SCOTUS vacancy looms: Justice Breyer pressured to exit

Sen. Chuck Schumer, an ardent leftist, is already heaping Breyer with accolades preceding a final shove

Finally caving to extreme pressure before the midterm elections that could flip the confirming senate, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has announced his retirement at the end of the current term in June. The handwriting is on the wall. He has outlived his usefulness.

This lifetime appointment is a high stakes escapade for the democrat powerbrokers who are keenly aware that the chances of replacing Breyer, 83, with a far leftist, decades younger justice would be impeded if they lost control of the U.S. Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden is not seeking excellence, having already acknowledged that genitalia and ethnicity top his list of qualifications. He is specifically seeking a black female, which means the only white males who would apply would be doing so to give an air of legitimacy to the skewed process.

Overseeing the selection is Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain, the powerful man behind the curtain, who has long had a hand in other Supreme Court appointments. He was chief counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, worked for Bill Clinton as associate counsel, advising on his judicial nominations, including radical Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who stated she preferred the South African constitution to ours. Ginsburg also admitted the reason she fell asleep during then-Pres. Barack Obama’s State of the Nation speech was because she had too much too drink (brief video) which MSM newscasters found humorous. Klain also played a key role in advising Obama to fill high court vacancies with leftist Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Though you might not be familiar with Klain, he has outsized power, especially in the current administration where the president is clearly a mentally and physically impaired incompetent.

Given the state of governmental chaos, is it any wonder that 41% of voters still don’t believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election fairly? This June 23, 2021 survey by Rasmussen Reports found that 55% of likely U.S. voters support forensic audits of election results to ensure there is no voter fraud.

7 Responses to SCOTUS vacancy looms: Justice Breyer pressured to exit

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    If no white males applied for the SCOTUS vacancy, it would confirm the fakery of this partisan process, already exposed by Slo Joe‘s own words.

  2. Anthem Al says:

    Joe might not even be in the White House in June. His easily observed downhill slide has increased in momentum. Cackling Kamala, who has stated that she wished she wasn’t vice president and isn’t up to the presidency could appoint herself to the Supreme Court. Play that terrifying scenario out.

  3. Realist says:

    I just watched that video link. Would the newscasters have found it humorous if a Republican Supreme Court Justice admitted to drinking too much and falling into a deep sleep under similar circumstances? We all know there’s not a chance that would happen!

  4. Enuff says:

    When Joe presides over the replacement justice’s confirmation, it will provide him another head to sniff.

  5. Trevor says:

    Never forget when Jeff Flake and Kari Lake pushed for Merrick Garland on SCOTUS

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      I saved that video of Kari Lake endorsing Obama’s choice of Merrick Garland for the U.S. Supreme Court. As democrats, Kari Lake and her husband also donated to democrat presidential candidates John Kerry and Barack Obama before she conveniently morphed into a “conservative.” when it suited her new agenda of running for governor as a Republican. She is lacking in any experience but has an immense ego. Don’t be fooled by Fake Lake. Pres. Trump was given some extraordinarily bad advice when he endorsed her. Garland is now Biden’s
      US Attorney General heading up the Justice Department and pushing a radically leftwing agenda:

  6. StetsonXXX says:

    A man wearing a dress can go far these days. Biden picked the newly trendy “trans” pediatrician Rachel Levine as assistant secretary of the Department Health and Human Services. He married a woman in 1988 and fathered two children before his revelation! Levine’s photo is in this link. Check it out on an empty stomach. It was an ugly man and an even uglier “woman.”

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