NYC tosses election integrity, allows illegals to vote

In Phoenix we function under a farcical “non-partisan” city council and mayoral charade that fools no one. The tie-breaking mayor, Kate Gallego is a democrat, formerly married to a current democrat Arizona congressman. The majority — five of the eight council members are democrats — including the Mexico-born Vice Mayor, who sports a long ponytail, wears tee shirts imprinted with radical slogans to work and took his oath of office on a book titled, “Occupied America.” Another, a decades-long union activist, whose parents came across the border illegally, is also a dem. 

As lopsided as the Phoenix City Council is, we have nothing on the New York City Council, which numbers fifty-one…with only four Republicans. The number far surpasses the entire membership of the Arizona state senate.

The last time New York City had an actual Republican mayor was Rudy Giuliani who served in that position from 1994 to 2001. This 2006 Gotham Gazette report tells the then-salaries of NYC’s council members, which also are increased by “stipends” and the ability to hold outside jobs. Obviously those base amounts have increased in the intervening years.

We provide this background to give the full picture of what the well-paid democrats currently in charge have just authorized for New York City. They just approved a measure that allows non-citizens to vote in city elections. This 2017 report grossly underestimated the number of illegal aliens in the New York Metro area at 1.2 million. With the surge in illegal border crossers given free reign under the Biden administration, which dismantled President Trump’s border wall construction, not including the high birth rates, that number no longer reflects anything near an accurate count.

The Heritage Foundation gifts us with a superb commentary titled, “Safeguarding the Electoral Process.” You won’t regret taking the very few minutes to read it. Knowledge is power.

4 Responses to NYC tosses election integrity, allows illegals to vote

  1. Curious says:

    Does it count as voter fraud when it’s authorized by the government? We are living in previously unimaginable, perilous times.

  2. PV PC says:

    This is a shameful dereliction of duty on the part of the New York City Council. It devalues citizenship in the name of guaranteeing a leftwing election outcome.

    • Realist says:

      It’s no better in Phoenix. The Phoenix City Charter limits City Council members to three consecutive 4-year terms, which opens the opportunity for dems to replace Republicans Sal DiCiccio (Dist. 6) and Jim Waring (Dist. 2). I hope the Republican Party is watching this and recruiting good replacements. This is crucial.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Maricopa County includes the City of Phoenix. The Maricopa County Republican Committee needs to expand it’s focus. We are fools to ignore the critically important city elections which has long been the case.

    This is the link to the Executive Board which includes contact information:

    They need to hear from us NOW, while we can still have an impact. None of us can be too busy to care about our future.

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