Putin, aware of Biden’s weakness, prepped to invade Ukraine

Few Americans can claim to be experts on Russia’s provocative and increasingly hostile actions against Ukraine. We can best rely on the wisdom of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart who famously defined obscenity in a pornography case decided by the court in 1964,  “I know it when I see it.”

The New York Post headlines, “Russia recognizes Ukraine-held areas as rebel regions in latest threat.” The editorial board addresses the Russian aggression using this non-equivocal headline: The Post says: Putin must be stopped NOW.

This reality is what disconnected Joe Biden referred to as a “small incursion,” and out-of-her-league VP Kamala Harris bizarrely called “a salad.”

The Dow dropped more than 300 points this morning as Russian forces moved inside Ukrainian territory, raising fears of all-out war to high intensity levels.

Two-term Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, appearing on Fox News Sunday, called out Joe Biden for his handling of Russia and Ukraine, and accused the commander-in-chief of being the “best thing that ever happened” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sen. Cruz couldn’t have described the catastrophe better.

Matt Vespa, writing for Townhall, titles his commentary, “The Invasion Has Begun: Putin Orders Troops Into Eastern Ukraine

Vladimir Putin suppressed his aggression when Donald Trump was in the White House. There is no need to now.


5 Responses to Putin, aware of Biden’s weakness, prepped to invade Ukraine

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Real Clear Politics shows Biden’s most recent foreign policy rating in the dumper. His average approval rating ranging in the 30’s and his disapproval rating averaging at 54%.


  2. one who knows says:

    Gosh I miss Trump! They would not dare if he was in the White House.

    • Ellsworth says:

      At the onset of President Trump’s administration, he boldly initiated contact with communist leaders. Biden showed his weaknesses from day one.

  3. Not Fooled says:

    Is it any wonder why Americans so distrust this elderly, feeble leftie? His Cabinet and advisors are all getting their marching orders from Obama, who is playing out his otherwise illegal third term during this administration. Pull back the curtain, folks!

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