Kyrsten Sinema proves laissez-faire dems aren’t so tolerant after all

Former Green Party member Sinema, once adored by leftist AZ Republic newspaper now feels its wrath

If you’re seeing smoke on a no-burn day, rest assured it’s only members of the Arizona democrat party executive committee and the leftist local newspaper fuming as they vent their rage. Early Saturday, the dems passed a resolution to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in advance of the party’s convention. The cause of their angst? Sinema’s vote to keep the filibuster, a senate tool that has been used effectively since 1837. The filibuster requires 60 votes to end debate and move to a final vote. It doesn’t take much to tick off the dem party elite who want absolute control over U.S. senators toting the democrat label.

In a desperate effort to achieve success, the filibuster has suddenly transmogrified into a tool to limit minority voting rights, which is nothing more than blatant deception on the part of the democrats.

Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate, principled and popular West Virginia democrat, has partnered with Sinema on retaining the filibuster. In this 2021 Op-Ed, ”I will not vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster,” he wrote to the Washington Post, he explains his rationale. Manchin honed his bipartisan skills as a state legislator and governor.

When Arizona Republican-elected state committeemen voted to censure John McCain in January 2014, it was an honest reaction to his repeated assaults on the party he chose to use to forward his ambitions, as we exposed in, “John McCain: Unfavorite son censured by home state GOP.” Enraged, he retaliated against the party faithful as reported by Politico.

We’ll jumble our metaphors to describe Sinema as a mixed bag of many facets. In 2018 the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper dubbed her “Arizonan of the Year” as we noted in “Kyrsten Sinematic theatre of the absurd.” Do yourself a favor and read it to get a complete handle on the duplicity that drives the desperately failing newspaper.


8 Responses to Kyrsten Sinema proves laissez-faire dems aren’t so tolerant after all

  1. Seen It All says:

    Sinema foolishly thinks she can epitomize all views as it suits her on a given day. The demoncrats demand total allegiance. Her failure to jump to their tune on the filibuster will signal rough waters ahead for her.

  2. PV PC says:

    The AZ Repulsive is already priming up to dump Sinema. We saw an article at our Sunday breakfast spot which has sections of a couple of newspapers floating around the tables. The riled newspaper is already promoting Reuben Gallego as a challenger to Sinema. Watch the fireworks fly!

    • MacBeth says:

      Gallego’s up for reelection this year. If he thinks Sinema is vulnerable, he’ll leap into the senate race and ditch the US House in a heartbeat. Watch for the long knives.

      • Rambling Rose says:

        Ruben Gallego’s ex-wife is Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego also a democrat. She kept his last name to amass Hispanic votes, even though she divorced him when she was pregnant with their first and only child. The back story to that unusual divorce timing is not all that difficult to imagine.

  3. Chuck says:

    Politics is a very strong adhesive.

  4. Observer says:

    Those fickle dems have no core. If you aren’t far left enough for them, they’ll take you down in an instant. It’s interesting to watch how rabid and controlling they are. Sinema will pay dearly for her Independence on the filibuster. I have no sympathy for her since she should have known that unless she allowed the party to dictate to her, she will be challenged. Watch the support for Ruben Gallegom who will happily let the AZ Demos pull his strings as he sells his soul to the hierarchy.

  5. Luke Abrams says:

    As an independent who believes the filibuster protects the rights of the minorities of all stripes from the dangers of not only the fickle mob mentality but also, in its extreme final incarnation of authoritarianism/fascism, my iron clad intention is to vote to re-elect Senator Sinema in 2024. Senator Sinema is that rare politician, a true JFK “profile in courage” legislator and I encourage all those who believe in our system of government to do the same.

    • Doc says:

      SoooLUKE…you know that this is a Conservative site, right? Coming on here talking about how you’re going to vote for a dimocrap is kinda’…dumb. While I appreciate Senator Sinema’s position on the filibuster, & am Glad that she represented AZ on this topic (unlike soros backed, gun grabbing uncle fester, our other senator) she’s the (d) version of johnny mcSkidmark…she’s even been called a “maverick”. She freely admitted that she supports the rest of that bill, just the filibuster part was a bridge too far for her. THAT means that she’s in favor of th’ feds taking over our voting system. And THAT…is a bridge too far for th’ Rest of Arizona, & America! Please feel free to troll another site…

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