AZ Republic exhibits Holocaust Remembrance Day schizophrenia

Holocaust Remembrance Day is memorialized on January 27. It is an annual observance to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, the genocide of six million European Jews — one third of the world’s Jewish people — and millions of other victims including dwarves, gypsies and deformed individuals by Nazi Germany.

The local newspaper ran two articles about the observance. One, an Associated Press report, titled, “World remembers the Holocaust: Rising antisemitism emphasizes day’s importance.” The other, “Arizona leaders make proclamation for Holocaust Remembrance Day,” by reporter Ray Stern.

The date marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp by Allied troops in 1945. Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich constructed many such death camps, whose sole purpose was the extermination of men, women and children who were regarded as less than human by Nazis seeking an Aryan master race, although Judaism is a religion. The races are Caucasian, Mongolian and Negroid.

On November 2, 2021, Seeing Red AZ exposed the vile comparison of illegals crossing the U.S. border to Jews who had survived the mass murders of the Holocaust and made their way to Israel in the post, “AZ Republic OKs anti-Semitism in vile border comparison.”

The newspaper’s editorial board member and columnist Elvia Diaz regards illegal invaders as equal to persecuted people making their way to their homeland, the state of Israel. It’s surprising the hemorrhaging subscriptions* newspaper, which admits it hires and promotes employees on the basis of their race and gender, didn’t assign the openly anti-Semitic Elvia Dias to cover Holocaust Day. focusing on the Holocaust does a much more accurate job…minus the rabid bile spew directed at the victims.

* Phoenix Business Journal


8 Responses to AZ Republic exhibits Holocaust Remembrance Day schizophrenia

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    The only time I know of the insanity continuing to spew from the lousy Republican-hating newspaper is when I read about its outrageous and far left overreaches on SRAZ. We dropped our subscription years ago. Tired of paying to be insulted.

  2. Jack says:

    Good point about Judaism being a religion. People convert to Judaism as they might to any religion. It’s impossible to convert to an ethnicity.

  3. StetsonXXX says:

    My neighbor has a “My boss is a Jewish carpenter” bumper sticker on his car. He ought to send one as a reminder to Elvia Diaz.

    If the newspaper had any cajones, it should have fired her after her ignorant comparison of illegal aliens to Jews who were freed from the Holocaust as WWII was ending going to the then new nation of Israel, which they worked to helped settle.

    Diaz illegally slithered across our southern border with her parents, went to California and took advantage of all the United States has to offer. No one was gassing them, slaughtering them or doing horrific “medical” experimentation on them. She is a fool who is, unfortunately, given a platform to spread deceit.

  4. Realist says:

    German doctors. like Josef Mengele, who worked for Hitler’s Third Reich used Jewish children for gruesome medical “experiments.” Twins were especially sought out. The BBC News ran this report that Elvia Diaz should see but she probably won’t because it doesn’t fit her agenda.

  5. Anthem Al says:

    Found this shocking list of concentration camps with a quick internet search:

    I had no idea how many there were. Why isn’t this deadly horror taught in American schools so it is never repeated? Critical Race Theory, which deceitfully teaches black school children that they are oppressed victims and their white classmates oppressed them is the main thrust of the teacher’s unions, while our kids can’t do basic math, spell correctly and are lacking in knowledge of American history or the history of Western Civilization. None of my grandkids can write their own names, since penmanship is no longer taught. They only print, so they have no signatures.

  6. Casper says:

    We have a right to defend our border from invasion, although Biden and Harris have allowed millions of illegals from numerous countries worldwide to enter, knowing they will be appreciative new democrats, even as they replicate the slum-filled countries they couldn’t wait to leave. They arrive knowing how to access benefits that our citizens are overtaxed to provide.

    • Clementine says:

      Since she finds so much to complain about here, Elvia Diaz should be repatriated back to her wonderful homeland.

    • Villanova says:

      Even worse than being a financial drain on our country, many of those being transported across the United States are from countries that consider us their enemy. How do you think that will play out? We need only to look back to the 2013 Boston marathon bombers, young immigrant brothers living better with their parents than they ever did in a Russian territory. They were so grateful to live in freedom, they placed homemade pressure cooker bombs, which detonated near the finish line of the race, killing bystanders and racers and seriously injuring hundreds of others, including dozens who lost limbs. Will we ever learn??

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