A brilliant, detailed exposé of devious dems driven by Trump hatred

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a more serious contagion than any virus

In his recent Townhall commentary, “Who Are the Real Insurrectionists? Victor Davis Hanson indicts, with stunning accuracy, those we may have simply dismissed as “the other party.” That term is too bland to describe the grotesque U.S. Constitution consuming monster that many of our parents and/or grandparents regarded favorably. It would be unrecognizable to them in 2022.

If you read only one article today, let Hanson’s wise observation be it. Then forward it to others.

5 Responses to A brilliant, detailed exposé of devious dems driven by Trump hatred

  1. Mr. & Mrs. America says:

    Many thanks to SRAZ for posting this article by Victor Davis Hanson. He is a truly gifted writer, who cuts to the chase in exposing the democrats and their insidious plot against not only President Trump, but all of his supporters. The dems are no longer just “the other party,” as is so well pointed out in this post and Dr. Hanson’s column. The party elite and activists are as committed to destroying our Constitutional Republic as Russia, China and Iran.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    When Victor Davis Hanson appears as the guest on Mark Levin’s show, it’s beyond Nirvana. I’m mesmerized by the insight and genius of these two men.

  3. Anthem Al says:

    Both Victor Davis Hanson and Mark Levin are prolific authors. I recently read Levin’s “American Marxism” and have gifted a copy to each of my grandsons. It provides a rational, fact-based repudiation of the constant stream of anti-Americanism they are being fed in college. I warned them to keep their mouths shut in class where the indoctrination takes place on a daily basis. They both aspire to graduate school, and their instructors could prevent them from achieving their career goals if they are challenged.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      How right you are! American Universities are hotbeds of leftism. What a shame that young conservatives so often have to pretend to be sheep. Yesterday was the Maricopa County Republican statutory meeting, where new officers were elected. AZ Members of Congress Andy Biggs, Debbie Lesko and David Schweikert all spoke as did chairman Dr. Kelli Ward, who gave a rousing speech. It was a reminder of why we work so diligently to keep Republicans in office. The teen Republicans and College Republicans had quite a presence during the lunch hour, talking to precinct committeemen and selling tickets to a drawing they held later in the afternoon. It was wonderful to see such dedicated young Republicans.

  4. GOP PC says:

    MC GOP Chairman Mickie Niland is a joke. She is so brain dead she allowed a memorial video of Republican activists who died this past year to include Grant Woods. He was a perpetual thorn in the side of Republicans and ultimately did what he should have done years earlier and registered as a democrat. I got up and left as did several others. One of the resolutions we voted on dealt with those who do exactly what Woods did. He was preciously McCain’s Chief of Staff and learned his deceptive tactics from the pro. Grant Woods died as a registered democrat, which was the one of the few politically honest moves he made.

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