AZ SofS Katie Hobbs exposed as partisan con

Today we take our readers directly to Gateway Pundit whose provocative headline doesn’t disappoint. You’ll want to read, “Soros-Backed Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Violates Arizona State Election Law by Shutting Down Election Petition System for Certain Candidates.”

Scooping the leftwing local newspaper, which doesn‘t want to touch an honest report on democrat Hobbs, who oversees statewide elections, reporter Jordan Conradson’s exposé rates no coverage in the local press. He proves once again he has his ear to the gritty Arizona ground providing news purposely withheld from Arizona voters.

To whet your appetite, SRAZ includes the opening paragraphs of Conradson’s coverage:

“Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, now running for governor, has violated Arizona election law by closing Arizona’s online candidate petition portal for 2022 until the end of the filing period.

In January, Katie Hobbs was threatened with a class 6 felony if she chose to violate the law by closing the E-Qual online system for candidate petitions. Arizona statute requires the Secretary of State to provide a secure internet portal for candidate petitions.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Hobbs tried to sue AG Brnovich to prevent her prosecution, but the court threw out her bogus case. Hobbs responded by revealing her plans to subvert election law anyway.”


5 Responses to AZ SofS Katie Hobbs exposed as partisan con

  1. D.B. Cooper says:

    Arizona has no Lieutenant Governor. The next in line of succession is the Secretary of State. This route has provided several state governors when the governor died or was removed while in office, That fact is what makes this otherwise paper-pushing post (in non-statewide election years) so appealing.

  2. GOP PC says:

    Conservative Arizona voters have got to make a clean sweep in the next election. No excuses. Our future is at stake.

    Californians are moving here in droves to escape the astronomical housing costs, $7+ a gallon gas and the radical policies implemented by the dimocrats they voted for. Yet they are bringing their leftism responsible for their exodus with them. Our neighborhood is full of them. Whenever new neighbors move in, I introduce myself as the Republican Precinct Committeeman and offer to register them to vote. I’ve been asked if I can register democrats. I tell them I imagine someone from the democrat party should be coming around doing what I do…(though I’ve never encountered such a person.)

  3. Patriot PC says:

    Well fellow America Firsters, what is the answer who do we elect for Governor, right now I have no desire for any of them for various reasons and am damn sick and tired of voting for the Republican lesser of evils, that usually is just like voting for a Dem. And really tired of the( dare I say it without being besieged by the go alongs) RINOs who are in lockstep with Dems.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      You speak for many of us who have worked within the GOP ranks for years, too often taken in by pretenders. There’s no doubt it’s taken a toll on us and made us not only wary, but less apt to work our tails off only to be disappointed at those we helped put in office. They are definitely not the majority and I remain active and even hopeful, but even a few is too many.
      The blurring of the lines create the RINOs you describe.
      Candidates get up and give their canned spiels at our district meetings with few opportunities for us to ask them the questions we want answers to. We all need to worry less about “offending” and say what’s on our minds, or the charade continues.

      Now with the new district lines, we don’t even know who are representatives are. There’s got to be a better way. Any ideas?

  4. Patriot PC says:

    Only idea right now is the hope and prayers that the lawsuit against the lamebrains aka state legislators wins and we are back to following the state statutes of which they were clearly in violation and or too dumb to know you don’t vote on bills until they have been read, understood fully and most importantly debated and that we the people demand they do precisely that. Which I might add they have not ever done here in AZ or in the hollow hallowed halls of our Congress. Do your petitions get them in and come back to activism that matters. For sure the surge of new enthusiastic pcs was much too much for them and to have it signed by Ducey all in less than 24 hours tells us they are afraid we just might take back the Party so upward and onward and fight to win. Stay the course and God Bless our Republic.

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