist, (that translates to “liar.“) who resigned from the Biden administration on August 12. Etienne hung on with Kamala Harris a bit longer until last Thursday Nov. 18. The harsh truth is, even committed dems are fleeing Obiden and Harris.

    This administration is closely controlled by Barack Obama, but even he can’t keep the staff from fleeing.

  3. Enuff says:

    This is the worst Presidential administration that I can remember, even more so and more corrupt than Carter, Clinton and Obama. They were awful, but not run by surrogates.

    The contrast couldn’t be more stark after the stellar presidency of Donald J. Trump. His lovely and gracious First Lady, Melania, was the icing on the GOP cake. He came from the business sector and hadn’t spent a career on the dole. We had the best years under Trump and Americans knew it. The economy soared and employment was at record levels. We weren’t getting sticker shock walking into the grocery store or filling our gas tanks.

    Our Thanksgiving this year will not include any democrats…friends or relatives. We view them as morons and traitors. Things were too good for them with the sound Trump economy. They got what they voted for, but we all have to live with the disaster they created.

    Previously when saying grace, we asked God to continue to bless Pres. Trump. Some got up from the table. We took their plates and silverware away. When they returned from the front room and asked where their place settings were, we ignored them. Like the typical libs they are they asked for “doggie bags” as they were leaving. We ignored them. Haven’t seen or heard from those goons since. Haven’t missed them, either!!

    We do miss Donald Trump!

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