AZ Republic reneges on subscribers third time since Sept.

Are sporadic deliveries the new normal? Will bills deduct missing issues?

Following the announcement that there would be no Labor Day delivery to subscribers — ostensibly to give workers the day to spend with family — the Arizona Republic newspaper shut down the print editions for three days over Christmas. The latest insult to its remaining subscribers is the lack of a New Year’s edition, which “will combine the Thursday, Friday and Saturday editions into a single Dec. 30, publication.“ In truth, it’s a cost cutting matter for the failing paper that has long been hemorrhaging subscriptions.

The decisions are not based in magnanimity, rather a ruthless look at the bottom line and a realization the newspaper, alternatively known as the AZ Repugnant (among other less complimentary terms) is about to join this infamous list, and wants to minimize the loss sooner rather than later. Buyouts of contracts and layoffs have been commonplace since the troubles began to mount, resulting in being bought out following being forced to sell its ten-story building and parking garage and the abrupt firing of longtime, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Steve Benson, who it was no longer able to afford. Advertising revenue has plummeted and even stalwarts such as Walgreens Drugs Sunday sale insert and Sprout’s Grocery ads have vanished. The only hope of continuing is to ditch the hardcopy editions and transition to an all digital version, with few costs involved. From there it will be the trash heap of history for the formerly conservative newspaper that lost its way on the path to obliteration as it focused on promoting the illegal alien invasion.

2022 is just days away. Americans are used to instant news rather than day-old rehashes flung on the driveway or walkway.  Any news source readers’ desire is as close as their pocket. We are also able to think and are fed up with skewed, leftist agendized spew being regurgitated via biased coverage passing as news, editorials that could be written by the DNC and columnists who don’t even try to disguise their hatred of conservative elected officials. They lost, and never regained, all sense of rationality when Republican Donald Trump beat scandal-plagued, liar Hillary Clinton, who the Arizona newspaper endorsed and later whimpered, claiming it received death threats for doing so.

In a marriage, when one party welches on their commitment, a divorce ensues. In this case, there is no mention of extending the subscription for the paid-for days or deducting payment for the non-delivered issues. This bilking of mostly elderly subscribers, is known as a scam and should be treated as the theft it is.

For in-depth coverage of the dying newspaper industry, this article, “Over 2000 American Newspapers Have Closed in Past 15 Years,” by Douglas A. McIntyre on 24/7 Wall St, is worth your time. We previously used the phrase, “You’ll be smarter among the water cooler crowd,” but there is no longer a water cooler as pandemic-era employees work from home or sit, jobless, collecting government checks the wild spending Biden regime uses to tether Americans to the democrat party.

The Arizona Citizen, later known as the Tucson Citizen, began publishing when Arizona was still a territory. In 1976, the Citizen was sold to Gannett Company, Inc. The last print edition was delivered on May 16, 2009. The digital successor site,, closed on January 31, 2014. The AZ Repugnant will suffer the same fate.


5 Responses to AZ Republic reneges on subscribers third time since Sept.

  1. Realist says:

    Not a single person we know squanders money on this leftwing garbage can liner. The only things I know about the AZ Repulsive is what I see snippets of here on SRAZ. They make me certain that we made the right decision in canceling after the Hillary endorsement. Who needs stale news with a hard left skew? Donald Trump was the best President we’v had the pleasure of helping to elect!.

  2. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    The failing newspaper is so committed to doing away with mailing monthly bills that it recently began charging a $5 fee for mailing them to subscribers. When my widowed neighbor called to protest, she was told by the person she spoke to in the Philippines her best alternative was to routinely allow the newspaper to deduct the subscription fee from her bank account. Usually the model of decorum, she went ballistic even as she repeated the conversation to me. She cancelled immediately!! I was so proud of her, we took her out for breakfast the following morning. I reminded her to treat herself with the money she’d be saving. She was ahead of me and told us she was flying to visit her son and his family for Christmas. From her account, they all had a great time.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Any rational reader still subscribing to this fringe delivery of radical vomit should follow the sound advice you gave your neighbor. It’s a great New Year’s resolution and one that frees up cash to give yourself a very decent present!

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    The day of the hand-held newspaper is dead. The day of the Arizona Repukelick, in any form, is deader. The line in the post about the “biased coverage passing as news, editorials that could be written by the DNC and columnists who don’t even try to disguise their hatred of conservative elected officials,” is right on point. Very well stated, Seeing Red AZ!

  4. Ajo Joe says:

    Revealing post and links. The news industry died when the demoncrat party took over over schools of ‘Journalism” as we’ve seen here at ASU, which even named its school to honor far leftist pacifist, Walter Cronkite, who singlehandedly did his best to demoralize Americans during the Vietnam War on his nightly CBS newscasts. Because of his unrelenting liberal spew, returning servicemen, even those with severe injuries, were spit on across the United States. If they were in uniform it was even worse.

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