Gov. Ducey suddenly motivated to education action 

The rumor mill has been rife with talk of term-limited Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey having an itch to relocate to D.C. in some political capacity. As we noted on Dec. 26, 2020, the former ice cream tycoon and his wife sold their gated 11,412 sq. ft. Paradise Valley golf course fairway mansion and 1,200 sq. ft. guest house situated on 2.14 acres, at a discounted rate of $8,150,000, obviously in preparation for his next adventure. His term ends on January 1, 2023, and he’s readying for another gig.

Speculation regarding lame-duck AZ Gov. Doug Ducey’s future plans have been running the gamut, though his national profile is not in the realm of Governors Ron DeSantis (FL) or Greg Abbott (TX).

He’s been quiet of late, not noticeably rocking the political boat except for his needless expansion of the Arizona Supreme Court, obviously thinking two of his friends, neither of whom had tried a case in years, would look sharp in black. There was also that newsworthy snub of then-President Trump, calling Ducey with his distinctive “Hail to the Chief” ring tone and Ducey pointedly ignoring it in front of Trump-disdaining reporters, who made sure it got the attention Ducey clearly desired.  A longtime McCain ally, initially employed by Cindy Hensley McCain at her Hensley Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship when he first arrived in Arizona to attend ASU, their friendship blossomed to the point that John McCain encouraged the then-ice cream mogul Ducey to run for governor.

Ducey’s political future is definitely on his mind as he issued this bullet-pointed January 4, 2022 News Release announcing he was taking “preemptive action to ensure in-person learning remains an option for all Arizona families and students, consistent with guidance from public health experts.” Ducey refers to it as creating an “Open for Learning Recovery Benefit Program.”

Demanding students be kept in class has not exactly been a priority for Ducey, who coddled the striking “#Reds For Ed” teachers who abandoned, for over two weeks, over 840,000 statewide students, as they followed then-24-year-old Noah Karvelis, an eager Socialist Labor Party member and 2016 AZ Bernie Sanders campaign coordinator, demanding 20% pay hikes for their part-time jobs…do you get the entire summer off? Ducey hung tough for a brief moment and then capitulated to the union members demands, emboldening them to get behind Marxist Proposition 208, a ballot measure that provides a perpetually increasing money stream, under the guise of “tax the rich,” a fallacious democrat advanced scheme.

Ducey didn’t have the fortitude exhibited by Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1981 when the PATCO Union Air Traffic Control workers threatened to walk off the job, potentially shutting down U.S. air travel. Reagan gave them a deadline and fired those who refused to comply. Supervisors and management filled in until new replacements were able to take over the reins. There were no disruptions. 

5 Responses to Gov. Ducey suddenly motivated to education action 

  1. Realist says:

    Doug McDucey does whatever benefits him. He always has his finger to the wind. Making the analogy between his capitulation to the unionists and Ronald Reagan, a onetime head of the screen actor’s guild union, was priceless. Reagan knew how to handle the PATCO union strikers. Ducey gave in to the teacher’s unions and found that wasn’t good enough.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Whatever Ducey’s aspirations are, he’ll proceed without the help of Arizona conservatives, who are more than disappointed in this McRepublicrat.

  3. D.B. Cooper says:

    Apparently Doug Ducey hasn’t heard that Communist China is our sworn enemy. Ducey sounds like Slo Joe Biden, whose $3 TRILLION dollar spending scheme is being financed by China, who will eventually call for repayment and then takeover the USA as we are caught .broke and flat footed. Our future generations will be enslaved,
    Demoncrat Sen. Mark Kelly is also enamored with China and has become a multimillionaire from his dealings and investments there.

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    The last conservative governor of Arizona was Evan Mecham. He was impeached on phony charges of which he was later found not guilty. His impeachment was due to the single focused work of deviant Ed Buck, q high dollar democrat donor, who is now in prison on charges of murdering destitute gay black men he picked up and brought back to his Los Angeles home to shoot them full of meth and engage in acts of perversion. Buck lived in Phoenix at the time he went after Mecham, who was a military hero, successful business owner, dedicated family man and Bishop in his church.

  5. Trevor says:

    Keep hearing a rumor that he is considering running for Senate. He won’t win!!

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